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  1. Rolhen

    Guide: How to win missions

  2. Rolhen

    Labor Day Weekend Update

    Thanks for the hardwork
  3. He basically explains nothing, neither wants to try hard to understand the game, just added one more video to his channel...
  4. Do not waste money on it. Why? Dont have mobility sling and you done need extend magazine.
  5. Yes. I play every day and I do not see anyone who is suspicious.
  6. Just learn how to play or wait for the new system matchmaking system lul...
  7. Rolhen

    Jericho Districts Offline

    I've been disconnected when I was going back to the character screen and now says "This account is currently in use from another client (error code 10004".
  8. Rolhen

    Please Revert M-1922 (Tommy Gun) Recoil.

    With the Tommy Gun, I usually win a lot in close range against Oca or CSG/JG. It has happened to me a lot of times, people asking if the weapon got buffed. At the beginning it is difficult to control the recoil of the weapon, but in time you will see that it becomes easy to control. But many people prefer to play with another type of submachine guns because they are easier to use. And yes, they need to revert.
  9. Rolhen

    Let's talk about FC

    "I am going to get rid of Fight Club." Well NO! It will only kill the game even more.
  10. Rolhen

    Joker SR15 Carabine needs a nerf.

    No. Just no.
  11. Rolhen

    APB Roadmap

    Well done guys! Amazing news