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  1. Will this come out for console or will it be Pc Only.
  2. I spent more time and money on my crim xbox character than my own enforcer. I drained a 25$ gift card, 15$ and a another 25$. All on boxes, JOKER CR3 PR1 CHAR PERM, Cigar, Clothing and jokerboxes. And premium
  3. JUST ASKING. (Sorry for annoying you folks at LO) We consoles player suffer from FPS drop, audio breaking in beacon, lag, and crashing. It'd be wise of you to fix the bugs and problems before you roll out content.
  4. Last time I'm bringing this up but when the SDK passes can we get the showstopper and the new joker store weapons cause people would be delighted to have better joker store weapons. Either way I gotta stop asking this. Also I had saw on OTW that the joker store was updated with new weapons and some even being from legendary boxes. It be nice if the first update after the SDK passes and we get the new joker weapons in the shop on the consoles. Sorry to keep asking.
  5. *yeets coal in trash* Climate change is happening It goes into full effect 10 to 20 years. But either way we're dead. 1% that we live.
  6. Will console get autumn Assault districts? And will console get free trials and loyalty rewards in the future? Sorry to keep asking. Also I wonder how is everyone. I can't wait for beacon to come out. All beacon was last year a bit crashy due to lag from gun fights. But yeah. I really gotta stop asking. THE SDK VERIFICATION (Whatever it's called) Might still be in progress of being verified.
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