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  1. Having randoms affect a mission they're not in while also punishing a player for doing well is beyond ridiculous game design. There are still a few instances of poor game design in APB, but this was one of the most annoying but easiest to fix and I'm glad LO listened.
  2. The fact that you can "speedhack" in APB using a program to delay packets says a lot. I have literally never seen this happen in other games.
  3. Seem like decent changes to me, I'd also nerf Obeya CR762 and revert the N-Tec nerfs a part from the jump accuracy nerf.
  4. I think the main issue is progression, it needs a major rework. I'm talking about guns, vehicles, modifications and equipment being much easier to obtain for new players to, at least, level the playing field. Knowledge and skill, are impossible to fix from a gamedev point of view only, the one thing that can be done is introducing better matchmaking, but that will only actually make the game playable for everyone if we have a much bigger playerbase (several thousands of players online). Sadly, this discussion will never lead to a fix since the game is severely unpopulated. You either face people of your skill level and you barely get a match or you face people of lower/higher skill levels and you get matches constantly, those are the only options on the table right now and none of them are good for the game in terms of player retention.
  5. Really nice changes, it does look like LO is finally listening. Also, finally addressing the reserve ammo issue is a nice touch.
  6. Don't think having a better anti-cheat would help with stabilizing/increasing the playerbase, APB is just that incredibly boring.
  7. Seems like a good patch on paper, but like others mentioned, changing the rank requirements for mods to be much lower or non-existent would've been great.
  8. No, buddy, I'm just saying it's literally a stress test. There's no such thing as an open beta that only lasts a few hours. You won't find that many bugs that aren't related to stress testing that the SPCT didn't already report. Sure, it's still a valid testing method but my point still stands, hit me up once I can properly play the game for more than a few hours.
  9. What feedback are you going to give from a few hours of testing that the SPCT didn't already give in months? Think for a second.
  10. Another stress test, nice. Hit me up when the actual open beta starts.
  11. Maybe you should read the post instead of jumping on here immediately. You have a 5% chance for every 2500 JT (500 G1C) spent activating a 7 day trial on a legendary. It's not gambling, if you have the possibility to get it when the progress bar reaches 100% (at approximately 20 trials).
  12. The new matchmaking system (phasing) is not going to be released along with the engine upgrade anyway iirc.
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