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  1. Its good mate. I finally got on my xbox after being stuck to my laptop for days.
  2. YAY. I had a friend who's name dad ingame. His friend dropped 400$ for a volcano.
  3. I finally have our internet back on and now Im gonna return to APB RELOADED on my xbox tomorrow. I heard about console pc is gonna be merged (not so everyone plays together) with updates meaning pc and console are caught up without pc first and console 2nd. Anyway Im gonna return to this game and I can't wait to return. Anyway Im gonna have a midnight gaming session. 2 FUCKING MONTHS WITHOUT INTERNET. Damn man.
  4. Any updates or fixes for xbox? (Haven't been on here due to wifi being out. At the library rn but Im leaving in a bit)
  5. Remove the folded buttstock and you got me. But That shit look dope. NTEC COMPACT? Or a ntec with a new name?
  6. I didn't get mine. Where's the link to the xbox one support ticket.
  7. apb has alot of ddosers on xbox. Me: *Gets scammed* Guy: *Hits me offline* I got scammed again and hit offline. I been hit offline 3 times on APB. I seen a guy /yell someone IP address in console. APB XBOX has alot of computer class kids.
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