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  1. I remember a better time when there were chaos districts (or something to that name) that had no threat system at all, you could be matched with anyone, the matching system was beautiful and random, sometimes you get ganked, sometimes you do the ganking, but it was on average very well matched up, some missions went on for nearly an hour, from how evenly matched it was. Never had a better experience since then. And since there were no precious metals flashing in the scoreboard, there were a lot less salty players... i consider them far superior to the vanilla districts... can't recall what they were called for the life of me tho, just know that they were far better! like, Action District, or Chaos District, something that was fitting to the role i remember that much.
  2. i finally seen news in the Steam Library, so i went to look at what was up... titled "[PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1120)" and i am genuinely curious as to WHAT was patched, considering nothing ever seems to change... oh wow, the Patch Notes are: "Hello, new patch, gg rip" actually, that's more informative than what i actually read... THE FUCK, is it called patch notes for if nothing is noted from the patch?????? further along in this post on Steam, it is swarming with people screaming "OOOO ENGINE UPGRADE" I Was on a few days ago, there ain't nothing different but a fucked up contrast and no way to fix it... like... are we seriously gonna call SweetFX the engine upgrade now!? Engine upgrade promised a deeper compatibility with current generation hardware... SO WHERE ARE THE NEW OPTIONS!?!? you know, it would be nice if these changes, or lack there of, were listed somewhere, like a change log, or a list of changes, or like a patch log, or hmm, gee, idk a fucking patch notes sections that actually fucking says a goddamn thing about anything other than "hi, new patch, gonna be down some for it, bye, stay blind fucks" AT LEAST TAKE ME TO DINNER FIRST!!!
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