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  1. It was actually the first thing i checked for in APB 2.1, the button is removed makes sense about why the button is visible on your character page though. a mission stat leaderboard would be a cool feature since it still exists for fightclub
  2. Some people wont ever, ever forgive cheaters, and lets be real, they shouldn't be expected to be cleared of the drama that goes along with getting banned, in fact they should revel in it because every single kill/win they get they'll be re accused of cheating, which they deserve to a pretty high degree, probably shouldn't show up at the door step of the community you pissed off? like ever ? ? As far as Lixil streaming goes, it was just a small mess that CAN just be brushed off, but isn't for some reason probably because Matt really doesn't want anything to look shady But if you admit to cheating, i admit that i would call you gross names to your face, and if i had the power would make a mockery of it much like G1 decided, so good thing level heads are in charge it seems
  3. Honestly reading this more, this is kind of depressing, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater matt...
  4. Oh goodness did we just scare the staff away from ever playing the game on stream?
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