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  1. Ghost Kitty, Pumpkin, Skull Lord, are Zombunny are symbols you unlock them by reaching level 2 Trick/Treat. They are not titles the only titles are Wraith, Ghoul, Trick's Homie.
  2. ADD NEW GLOW IN THE DARK SKINS EVEN IN JOKER STORE... cough asylum skin lol
  3. The purple and red pumpkins tracker are broken it keeps telling the same location even if i get for away anyone else seeing this ?
  4. yeah same with me. I dont use any advance launcher so its definitely the original launcher .
  5. Halloween event always starts a week before the actual Halloween day so next week Wednesday 10/26.
  6. Also can you add ALL i mean every weapon skin ever existed in the game in the Joker store. Game is dead so who cares about rare unique stuff anymore.
  7. Merge FC district to one server NA FC is always dead 99 percent the time i dont mind joining EU FC to play.
  8. Whats the purpose of doing this ? Also thanks zombie for not adding my name xD im selling your car then.
  9. New contact would be nice and most likely increase the population. Rank 275 and 295 would be cool to see and achieve, I mean what happen to these contact they were gonna add ? https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/7/23/content-update Plus is it possible to merge FC in one server i don't see an issue only maybe cant cross use the legendary weapons so you can disable them when entering like disable remote detonator when entering an event.
  10. Hello Summer just started and the server population low these days. Is it possible to release the holiday yearly events Valentine, Eastern, Halloween and Christmas for at least one week each for a summer fun blast it will increase people playing and for people that miss out achieving roles in the past have a chance to caught up.
  11. I am heading to Safeway right now to get some milk. I mean overpriced milk
  12. Release the Colby .45 AP with the Chambered Round mod, ofc in the armas and joker store thanks
  13. This guy wants LO to work with the provide in a better choose time which they did its call during the day (PACIFIC TIME) what he wants them to work at night during the end of the year ofc not this guys lives in his own world. Plus he says he doesn't care if the server shuts down then why he is opening this topic in the first place LOL. Also why he posting a picture might my a criminal or maybe new passport picture xD.
  14. True they need to extend the weapon locker 125 is not enough for the years of buying weapons specially legendaries, i have 125 and im afraid to unattach one of my weapon extended code to make it 150 i tried in the past and i wasted bc the cap is still 125.
  15. Hi I like LO put the afford doubling the Joker tickets in playing mission this march madness event. I believe you guys should do doubling standing experience also I believe it will bring more people in the game specially Jericho server. I think people are more interesting maxing or advancing their character more than jts, i mean playing 25-30 minutes per mission for a max of 20 jts doesn't seem that appealing, most the time you don't get that . I think people will buy more premium this event because with premium players you get from not additional 90 percent will be 180 percent more. What you guys think ?? Thanks for reading
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