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  1. swft


    Russia isn't part of the EU is it?
  2. So what? Europe also has different salaries and different VAT for each country on top of the prices, some countries pay more than others. In my case, I pay more than most EU countries due to VAT being 23% here, even though our average and minimum salaries are of the lowest in the EU.
  3. You're being transferred to a server with 30-40 times more players at peak time (right now, but this will get better soon). I'm sorry that LO is trying to give you a place to actually play the game buddy, maybe shooting civilians in an empty financial district is much more fun for you. Jokes aside, just understand that LO is giving your Innova account an actual use instead of just straight up closing Nekrova since it's unprofitable for them to keep a whole world server for just 20 players at peak time.
  4. You are not entitled to a compensation, Innova shut the game down and G1/LO were never obliged to restore its service. Take what has been given to you out of LO's kindness and stop complaining.
  5. It's mostly the netcode, but let's not forget that there are ddos attacks sometimes and the mitigation of them also heavily impacts the gameplay.
  6. You're not facing actual decent premades then. I can tell you from experience that Spotter + Ammo box consumable is the best combination of character modifications. Oh, and a team stacking this setup is even more powerful.
  7. No, that's straight up useless for that amount of cash.
  8. We already get too many high pingers from russia, we good.
  9. I'd be surprised if I didn't see you talking shit about something. No wonder "you told us so".
  10. Scaleform is deprecated so they should focus on getting that changed either way.
  11. EU's meta is stacking Spotter (at higher play, I guess), which is way better than stacking Blowtorch. But yes, both are unbalanced and should be looked at.
  12. Yea, doing both would be sweet, but LO doesn't seem to care about balancing atm, sadly.
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