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  1. Matchmaking rewrite took up the devs time according to the interview, car was only worked on for a little bit of time, nano was a sale item and likely didnt take much time at all
  2. Matchmaking being tested publicly regularly on OTW (discord channel announces these playtests), EAC ban / unban update (they are working on an updated appeal system with Epic), new car in-dev w/ screenshots, new unsilenced perma nano on regular sale (NOT legendary) for Black Friday along with KTTW pack discounted by an extra 25% on top of premium discount,
  3. Those weapons do not have the same stats on Citadel.
  4. A lot of the answers will be on Twitch according to the post.
  5. There are only 100 people in a district. That means you only have a potential 100, if they're all not in a mission.
  6. Epic Games requires you to integrate the "EOS Report Interface" as part of the integration process to activate Sanctions automatically. Here is the article in question that shows the documentation, straight from Epic's own Online Services documentation, which is public for anyone to see: https://dev.epicgames.com/docs/game-services/anti-cheat/using-anti-cheat#working-with-cheat-detections After a player is sanctioned, they may be automatically kicked by EAC the next time they enter the game. The /report command is hooked up to Epic on the server-side which is why the messaging was included in the main post, I would wager.
  7. > EAC drops > increase in volume of people wanting legit cheats so they can actually compete ok buddy
  8. A logo being present in a game does not mean the latest EAC code is integrated or operable. Nice try though
  9. Nah its been diff people. Or at least theyve been getting banned and rerolling
  10. This is a supported use case and you can do the same with the AssetCache folder. Although, there's an ini setting that turns the disk cache off and makes the game use RAM instead for the asset cache.
  11. The /latencytest command always tests on Jericho vs the US-West server, so that's why you are seeing different IPs.
  12. It's listed under "Valentines Day", it'll go back to "Rifles" after the patch.
  13. Sophiie


    Looks like a cool game!
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