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  1. about framerate, i used to play on innova in 2014-2015 and its was running very well without lags on my friends laptop
  2. its because g1 is very genius indian company yeah like little orbit
  3. theres nothing on summer, dont hope they'll turn all these things on at summer lol
  4. the realm of hate and toxicity
  5. servers became worse / ddos
  6. what do you EXPECT from dead game and lazy asf staff? its already obvious, game is just living herself, repeating the loop of 3 Golds vs 2 Silvers and 1 bronze, repeating the doom for newbies so many was telling 'oh yeah we are giving some chance to win for freshie players' but doing exactly reverse thing have you seen packet loss in this month(or previous)? its hilarious. i was getting lag spikes like everyone, that means servers = potatoes. forgot to mention anticheat, it doesnt even works as intended, like apb vm (g1 anticheat lmfao) which doesnt works but reduces game perfomance, cool right? so lo doing exactly nothing, theyre just like g1 buying some fr trash games and getting some money from them, isnt its obvious? does lo did something about these videos on youtube about cheating stuff for this game? no. does lo pushes cheat resellers to close? no. does lo did something with matchmaking? no. does lo did something with nerfing weapon perks(or even p2w weapons) to balance newbies and old players? no. but do you know what lo actually does? removes everything about cheating, everything. but cant even BAN actual cheaters, even those who cheating on new accounts and even not hiding fact of cheating.
  7. https://youtu.be/Mk4i2pfwusU this is how finished unreleased apbemu looks like
  8. innova ru server was literally dying 2013-2014 - things was like on g1 but with lesser prices in armas, weapons were only for time, also armas weapons were overpowered. many cheaters, lazy gms, poor frost anticheat's security, dumb as hell community (literally 20% was kids) 2015-2017 - online count fall, very op armas weapons, lesser events, still many cheaters and server was closed innova always was cringe "company" that working on mmo's localization for russian players (also selling things for real money ofc), many how we calling fails was recorded but lost by time. i think server was taken by Darken or another russian 'technical specialist', maybe its still exists like i have two videos of private servers that have working districts part (one - rtw, another one - 1.16~ g1 server) in conclusion - full servers really exists but theyre private. sadly
  9. ive thought nobody have 0.6 and 1.1 or whatever version, can you share one with me? on gdrive or torrent, whatever
  10. looking for main menu background in normal quality, in district selection page. no matter, with individual assets or all in one.
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