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  1. "APB CELEBRATION(S) 2023" AH SHIT! here we go again.
  2. The game should be closed, even though games nowadays suck, APB is still worse than them.
  3. Thank you, looks like this year I will be back to play again. If they really manage to pull off these upgrades, it will be the best year the APB has ever had.
  4. I wasn't expecting it to be released so quickly.
  5. He basically explains nothing, neither wants to try hard to understand the game, just added one more video to his channel...
  6. Do not waste money on it. Why? Dont have mobility sling and you done need extend magazine.
  7. Yes. I play every day and I do not see anyone who is suspicious.
  8. Just learn how to play or wait for the new system matchmaking system lul...
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