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  1. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    What's going on Little Orbit?

    Bruh yall immature Imma grow thicker skin and man up.
  2. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    What's going on Little Orbit?

    Stop downvoting this man. Let him state his opinion. Jeez.
  3. Damn I should of waited to spend my 25 bucks.
  4. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Halloween event?

  5. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Halloween event?

    This event better come out. I had my hopes up for Fallout 76 beta but realize the next test is on saturday at 5-7
  6. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    my car got broken into last night

    Bruh lol.
  7. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Holiday season events and more

    Will console get a new event after the SDK update or the verification goes through?
  8. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Dear Little Orbit

    Console players keep the game good. As long as pc alive we're alive.
  9. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Premium changes!

  10. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    When does the Halloween Event start?

    Today's wednesday...
  11. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Premium changes!

    Console players get no love
  12. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Premium changes!

    Do we console players have this?
  13. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    APB player base hits all time low?

    25 dollar xbox gift card: SPEND ME ON THE ATAC PATROLLER FOR YA CRIM CHARACTER LIFETIME OR BUY A CHEAP ACC LIFETIME GUN APB RELOADED: *At a all time low* Me: This ain't it chief. 25 Dollar gift card: What? Me: What?
  14. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Seriously LO you need to up your game.

    Xbox one a bit active on jericho but we got skids ddosing. No ddosing so far. We got hidden threat but the fps aren't a problem for me. APB Is 2 star in microsoft store.