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  1. We warned LO... All that effort to bring RIOT in was absolutely pointless, mission and weapon balance not being touched for a year was also incredibly dumb and is still killing the game.
  2. When I was at the SPCT in ~2014, this person would use a voice changer whenever they joined a playtest and pretend to be a girl.
  3. Anti-aliasing not working yet? Anyways, thanks for finally giving us an update.
  4. swft

    No known issues?

    You do realize they had months to fix these issues but rather preferred to work on RIOT which will not be a long term gamemode as we both already know.
  5. While you're right that there should be different queue modes for RIOT (solo, duo, 4-man group), the amount of population doesn't allow for that to happen. Also even if people aren't grouped they will still trade wins and team up. We all know what the solution for all this is: making RIOT a seasonal event. Once APB has sufficient population, maybe then, enable RIOT permanently.
  6. Expected. All we want is the engine upgrade so you guys can actually start creating content that belongs in APB and improving the game's looks and performance.
  7. I like polls, LO should've done one for RIOT too. Back on topic: No, dropping weapons should just be on modes that actually depend on this mechanic. Fight Club doesn't need this, unless you're planning to make it a practice mode for people to test out other guns that they don't have. Either way, that should be a separate mode from FC imo.
  8. Actually thought it would be worse when I tried OTW. The mode isn't that bad on live, but I still think it should be a seasonal thing like the halloween districts and such. The spawn system is awful and the fact that matches don't show the actual timer and end abruptly, sometimes not even spawning the bribe van, kills it for me. I get that it's a BETA but they had so much time to prepare it and the mode still doesn't even work half the times. LO, it's time to call it quits on RIOT and focus on what actually matters: engine upgrade, matchmaking and progression.
  9. أنا وأصدقائي يريدون لعب وضع الشغب
  10. The engine upgrade isn't gonna change a thing when it comes, so no. Unless there's a change to graphics and/or core gameplay, I don't think they should change the name just for the sake of deceiving players.
  11. It's supposed to be a dev oriented update, pretty sure most people know this by now, that's why they wanted RIOT out the door asap before the engine upgrade. Now that everyone has seen RIOT and knows it's complete trash and doesn't fit the game at all (maybe due to how they and G1 thought of the mode, not entirely because it is BR), how can they hype anything at all when they decide to finally launch the engine upgrade? Not to mention the crappy performance I bet it will have, it's either going to be worse than current state or the same, and that isn't an accomplishment at all. The engine upgrade was supposed to fix performance issues and give the devs a better workflow and tools to develop the game, if one of these 2 is a failure, LO might as well not even release it and just hold on until they fix both. ----> This is exactly what is happening and why we don't get 1 single piece of news about it not even the so promised screenshots from 2 months ago. To conclude: enjoy the game while you can bros, 2019 is make it or break it for LO, and to me, I'm pretty sure of what the outcome of all of this will be with either 3.5 or without.
  12. It's been 2 months, don't play with us bro.
  13. How many more mondays will it take for new engine pictures?
  14. It's always the same thing, I knew exactly LO was going to fuck up this patch and reroll it. Even worse happened, this time, y'all didn't even patch the game. How do you think we feel when we see this happen constantly? Do you really think we believe the engine upgrade is going to be ready this year? LOL.
  15. Do you happen to have installed the new Windows 10 Spring Update (build 1903)?
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