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  1. Where is this engine update??? Where is this engine update???
  2. is not to stop with the update and just put in the point that this and make corrections weekly until even with so much care to remove the bug before having such a dreamed update it will still have several bugs after the release and a game will always have bugs to fix .... but I just want the best game so just wait
  3. I understand that you really need to update the engine so why don’t you put this engine where it is and make corrections on a weekly basis because they’re taking care to remove the bugs to go up but be so careful even after the engine’s release yet several bugs because with an extra courage players can return and not at the point that it is bankrupt
  4. Hello @MattScott... I'm from Brazil probably will have some pronouncing errors because I used the Google translator ... but I hope you understand I know that it is not simple to put an engine however since the APB was in your hands there was not a big update even of content the game contains several errors just keep putting old events that we already know and continues the same thing ... if you really want the game to grow again urgentemento collect a big patch with news and several corrections because even knowing that it is not easy to make changes .... you are already with the game long enough to have released a patch with several new features or I think that you do not have the capacity for it like the old owner Merged. remembering that I want only new content because as it has no news it is just the same thing without mood because it is always the same thing and has a great potential to become a great game
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