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  1. this reads like it was written by glaciers lol except even more pretentiously due to some false sense of security of anonymity game balancing is a rabbit hole LO will never dig themselves out of and instead keep back pedaling on their decisions ten times over wasting yet again precious resources and time, ending up pleasing nobody due to not being all that familiar with the game or game balancing themselves. I think what they should be focusing on is something that's new and is tied to your character progression to shake up this never ending meta cycle of what is basically a rat race of whoever gets to the mission objective first and then camps it like their fucking life depends on it which has been the core gameplay since the game came out. I do have some ideas that aren't all that farfetched and some maybe not that original but not out of LO's budget although i'd rather make a separate post.
  2. Why? I liked day time asylum now i'll probably have to turn up my brightness settings everytime i enter it and then lower it when im out
  3. Thanks for sharing this, quite fucking appaling on LO's part but now I'm worried for APB too
  4. The matchmaking and hosting part that's frighteningly your highest priority, sounds disastrous. Everything else sounds amazing on paper if you'll manage some of it. I'd really have to see what this phasing and player hosting will look at all in a beta because trying to wrap my head around it is giving me a migraine but to me it feels like it'll make the san paro feel less alive and just add unnecessary loading times which break away from the game's nature of seamless and near instant mission matches when a district is full, but it's clearly vital for your idea of connecting all servers. What this man said. Kindly answer these questions, LO. - We will migrate the existing worlds to ‘regions’. Each region will host their own game servers and characters. These are grouped by location and latency to keep things as fast as possible. The idea is to have more, smaller regions vs. less larger worlds." - We hope to start adding previously supported regions back to the game like Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America – even if its just a couple district servers to start. What good will this bring? it's not 2013 anymore, the game's player base is not big enough to be divided like this, it hardly ever was. The servers were merged before for a reason and that reason was waning player count and even if you go this route most players will stick to the most populated region either way even if at the cost of slightly higher ping. - As a result of this system, we will be doing away with platform-specific worlds and districts. PC and console players will be able to interact together in Social districts, and PC matches can be happening right alongside console matches in the same district. You need to clarify what this will look like for missions. Otherwise what's the point there, assuming they get put in the same district but never fight amongst eachother? I feel like this should be limited to social district for performance. - This means our servers can be put where they are most needed. Why does this sound like we're going to have to deal with laggy social districts because of you cutting corners and having say mission districts get the priority now - Premium will also be able to queue in ‘Premium Only’ matches that we hope will free of reroll cheaters. I can't say I see that many rerolling cheaters these days to merit using this special queue which in itself is a futile effort that would undoubtedly put you against the same handful group of tryhards at best and no one wants that and result in next to no matches at all at worst. Good grief just leave the matchmaking as it is for now and focus on new and old player retention alike. New content and a makeover for the tutorial and the first minutes of the game was it right there.
  5. This one is long overdue, hope LO takes notice and adds some way of increasing all inventory limits.
  6. Save me your typical snarky dipshit replies, deep down you know and hope for this game to succeed. You would've dropped it and anything to do with it including these forums a long time ago otherwise. There are games older than APB that are still actively played, in fact some of them such as tf2 hit their peak player count not too long ago. It would be naive to think it'll reach such popularity sure, but I believe they can turn this sinking ship around if they focus on it and not several at a time.
  7. This game's glory days are yet to begin if they just focus on adding anything but the quick broken cash grab gun they'll have to upset everyone about and rebalance later. Literally anything but that - a new permanent gamemode or purchasable but non preset'ed clothing, even existing weapon or vehicle reskins and kits would more than do. Brush up on the UI design and eliminate these fps stutters that plague this game even after the 64 bit update. More importantly look into the new player experience and see how it could be improved.
  8. yes put cringe discord number tags on players so i can bully and stalk them easier, kthxby
  9. As laughable as those rewards were in this recycled valentine's event that appeared in the same fashion for like the 10th time and bringing absolutely nothing new to the table besides titles and maybe decals. I feel ranking these time-limited event roles shouldn't be such an unachievable chore everytime and should instead be tracked across all your alts in addition of having them all rewarded the same for the work you put in. Good luck plowing through 750 kills with randomized valentine weapons (unless you stick with the one STAR556 and snub nose they gave you throughout the entire thing or just buy the guns from armas like they want you to) on a single character and then do that 4 maybe 5 times again to be done with this mess on all your alts and if you're feeling extra hyperactive and motivated for these crumbs of recycled dopamine from all the ritalin you've snorted directly through your nasal cavity there's another 375 kills they want you to slog through with kills made only with this absolute meme of a gun - the snub nose revolver. I hate how you're forced to choose which of your characters get time limited rewards this time and the rest won't and then wait an another entire year for the event to come back (if it ever will) and pray they remembered or considered putting in the same rewards along with possible new ones. Of course, this isn't an issue for you if you haven't been playing for long and don't have any alts besides your main and have more than enough time to actually finish this in 2 weeks but considering how many alts this game lets you have, I don't think its healthy to have this amount of grind on a time-limited event just for one fucking character.
  10. I vaguely remember making a post a long time ago, doubting LO's ability to take on multiple games being such a small company and all and then being fucking reeee'd at by one of the forum elitists on here with them stating how spreading their already limited resources thin like this won't affect the development process for this game or anything. Look at were we're at now.
  11. not before you buff my carbine to be fully automatic with a fire rate of the fucking shaw
  12. nyet, theme is fine i like the current login theme with its dark gloomy & bass-y login soundtrack leave it alone dammit
  13. most of the community can go suck on a fat one for all i care but i will always love and cherish this unique gem of a game that has kept me company by replacing depression with anger and at times laughter which i kind of prefer does not matter how long it'll take for you to finish this meme of an engine upgrade so as long as you keep the game running, updated with new content afterwards i will continue to support it financially or vocally. Just stay out of politics like you did with BLM, it doesnt take a genius to figure that taking sides like this only f u c ks up your business like they have looted and pillaged local stores and houses across america, that's all i ask
  14. some UI icons disappear when having switched through one character to another, these include contact, objective, teammate/enemy icons and etc. forcing you to either restart the game or use the entire 2D map to navigate and quite ineffectively at that. This bug has been here for months I can't believe it still has been overlooked.
  15. 2FA Authentication prompt requires me to type in the random 6 digit verification code every single time I log in or return to lobby even if the "Remember me" box is ticked. I've taken a several month break from the game, it was not this stubborn before.
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