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  1. So... either my clock, and every other clock on the internet is wrong, or there was an oopsie made in the date for the patch... cuz the 14 was yesterday, but Wednesday is today... my OCD is thick, i'm sorry.
  2. Nafryti

    Wildfire Season

    To those of you who have that Meth Head mentality on being Toxic, jesus, what the FUCK is wrong with you, it is YOU people who keep fucking this game over by just existing. To those of you with a hint of brain activity and abide by the "If you don't have anything nice to say" value, thank you for not being a pos adding to everything wrong in our world. To those of you who are actually kind and care, Thank you, it means a lot to me. However i must apologize, my next actions are not because of you. To everyone in the Forums, I'm fed up with the fucking meth head mentality of the toxic human excrement, no... that'd be an improvement... these disgusting people who i wouldn't doubt would happily slowely pull the limbs off their own newborn baby just to see the expression on everyone's faces in the delivery room... I mean, JTHM would definitely be coming for these people. It is thanks to these people that i will be taking my leave from this absolutely horribly infected community for the prior mentioned reason, and the fact that it has been affected me to the extent of concern. I've already quit playing the game seriously, I only play it now casually and as a chat program, too buggy to get serious anyways now after beta. Genuinely do not care if every post i made until now is deleted by a Mod. And i do hope the game improves, and the disinformation fed by these pathetic lowlifes is heavily thought out before acted on. I feel they've gotten away with too much damage to the game already by breaking and rewriting game lore and areas. Britney is my biggest complaint, but G1 was full of idiots back then who would listen to anyone's bs. Then again, I'm just going on a rant, falling deeper and deeper into my depression, everyone seems keen on mocking my AH post, and even though i concluded it within 3 posts, no one seemed to know that i said it was case closed, which only pointed out that no one knows how to read, and none of this shit ever matters, unless you stick to 1 syllable words and only four at most per post. Sooo... considering that... Get Fukt Troll
  3. Nafryti

    Wildfire Season

    Those of you affected by wildfires, best wishes and good luck. Thanks to all those on the front line. I know its not much, but its what i am able to do.
  4. i have a 1070 Ti from EVGA and its a Reference design card, it sometimes gets pretty toasty, but it gets hotter in other games that utilize it far more. The Clocks have not changed for me, could just be a bad update for your specific 3rd Party PCB Layout, i suggest checking their website for a fix/update rather than letting GeeForss Eggspearianss haphazardly fling driver pies at your HDD hoping they work. (Apologies if you don't.) The behavior is more like HDD stumbling, and I keep telemetry running on my 3 other monitors to keep a close eye on system performance, and i'm sad to say the usage of the GPU is getting lower and lower as time goes on after Beta. Just couple nights ago it was barely over 20% I recently boosted the executable SPECIFIC settings to enhance applications AA by 8x and no change in visual details, and lower GPU usage, NO OTHER RESOURCE increased. HDD activity is incredibly low, CPU rarely goes over 50% while playing, and i'm more inclined to think its a PCIe lane hiccup cuz my Wifi Adapter goes dead for activity during the same time as the GPU activity drops during stutter. Sure its all on the PCIe bus, but, they should be on their own dedicated lanes... the only thing that shares a lane is with the GPU and its the ASUS XG-C100F but the interface is PCIe3 x4, even if it did share with the GPU, it wouldn't make any noticeable impact, and considering it didn't in the past, there's no reason it should now after playing Beta. Purely speculation, but since the PCIe Lanes are on CPU for Ryzen, and i feel like only Ryzen users are feeling this issue... could it be a microcode error triggered by something in the engine in Beta? Wouldn't that be something, AMD's first security flaw, Intel's been hit hard by these... Might be worth investigating Lil-Orbees! *Sarcasm* Probably cuz they slipped a couple quid in the politicians pockets, Hail Brexit.
