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  1. I am heading to Safeway right now to get some milk. I mean overpriced milk
  2. Release the Colby .45 AP with the Chambered Round mod, ofc in the armas and joker store thanks
  3. This guy wants LO to work with the provide in a better choose time which they did its call during the day (PACIFIC TIME) what he wants them to work at night during the end of the year ofc not this guys lives in his own world. Plus he says he doesn't care if the server shuts down then why he is opening this topic in the first place LOL. Also why he posting a picture might my a criminal or maybe new passport picture xD.
  4. True they need to extend the weapon locker 125 is not enough for the years of buying weapons specially legendaries, i have 125 and im afraid to unattach one of my weapon extended code to make it 150 i tried in the past and i wasted bc the cap is still 125.
  5. Hi I like LO put the afford doubling the Joker tickets in playing mission this march madness event. I believe you guys should do doubling standing experience also I believe it will bring more people in the game specially Jericho server. I think people are more interesting maxing or advancing their character more than jts, i mean playing 25-30 minutes per mission for a max of 20 jts doesn't seem that appealing, most the time you don't get that . I think people will buy more premium this event because with premium players you get from not additional 90 percent will be 180 percent more. What you guys think ?? Thanks for reading
  6. Thats actuallly true the low pop does give you an advantage to survive untill the end.
  7. The server is in a transition dont think was a good idea to add heavy event. Plus im ok without the 12 death gun event at least give all players the equal gun set up, this way the high pc overkill advance launcher set up tryhards dont have to keep winning all the time.
  8. I can see a new Joker mystery box that contains a ltl stun weapon i can see that happening that would be great.
  9. Will social district and fight club will be one server or at least social district should be just one server.
  10. I have got all 4 nanos and the stac. For me the chrome was the longest to pop the others came in a average once every 2 months. So its random luck.
  11. I do like the idea of releasing unused names but you mentioning and announcing to the public several times doesn't really help. Because now you gonna have a player that haven't played like 5 years now will log in play a few rounds then log out and boom he kept his name. Specially if it was a unique name. Instead of making a year haven't log in make it in a way if a player hasn't played like 300 hours in the last year will lose he name or something like that. BTW can you make the releasing day on Saturday October 7th because i don't know people work on Wednesday. Everybody is been waiting for this for a long time before LO came over its not fair that adults that work during the week is gonna lose the opportunity. I think it should be fair to release it on the weekend this way globally the majority of the people worldwide are off.
  12. If you guys gonna start merging and make all characters play on any server you guys really need to figure out to merge accounts into one im tired logging both accounts all the time i want everything into one account lots of people ask for this. There is gotta be a solution for it.
  13. بحس انو شيتر من عرب اسرائيل او كاعد بتخوث علينا بالاستخدم جووجل
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