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Found 1 result

  1. this player named Removed playername ~@mayii just bought all my cheap Symbols and is reselling them for a HUGE markup, i wouldn't normally have a problem with it, except, no one bought them when i wanted 10x what i put them up as they are now, and he's posted them up to 6 digits... (i sold in 4 digits) I feel like this is a huge offense, not only was i not able to sell them for what i wanted, but now he's making MY work look like his, and for MUCH more than i wanted to begin with (5 digits). I can't be the only one who's being literally spit in the face about this... its borderline plagiarism, and i was never once asked if he could profit of MY works like that... I would have been fine if he asked me, but since he just went out and did it... i feel like other peoples works shouldn't be allowed to be resold by someone else... Hell, i didn't know you could do that, and i wouldn't have suspected him for it if he didn't buy duplicates of my symbols. I went through the mail, collected my couple grand across 6 or so emails, and though "well thats strange how the same person is buying all the symbols, not really fair to the rest who would want them" so then i thought, wait, can you resell other peoples things on marketplace? searched his name in marketplace, boom, all the symbols i've made he's selling at 6 digit prices, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? Now i'm not sure HOW offended anyone else would be for their HARD WORKED symbol being sold by someone else at a MUCH higher price than what you had already intended to buy it for, BUT, this is disgusting to me. I feel violated, like my right to sell on the marketplace is just a joke, like the YEARS i spent fine tuning the ASYLUM symbol is just an insulting joke. Like the amount of detail i poured over the Mortal Kombat logo, amounts to nothing. While browsing the listings it doesn't say THAT I MADE THEM, just that HE POSTED THEM. WHAT THE HELL?!!? IT MAY AS WELL SAY HE MADE THEM! I'm already having one hell of a time with latency, now i have to be Removed inappropriate language ~@mayii of my hard worked symbols? I'm not sure how much more horseshit i can take. This is something that NEEDS attention right now LO, i had no idea you could steal other peoples works and resell them for YOUR profit, I think you shouldn't be able to resell them AT ALL. You bought them, you either use them, or delete them, idc, but you sure as hell are NOT PROFITING OFF OF MY FUCKING EFFORTS! WHO THE HELL ELSE HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN TO THEM?! AND WHERE ARE THE POSTS ABOUT IT, I'M MAD YES, I WANNA HEAR HOW MAD YOU ARE TOO.
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