  5. The flying fuck is this thread still here for? Didn't i already say case closed, delete? Every other thread says that and its as if a moderator were going through withdrawals in the seconds it takes to delete the thread, this one gets to sit here and let every goddamn rugrat crawl all over it and get their crappies all over it. I'd be offended if it happened to me more than once... oh wait, it did!
  6. either i missed it, or its not there for Symbols. you've never continually edited and updated a symbol to refine it as you unlocked things? Artist is their own worst critic, kind of a reason i take such LONG breaks from this game specifically, I'm already being toxic to myself over shit, i don't need a bunch of snot nosed rugrats giving me more toxicity... lol, now i can't help but thinking they're exactly that.
  7. So, my Outfit slot #1 contains an outfit that when i made it, was about 2 thirds of the way full on the customization bar... NOW... the game thinks its a hair over the limit. Its fine if i remove the pants, but the pants aren't even special, their only function is to cover the tattoos that ruin the design of the outfit. So what gives LO, why did you reduce customization limits? Are you trying to pull a Microsoft where you release patches to make life as miserable as possible before releasing a new version claiming it addresses these issues? I tried restarting APB, unfortunately Steam thinks its running still.... oh boy i remember this issue from years ago, off topic... So what gives? Why are we suddenly nerfed for customizing?
  8. here's the updates i got from my post in the social about this issue that i've been having since Beta gameplay: "Oh APB is laggy and unstable? wow thats news?? quit crying." -unhelpful troll #1 (2 through 10 were basically the same) "Please DM me the /latencytest report so we can get on it" -Staff member actually helping "You could try lowering settings, editing your memory pool, changing garbage cleanup values" -several helpful players All in all, i'm surprised there are so many angry people who play the game with minimal effort to get it to run well, then turn around and scold people who get the issue suddenly after an update or event. Like i get it, you really hate the game and would rather see it crash and burn as opposed to be ironed out and turned into something great, but by playing it, you're enabling the opposite to happen, so... jokes on you troll. As for the rest of those who really do care about the game and those who play it, these issues are new and not long recurring ones, so do not be dissuaded by the pizza faced boys here, their only goal is to ruin APB for others. That being said, i did manage some solutions that will not work for all. It appeared that the higher performance the hardware was, it MUCH improved gameplay experience. I managed a barely stable OC to my RAM increasing it from 2666 to 3000 which brought my FPS up by 30 and the pairing of that with my OC CPU the hiccups i experienced were minor when they occurred. This did not fix players teleporting around like Nightcrawler though, but that is to be expected of their 200ms latency while i'm sitting at 20ms West, 80ms East. Note: Even reinstalling the game completely did not fix this issue for me. Settings don't change FPS for me at all, and i cannot play on potato graphics, though this is borderline potato at Maximum +8x AA with Nvidia enhancing it too.
  9. yes i totally plagiarized the logo on second monitor from google image search, literally just "CTRL C - CTRL V'd" that shit, omg you busted me *holds up hands together* you gonna cuff me? :3 ... -.- thats what i thought now if you don't mind, gtfo. This hadn't crossed my mind in the moment. They only say who made it after purchase, while its up in marketplace it has his name on it like he made it. Which is infuriating, but i suppose that's what he was going for anyways, fuck sake, you know APB trolls getting bored when they have to troll the marketplace. THIS i hadn't noticed before, you're right, it doesn't cost me to copy them, and i copy them all the time. But oh well, i'll still just hand them out for free, want one? i'll F2F trade them to you... i made AMD on Enfo and Nvidia on Crim. yeahhhhhh that sounds like a lotta work .................................................... idk what that last bit means...
  10. well, i thought it stood for San Paro City Tester, am i wrong?
  11. So... i spent a few years making a Symbol and everyone else is allowed to profit off that.. ok then, not making anything ever again for sale. Guess this thread is case closed. oh and, fuck off.
