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  1. Regardless I taken a break from APB but seeing console on the roadmap has made me happy. I wanna give you guys a medal for doing your all to pull console from life support and into society as a living thing. Stay safe LO
  2. I remmeber playing in 2016 on a shitty patootie low end laptop. Came to console during christmas. Came to pc this year and been bored with both pc and console.
  3. For the console players, we also jumped back into those builds to merge over all the recent work on PC. Both PS4 and XB1 are now compiling again with all the new content. We'll be looking at console crashes next week. Don't give me that hope lol
  4. Chrome had detected a compromised password back in september. I knew this shit was gonna happen
  5. Im feeling good. I been playing pc more than console and it's fun but I always return to console. As for console players who aren't on the forums. Don't be hopeless. If LO didn't care they would of just closed the console edition. (The only new thing is before JMB was removed for pc you would get 100 JT for every item you got. I.e if you pull 10 you get 1k JT and items) As for that PC is fun. With console experience it made the gameplay a bit more fun. Also the economy on pc for legendaries is way different than console. So besides that what's everyone doing in APB right now?
  6. Talk to the console players sweetie. I play on pc and console players are losing hope but Im patient. You aint seen shit yet.
  7. When I seen console I almost got hyped and than I closed the fridge. I mean laptop. (Ehhh it'll take time for console so I gotta be patient)
  8. We're getting more closer to consoles being updated. Predictions (Please take this with a heavy grain of salt) Mid or late july Early, Mid or late august Early mid or late september Early mid or late october And etc for november and december.
  9. As a console player I can back this up.. The console version was a unfinished engine upgrade. Half our playerbase lost hope in updates but Im patient. To the console players reading this stay patient. Once lo finishes pc. We'll get updated with content and than LO can start updating both platforms.
  10. I already play on pc. I love both platforms We dont need superiority If someone likes xbox apb than thats their opinion I play both
  11. So sakabee. I know my stupid patootie asked you this but Do the maintenance for console... Are bugs being patched, And getting the engine ready? Or is it just patches or normal maintenance.
  12. Another normal patch for console. Yay for pc. I play pc more than console now.
  13. Your fine. Console toxicity is People ddosing you like a baby can do it People inviting you to a xbox party, using wireshark (I guess because how else would you get some Ip) Ddosing you. People ddosing districts, fight clubs. People getting salty. Yeah console is a whole another toxicity
  14. I don't care man. If the game was shit why am I still here? It's not. APB is good on a 4k tv. When I play on my smart tv it's a bit hard once it starts stuttering but I like the game man. Who cares how long its gonna take. It's gonna come to consoles. We have to have patience. I do. Other people don't. I like the game.
  15. I meant the content to pc will come to console once pc gets the engine upgrade.
  16. Oh ok. New content is coming to console its just that people are really hopeless due to g1c but now LO (you guys) we'll be updated soon. I have patience. Other people don't may or may not have patience.
  17. What do you mean by normal maintenance for console? Sorry for asking this.
  18. It is but Im talking about twitch prime packs to let people know this game is still active.
  19. (I think apb should get a twitch prime pack or allow streamers to give out twitch loot. So people know the game still exists for both console and PC. A twitch prime shirt. A twitch skin. And a 30 day CBMP dart. Any suggestions?
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