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  1. yes macros are detectable and bannable but unlike actual cheat software you don't need to bypass battleye to make them undetected. There are plenty of other 'scripting' software like autoit/ahk that won't trip battleye at all. Also yes you can use a macro to "remove" bloom but it isn't nearly as useful as you'd think since it slows ttk by a lot and isn't useful in cqc.
  2. yea spread is server sided been that way for a long time. the video is just no-recoil shaw. Also if you see more cheating since battleye its because its easier to bypass than EAC. Also from what I've seen in games like rainbow six siege(battleye) vs apex legends(EAC) vs arma(battleye) vs any other eac/battleye games is that cheats stay undetected longer on battleye than they do on EAC. A rust cheat(EAC) often get detected within a month or 2, were as rainbow six siege(battleye) cheats I've seen last over a year without a detection.
  3. I'd help if they were enforcing bans for de-threating can't tell you how many high rank golds and silvers are in bronze at any given time
  4. There's no "new" strategy its the same bypass method almost every time its just battleye needs to flag whatever driver they are using. Bypassing anti-cheats like battleye and eac are so well documented. There are even public methods out right now that will last a few months without a bans being issued. The only way to stop most cheating is with a client based anti-cheat like batttleye and/or eac and something like fairfight.
  5. better check the blog for that one pretty sure it was 2012
  6. wtf r u smoking that was pre damage drop off you could snipe at 90 meters with it.
  7. maybe move outside its range and use any assault rifle or move closer and use a oca/csg/jg. pmg isn't consistent enough for a nerf. one match you can drop kill after kill with the thing next match it'll ghost almost half the mag.
  8. for the love of god just don't add recoil patterns I'm not going to spend 30 hours learning recoil patterns. Also yea I agree if you make guns less reliant on rng you NEED to increase ttk so it doesn't turn into every player being able to hit near min or min ttk easily ie. so consistent tracking will matter vs twitch shooting/flicking.
  9. since ppl are posting specs I guess I'll do the same. CPU: ryzen 9 3900x 4.5ghz GPU: geforce gtx 1070 RAM: 16 gb 3200mhz SSD: 256 gb m.2 nvme RES: native is 1920x1080(144hz) ran it at 1280x1024(144hz) Ran it at minimal preset also it seems I can't run a custom res with a .ini file edit, health hud is busted when running non-native res apparently which is a huge issue since most apb players currently aren't running there native res. I got drops below 100 fps in asylum and stuttering every minute or so didn't get massive slow downs like last beta but it is stuttering worse than live and I'm having worse drops than live. That being said I don't run minimal preset live but something close also run live at 1024x1024 but again I shouldn't even see a drop below 144fps on minimal if the upgrade is to be successful other wise those 8 years were worthless.
  10. runs worse than live. confirmed dead on arrival if you don't fix that.
  11. You might want to uninstall whatever dcshelper is since its signed by Huawei and they work with the chinese communist party. Also if your willing maybe doing a complete windows reinstall and than adding back programs one by one should show which program is conflicting with battleye.
  12. MonkaS

    Kicked by BattleEye

    You need to update that FAQ no mouse or keyboard software uses autohotkey or autoit for there software they are separate scripting languages that can be downloaded from there respective sites.
  13. y i k e s didn't think clicking a few links to social media accounts and checking friends-lists is fbi level skillz.
  14. yea the issue is you guys don't seem to investigate outside of the game. There are some well known individuals who 'associate' with other cheaters/cheat developers yet because there cheats are undetected it seems your unable to come to the conclusion that they might be deserving of a ban.
  15. or just do what valorant does and rat every players pc ez clap
  16. Either way that isn't a good look for a game security company since yea know anti-cheats act in a very similar way to anti-virus programs since cheats/hacks act like malware.
  17. yea use the service that just had they're website hacked. Gold standard right there high quality
  18. ran worse than live massive slow downs instead of stuttering and the menu's and ui are ugly only improvement was lighting and visuals.
  19. Remember how we all kept saying the engine upgrade has to run better than live well guess what it doesn't in fact it ran worse. How are you going to have a game from 2010 run worse than MW2019 seriously what were you even working on other than lighting and visuals.
  20. yea no thanks dx12 runs worse on some hardware compared to dx11
  21. no we must crucify him now before he has anytime to read and respond. /sarcasm
  22. I don't know what modern games matt scott is talking about but using anything other than exclusive full-screen mode adds input lag. Merged. matt please don't kill the game anymore
  23. oof you just set yourself back a lot since battleye is objectively worse compared to EAC
  24. Just slap on something like fairfight that uses stats and that should cover a good chunk of the cheaters who are actually able to bypass eac. Also make the game crash or send screenshots/logs whenever a debugger is attached to the game program. Only allowing apb to be run on the latest version of windows 10 would stop a lot of cheat bypass's from working(call of duty warzone/modern warfare 2019 does something similar were it won't let you play the game without having the latest gpu drivers). There are a lot of things that could be done to mitigate cheating even further but its a convenience vs effort thing for both LO and the cheaters.
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