  12. Yeah, my OS is on SSD, and the game is on a Striped 6TB array (3x2TB) its not quite as fast as the array i have in my server (6x1TB) but they're still faster than my 500GB SSD. Also, the CPU usage tabbed out of Social district is roughly 40% however my game has no problems with performance in Social, and idk if i mentioned earlier, i rarely see my GPU or CPU go over 70% in game. Which, is frustrating as while i'm picking my character, and in district select screen, GPU usage is nearly 100% and the FPS is over 100FPS, which makes me think we're using the new engine already for those two places in game, at least, the usage and performance matches the experience i had in Beta then. I do agree it should be nerfed, but i also think its perfect as is for beginner players... I really hate being 2 shot by the stupid thing, when it takes me nearly 5 to kill anyone else with it. Haha, you should take your own advice. Now i would go into thinking for you, but i'll let you do it, since you radiate so much strong independence. -Ugh, i tried, but i couldn't leave you in the dark, i'll do some thinking for you. I never said the game went to shit AFTER LO took over, i said MY game went to shit AFTER BETA, and questioned whether or not a patch they made could have done it, and asked "WTF HAPPEN HERE" [can you see the difference yet? no? okay lemme elaborate] I then spoke of how the game was when i first ever played before the game was even on Steam, and how it seemed just fine to me then back when an AMD Phenom II 555 BE and an ATI Radeon HD 5670 1GB were pretty mid range if not a little lower than that, and noticed how latency went to shit BACK THEN when G1 applied a patch to help players on practically PURELY ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY LAPTOPS which in turn made the game ABSOLUTE garbage for the rest who any anything stronger than a TI84 GRAPHING CALCULATOR. [we on track now? fuck sake still not? i'm sorry but i'm running out of crayons, can you please stop eating them?] Old people make bad, new people make good, new thing look good, event after new thing made upset, me speak for answers, do brain more now? [if you wish to carry on with anything i do wish you READ everything and apply a healthy decision making process to comprehend what you read, and if you are unclear, ask for clarity before denouncing my intelligence, intentions, and effort. Thank you for your feedback, I hope further interactions are progressive and helpful.] Gas stations clean the cars as well as repair, so... give that a try first, as i don't think the cars get dirty fast, and they don't take long to clean up, a little longer than repair. Try it, its not hard. Merged. This was suggested to me, however did not change anything, and if i had to choose, i think it got marginally worse. Thanks for following as i requested, you're such a team player and your sportsman like conduct is that what is needed in our games struggling times... is what i woulda said had it been any of that. You're done here, there's the door, please cease and desist this behavior on this thread. Java SDK has a multi core functionality that allows you to (if properly configured) multi-thread Java applications for a HUGE performance gain. I'm guilty of a few things here, the CPU's were significantly slower than the laptops, and configuration never went quite right and then Java outright dropped the Multi-Thread support and it no longer worked. Therefore, i just gave up on Minecraft server hosting entirely. For realsies? 0.0 i'm super jelly and curious what you'd draw me like :3 Yeah, just seems either lazy, or ignorant... Lazy if you don't just reverse engineer the current /Ignore command or ignore button and create a button that does nearly the same thing, but doesn't block their chat. Especially if we're saying they're not gonna be banned over intentionally attempting to physically harm other players with their theme. Ignorant for thinking you had to make a whole new "from scratch" command script to achieve this end solution, instead of first just copying the current ignore system, and just omitting the chat portion, as it achieves exactly what we want about Themes, but we don't wanna block chats. This kind of mindset i find incredibly unfit for anyone who is SPCT, and i fear the outcome the game will suffer because of a person like you, actively against features unique to the very game you are supposed to be supporting as SPCT... I do hope you're just joking, and that my disgusted horror is all part of a prank right now...
