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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, if not sorry. I recently got tired of tediously having to switch between APB installs containing different configurations and wrote a simple application with the goal of making the process easier without requiring multiple installations of APB. My application accomplishes this by turning the APBGame/Config directory into a symbolic link which points towards different variations of the configuration files (all of which are edited only using APB Advanced Launcher). Since my application technically modifies a game directory by turning it into a symbolic link, even if the content of the directory remains unmodified by anything except APB Adv. Launcher, I am unsure if it is "legal" in practice?
  2. For me the game gets really dark when bloom is disabled in settings. If you haven't already, try enabling that. Edit: Oops, someone already suggested that. I should probably read before posting ^^
  3. I appear to be having the same issue, it doesn't seem to load my characters properly. It does show the loading screen for a second or so, but after when it opens the character selection screen it's the problem you describe. It doesn't show my JP, money and the hours is < 1. I assume this is a bug then and not just me? Or maybe the servers are having issues? Have been trying for a few hours now and it still doesn't seem to work. Edit: Forgot to mention that the game was fine yesterday night.
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