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  1. My issue is similar, Launcher doesn't open the game after pressing Play, all i get is the title card on the desktop for all eternity.
  2. Well, this afternoon my neighborhood was downgraded to "evacuation warning" and was allowed to move back home. seen in lower left corner, grandfathers folded flag and all his old rifles With everything unloaded from the van and truck, it was time to relocate the... computer... pictured lower right, Buster, my doggo :3
  3. Thanks for the kindness. Didn't know it was going to be on ARMAS after some time. Been to Texas on two different occasions, job market sucks both times. Wildfires update: as of right now there is no evacuation for my home anymore. UPDATE: Did I mention how unhelpful that map is? It had one evacuation zone when I wrote this thread, now it has a ton more, I'm still evacuated.
  4. I'm a long term player of the game, I love the fashionable capability, it's why I've spent so much money on the game. Though, as I've mentioned HERE I'm in the middle of a wildfire evacuation. I had intended on taking a break after the event, but then PG&E decided to start another fire. (I'm an evacuee from the Tubbs fire, also started by PG&E 2 years ago) So I'm unfortunately missing out on some options for fashion, but my biggest loss (related to the event) is that Demoness Skin. I created this thread to keep everyone updated on the wildfire raging in northern Sonoma county California. -------------------- PG&E Has claimed responsibility for this fire already. Current estimate of most of the State regaining power by Friday, however, high winds are forecasted Friday night, so the power will just get shut off again. The wildfire has spread into the Town of Windsor, JUST North of my home. Though close, not nearly as close as the Tubbs fire came to my home. The fire is over 50,000 acres, I think, not certain. The interactive incident map is helpful, but almost always 12 hours old. AREA INCIDENT MAP Been receiving NIXLE alerts for the past couple of days. Much of them often the same information, some point out that not everyone has left the immediate danger lines. LARKFIELD-WIKIUP NIXLE ALERTS If you have an Android device you can listen to the CAL FIRE dispatch using the app: Scanner Radio, I have pro version cuz I liked it that much. "Sonoma County Fire and CAL FIRE Dispatch - NORTH WEST" I've evacuated into my Dad's classroom at Elsie Allen high school, we're camping out here with three dogs. I'LL KEEP UPDATING I'm doing this all from my phone, please excuse typo's.
  5. And yet NPC Combat AI is a fundamental part of the UNREAL ENGINE, and had been since UE2, i think.
  6. Welp, I'm not sure when I'll be back, I had already planned on taking a break after the event, however, thanks to the Kincade wildfire I'm evacuating my home. Using on Android: Scanner Radio Pro on channel "Sonoma County Fire and CAL FIRE Dispatch - North West" Evacuation line just crossed over where I live as I was about to log in and play. Computer and belongings are all loaded up and ready to go. I'm more concerned about not getting Demoness weapon skin.
  7. you seen the Occult Pants reward for 100 red pumpkins? Genuinely feels like a ripoff for 100 red pumpkins, regardless of how easy it was, i mean, i'm pretty sure we could make that ourselves with the stock skinny jeans and symbols.
  8. So, i read a few threads that said the pumpkins still counted towards the rewards even though it didn't count in Role, now i'm 5/50 in Fin, and only have 9 remaining... after i get the remainder am i gonna have any chance for a fix on this? can a GM just update me to 50/50 in Fin? if not, can a GM reset my Fin progress so i can do it again? can't be that hard to do, honestly. i would like to know for me and 3 other friends, and potentially dozens more. EDIT: mind you, i cannot find the posts anymore, meaning they were deleted, meaning they were disinformation, which i should have come to expect from the toxicity of APB trolls. EDIT: Ticket made. Should i post the ID here? EDIT: i have completed finding all Financial Red Pumpkins my recorded progress is: 14/50 ACTUAL progress is : 50/50 Being part two of the role, my progress is actually 100/100 Technically the role is complete.
  9. i suggested this years ago and was lynched for thinking about it.
  10. 13 Pumpkins left on Financial, and i only have 1/50, guess i should've known the posts were lies. I can't seem to find them anywhere now. Guess they were deleted. Oh well, i'll get the remaining 13 and see if it still gives me my reward. v.v only interested in the symbols and weapon skin anyways.
  11. this has already been confirmed to track progress without showing it on event details thread. Meaning, you shoot the pumpkins and it counts, but does not show in roles. EDIT: That is what a large sum have said, and i do believe i have come very close to 30 pumpkins. Do await progress tracker fix tho.
  12. well, i guess thats not a complete loss... guess i'm lucky to have ripped my Vegas 4x4 BEFORE this eh?
  13. EAC untrusted file "d3d9.dll" game failed to load properly. the end of character ripping?
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