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  1. Sounds great to me, please continue support for win7 I wanna see these changes before I get a new PC in 2027
  2. Hello, I just wanted to play some APB and found out that the Operating System Censorship is already in effect (you have to run Win10 or higher in order to use Easy Anti Cheat). Honestly I do not expect any solidarity whatsoever from neither the community nor the dev team but my hope is still alive. What I expect is "change your OS or f* off" and redundant explanations as to why the regulation has come and will remain in effect without exceptions. Still, I would like to keep playing APB on my favorite operating system. Is there at least efforts to improve EAC in a way OS do not affect it... I mean we all know EAC is not fit for purpose anyway and cheaters will continue cheating - even if it was a great means of keeping hacks out of the game cheating and anticheat would still be in never ending cat and mouse relationship. I dont see the necessity for the user to be forced to use Win10+ or stop playing... and I'm also not interested in learning about the thought process behind such idiocy. Is there at least a way to bypass the change? Or is this the time to say good bye to the game for good? Thank You whoever reads this and cares to leave a meaningful reply
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