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  1. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Show us your setup!

    You just gave me a boner thanks.
  2. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    It is but not when you have a mom that gets mad at you for eating too much. I'm growing and she's getting mad at me.
  3. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    You're gonna have to dm me on discord fam.
  4. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    *Ahem* I'm young. Why would I smoke weed. I rather drink water and sit outside on the balcony.
  5. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    I have to since she got mad at me again and said YOU'RE GONNA FIX MY WALLS NIGGA. Plus she smokes a lot.
  6. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    I asked her that and she said no. I should play happy wars or rainbow six siege. I'm acutally good at those 2 meaning I don't rage anymore. I tried to get my mom to get me a punching bag and once again she says no. I was thinking about asking for one since when I can just punch my anger out.
  7. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    I just told my mom I need professional help and she said angrily that YOU'RE GONNA FIX THEM HOLES.
  8. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

  9. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Adding more stuff to the joker store

    Ye why the hell not? No NigGa
  10. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    What is it?
  11. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    Send help. This isn't trolling.
  12. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Apologies for issues today

    FBI: *WE'RE OUTSIDE THE VIRGINS HOUSE* Virgins: WE HAVE DDOSED APB FBI: FBI OPEN UP VIRGINS: SHIT THE JIG IS UP RUN! *Gets caught* *You're under arrest for ddosing. Anything can and will be used in the court of the law.*
  13. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Do I need serious help?

    So I have angry whenever I die by something that's unrandom like lag, fps, or rng Like I call it bullshoot and I get instantly mad and punch staff. Here are several pictures of my damage. Be advised that I'm only [REDACTED] https://gyazo.com/467d932d5ea4078e5fdd4138c8db89d7 https://gyazo.com/f84d9c4197fedb87820625322d18afea https://gyazo.com/e987e0078832f0bc647c230a99f8cba9 https://gyazo.com/b2e9b51dff9569a8225e2e382160d36b https://gyazo.com/c8b7cb5f3b52836be46735b6eab0a156 https://gyazo.com/bb47b58cf70e66d4b67e0e2232a18d77 https://gyazo.com/852e5507754c9a22e76f727f24c402e4 https://gyazo.com/9b7496d13ae6e12486019e4eda98b045 https://gyazo.com/467d932d5ea4078e5fdd4138c8db89d7 I even took a butcher knife and cut my broken bed as of angry. I really was fucking mad at fortnite. And today at APB ON console as a fucking enforcer. Fucking ATAC and perc cunts. I even punched a wall so hard I fucked my left hand up and my mom wouldn't do anything it saying it's my fault. It might be from all the times I been bullied or fucked within school and never did anything back. I could be mental or bipolar. Please help. I'm only [REDACTED] You'll have to check my profile for my age.
  14. (Xbox)MortisedGuide

    Loses Mission , Goes on a DDoS rampage.

    I say because I'm black and no I don't make diss tracks. If this word is offending anyone I'll stop.