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  1. I am silver and i all get silver Teammate and enemy all gold , how to i fix this? unstall? and how to fix 25x ping plz help
  2. This update is really bad Since the HK server was merged into the NA server We Asians have only two choices to go to EU server or NA server We have to go to the server so far to play games with Ping above 2XX I basically use 22X Ping in EU At least you can play in the Bronze area Now you turn off Treat I have to be forced to beat those Gold players with super high latency? That’s great. You deprived me of the right to play games.
  3. i am use razer gold and buy G1C and then i dont see any g1c on my account (sorry for my poor english
  4. I am try to use Wtast to play this game and just stock to Connecting to District Server is not working now?
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