  13. this player named Removed playername ~@mayii just bought all my cheap Symbols and is reselling them for a HUGE markup, i wouldn't normally have a problem with it, except, no one bought them when i wanted 10x what i put them up as they are now, and he's posted them up to 6 digits... (i sold in 4 digits) I feel like this is a huge offense, not only was i not able to sell them for what i wanted, but now he's making MY work look like his, and for MUCH more than i wanted to begin with (5 digits). I can't be the only one who's being literally spit in the face about this... its borderline plagiarism, and i was never once asked if he could profit of MY works like that... I would have been fine if he asked me, but since he just went out and did it... i feel like other peoples works shouldn't be allowed to be resold by someone else... Hell, i didn't know you could do that, and i wouldn't have suspected him for it if he didn't buy duplicates of my symbols. I went through the mail, collected my couple grand across 6 or so emails, and though "well thats strange how the same person is buying all the symbols, not really fair to the rest who would want them" so then i thought, wait, can you resell other peoples things on marketplace? searched his name in marketplace, boom, all the symbols i've made he's selling at 6 digit prices, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? Now i'm not sure HOW offended anyone else would be for their HARD WORKED symbol being sold by someone else at a MUCH higher price than what you had already intended to buy it for, BUT, this is disgusting to me. I feel violated, like my right to sell on the marketplace is just a joke, like the YEARS i spent fine tuning the ASYLUM symbol is just an insulting joke. Like the amount of detail i poured over the Mortal Kombat logo, amounts to nothing. While browsing the listings it doesn't say THAT I MADE THEM, just that HE POSTED THEM. WHAT THE HELL?!!? IT MAY AS WELL SAY HE MADE THEM! I'm already having one hell of a time with latency, now i have to be Removed inappropriate language ~@mayii of my hard worked symbols? I'm not sure how much more horseshit i can take. This is something that NEEDS attention right now LO, i had no idea you could steal other peoples works and resell them for YOUR profit, I think you shouldn't be able to resell them AT ALL. You bought them, you either use them, or delete them, idc, but you sure as hell are NOT PROFITING OFF OF MY FUCKING EFFORTS! WHO THE HELL ELSE HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN TO THEM?! AND WHERE ARE THE POSTS ABOUT IT, I'M MAD YES, I WANNA HEAR HOW MAD YOU ARE TOO.
  14. Well, for some reason my windows doesn't show AHCI devices, just IDE, SATA, ATAPI and there are no StorAHCI.sys drivers Merged. Well, AITA for having raged at you so much when you seem like such a nice person in Forums? i think answer is yes. I'm sorry, you seem nice. So like, i've said before, changing the graphical detail of games does not change their performance for me... they all either run very well, or like shit... i have no control over it, sure the detail goes to hell but they still have same FPS. Conan Exiles for example, in a Supreme Gaming server, at my base (which yes its massive, and yes, i know thats why) if i enable low end laptop mode, the FPS doesn't change. and i'm greeted with something of a mix between PS2 or Xbox360 graphics.. Now if i still had my RX 480, i would NOT have any issues, as this game, and many others, including Wildlands, ran 100FPS+ at max settings, minus the AA no a few games, but APB i was able to have it nearly locked at 101fps back when i just had the 2 60hz monitors, now i have 2 more monitors that are 144hz, and i wish i never "upgraded" to a GTX 1070 Ti. I think i understand what you mean about the themes deal, having to hear it first before its muted, yes, this should go without saying, you don't know if Player A has an ear drum shredding theme or not, so making a blanked "mute all themes" would ruin the point of making thiemes in the first place, but to make it so you can mute those that were made to cause harm... well you wouldn't know until you heard it if it were made to cause harm, which you should then be able to say, "ok pal, thats not nice, i don't wanna hear that." and click mute. What i think should also be done is that player gets an automatic report generated when their theme is muted because of this. Would be nice if i didn't have to go and manually make reports all the time for a persons harmful themes. Making an auto generated theme report for these blatantly troll themes, after clicking "mute theme" then clicking Yes or No if you wanna send the report after is perfect in my opinion. I've stated it numerous times, G1 made these types of themes a bannable offense long ago, i think it was a mistake to rescind that decision.
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