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  1. Incorrect. RTW had a queue. Meaning there was code for it. I believe nekrova was also working on a queue. Not sure if that was ever finished. Here's an old screenshot in bad quality
  2. As far as I know there's even code for it implemented as there used to be a queue long ago. I have no clue why this hasn't been implemented even though requested/suggested so many times.
  3. Summary: Weird view behavior when jumping in a big vehicle (bank truck / ambulance) from the passenger side Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When entering an ambulance or bank truck from the passenger side, the vehicle view dissappears temporary until you're in the car. Steps to reproduce: 1. Find an ambulance/Bank truck 2. Enter from passenger side How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 ----------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------------- Summary: Honk sound sounds like the vehicle is behind you Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When honking in a vehicle, the sound sounds like it's from behind you. Steps to reproduce: 1. Enter a vehicle 2. Press the honk button. How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3
  4. Summary: Game crashes when accepting a clan invite Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When using the interraction key > and selecting a friend, I invite them to the clan. Once they accept the clan invite, their game crashes. Steps to reproduce: 1. Group invite someone 2. Use interraction key to player > and select invite to clan 3. Player thats accept the clan invite gets a game crash upon pressing Y How many times have you recreated this bug: 2/2 (2 different players) Expected results: The player should join the clan and not crash. One player joined the clan, the other one didn't. But both crashed.
  5. Sure, go ahead! I have no plans to remove it anytime soon
  6. It was mainly an example of how it would work. That's my own website haha! And it's a type of transfer tool for windows that allows file, screenshot and audio clip sharing. Edit: If it makes you happy https://keys.fdrop.in
  7. Nice job! There should be put more love in the music studio. Can't you upload the html file to a (free) webhost? That'll allow you to update it centralized. Example : https://fdrop.in/tmp/apb.html
  8. No! You filthy criminal! Justice will be served.
  9. Thanks for your contribution to this topic! Definitely a neater approach than my explanation.
  10. I can't remember any of the said downsides, and I've been here since RTW. I'd love to hear your suggestion for the small population right now!
  11. I used to downvote people who would post bullshoot, just to post bullshoot without any explanation. Stuff like "Just no", "Worst idea ever" or "gitgud" in other people's topics. I'm not going to spend my time replying to people saying: "At least you could try explaining why you don't like it" I'd have 10k forum posts within a month.
  12. Hi, What you could do is go to your APB folder, Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries Right click apb.exe and select copy to desktop (shortcut) Then use this shortcut to launch your game instead of the launcher. Just remember to run the launcher atleast once after every patch update on APB. Usually wednesday.
  13. The real reason why gold players continue to play in bronze districts is because they want to win and can't win in silver districts. This all seems to be related to the fact that people don't like getting their asses stomped by good players multiple times in a row. if there were more population, you'd get more random oponents, and probably more golds similar or lower than your skill level. However, not much to do right now other than hope you don't constantly fight groups/clans that are far better than you. I think for the time being LO Should be focussing on making it less pleasant as a gold to remain in a bronze district, examples being: When being gold in a bronze district: 0 xp and 0 money reward in missions Add a 2-5 minute wait timer after each mission Full rewards being in a silver district (Gold districts will not ever be used until there's more population) Don't make bronze players face gold players. Even if that means waiting longer to get a mission. 2 golds vs 2 silvers and a bronze is often not fair at all. Premium buffs such as faster resupply and nitro will be disabled. When being a silver in a silver district: Daily bonus of 3x xp and money for 60 minutes / After that 2x xp and money bonus. More rewards for mission objectives. This means even if you lose, you'll atleast get a chance to rank up properly. Remove the non premium limitations. Allowing you to use nitro faster and resupply without being premium. Chance to get a joker box every mission?? / or 1 free joker box daily? More silvers in a silver district will mean more of the "fake golds" to face easier oponents. It might even bring over entire clans again.
  14. Infinito

    Clan system overhaul

    I would love an unlocking system for clans. Some free weapons/mods/or skills by being a good clan. Maybe even some stuff to make it easier/cheaper to distribute clan cars/clothes etc.
  15. Infinito

    OPGL missiles

    This is a problem with grenades in general. They sometimes disappear into the ground or below props.
  16. Lethal weapons are better almost in any situation when comparing them with LTL weapons, the reasoning for this is slightly understandable. Obviously they have been made slightly harder to play due to the arrest timer. However with the limited amount of people playing it, it explains that the weapon is not the right pick if you want to win. When facing someone 1 vs 1, you can often outplay your enemy by playing smart. However, in a full-frontal fight with both having the same chances and same cover and all shots hitting, Lethal will always win. When fighting in missions, you'll often find another enemy being there to help out. This means you have to stun two people and avoid getting shot meanwhile. While stunning the second person, the first person probably has the time to escape already and cannot be stunned again. In order to balance this, it would already require your team mate to also play LTL to help spread the stamina damage. Here's a small list of the current stock LTL Weapons: Stabba CCG: Gets outplayed by literally any CQC and midrange weapon. The TTK on lethal weapons is far shorter than the TTS. -> Could use a small buff 6 or 7 shots to stun instead of 8. Time to stun: 1.05s | OCA TTK: 0.7s | Joker SR15: 0.75s | Star: 0.75s Stabba TG-8: Feels slow and inaccurate if you use it while moving. -> Could use a little extra ammo per magazine. Time to stun: 1s | FBW: 1s | PDW: 0.84s Stabba NL9: Gets outplayed by any CQC weapon. Requires you to land 3 perfect shots on the enemy with (close to) zero spread. Time to stun:1.56s | JG-840: 0.84s | CSG: 0.7s -> Could use 2 shots to stun (again) or a little spread to make it easier to hit people with it. Stabba PIG I haven't had a chance to test it yet since the nerf so I don't have any opinion on this yet. Stabba PFTG (OPGL-CD) In my opinion doesn't require any buff. This weapon is super powerful for clearing out areas.
  17. Not sure how everyone seems to know that BE is so much worse than EAC. Other than just assuming it due to the population drop.
  18. It's probably a trade lock. You get these when your hardware or IP changes.
  19. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/reset-password If you also forgot your email address, you'll need to contact support. But did you never note down your email address?
  20. Have you tried options -> Repair yet? if not, go to your APB folder: (example:C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\APBGame) Rename your config folder to config_old and open the launcher to start the game again. If that doesn't work try going device manager: Right click your start menu flag -> device manager -> Go to display adapters -> Right click your videocard (Nvidia and click update driver) And if that doesn't work, try running the game on minimal graphics using the advanced APB Launcher. Good luck!
  21. Hey, Since nobody is actually caring to respond to you. Here's a suggestion on what you can do.
  22. PMG only needs a small range nerf. It's way too accurate in medium ranges. It should be next to the shotguns when it comes to range. Good for CQC/corner Areas.
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