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  1. They should gift them titles "Xbox Trailblazer" "PS4 Trailblazer"
  2. I want Hunter outfit similar to tom clancy's the division
  3. Even better Puerto Rico is a US territory which should have better connection for SA and NA. And for the Asian side a server like in Hawaii would be great for Australia New Zealand Asian countries also close for US West and South America West.
  4. I think when it comes about who save their name just add the server name next to it like MidnightQ(NA), MidnightQ(EU) this way doesn't get conflict who has the most right of that name or this MidnightQ and NA will be underneath like a title name
  5. Ghost Kitty, Pumpkin, Skull Lord, are Zombunny are symbols you unlock them by reaching level 2 Trick/Treat. They are not titles the only titles are Wraith, Ghoul, Trick's Homie.
  6. ADD NEW GLOW IN THE DARK SKINS EVEN IN JOKER STORE... cough asylum skin lol
  7. The purple and red pumpkins tracker are broken it keeps telling the same location even if i get for away anyone else seeing this ?
  8. yeah same with me. I dont use any advance launcher so its definitely the original launcher .
  9. Halloween event always starts a week before the actual Halloween day so next week Wednesday 10/26.
  10. Also can you add ALL i mean every weapon skin ever existed in the game in the Joker store. Game is dead so who cares about rare unique stuff anymore.
  11. Merge FC district to one server NA FC is always dead 99 percent the time i dont mind joining EU FC to play.
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