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  1. I do understand if people have clotting agent they won't die after a few seconds of not shooting them, even without clotting agent this is true but these are instant 2 shots and they just won't die.
  2. I'm writing this forum post with so much frustration I just can't leave it un answered anymore. WHY Just why does people refuse to die in 2 shots. I've been back to the game for approximately 3 weeks~ And never before did I experience this. Even my friend has complained about it. We even gave a nickname "Ghost bullets" This is how it works, you hit your target clear as day, you get a tag with a tagger, ducky etc, But you do close to zero damage, And sometime you don't even get a hitmarker. And no it's not Kevlar and not my internet. and no it's not that I take to long in-between shots cuz of clotting agent. I have looked in to everything but no answers. I even ask my opponents sometimes, and they just say i straight upp missed, which is not the case cuz either the hitmarker or the duck above your head says otherwise. It's just really frustrating and all i want is answers, please someone explain... :c
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