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  1. Go to your installed programs and check if you have AutoHotKey installed, if you do, uninstall it. If not, then this needs to be looked at by G1's support.
  2. swft

    Nice Patches

    What happened to that patch that got reverted a year or so ago with chromium and the netcode fixes (which actually broke the game)? Chromium is in but are the netcode fixes still being worked on?
  3. I've been using Stylus since Stylish was bought out, it's a great fork.
  4. swft

    Let's talk about FC

    I'm okay with removing Open Conflict in favor of the Survival gamemode that you're hinting at but removing FC is a tremendous mistake because the new mode will not fill in the gap it will leave.
  5. swft

    Joker Outfit Not recieved

    maybe u bought for girl
  6. swft

    Hide Threat to Remove Toxicity

    There needs to be a way to distinguish players by skill. We are waiting for the matchmaking/threat update so, let's just... wait.
  7. swft

    APB Roadmap

    Good stuff, keep it coming!
  8. Turn off your mouse software (REDDRAGON GAMING), SeriousBitNetBalancer and vdDaemon present in the task manager and try again. I suspect one of these 3 is being blocked by BE.
  9. For an adult, you sure type very well...
  10. That would significantly lower the skill gap of a lot of weapons. No, thanks.
  11. swft

    Volunteer gms

    They won't have powers to ban anyone, they are literally going to be hidden SPCMs.
  12. BattlEye is not detecting file changes for shaders and removal of muzzle flash, blood, explosions and bullets. These are probably disallowed changes in the ToS, but BattlEye is not banning for those right now (but could be flagging).
  13. As long as you guys warn us before detecting file changes like removing muzzle flash and having custom localization files, I'm fine with this.
  14. Not so sure about removing JT and APB$ from unbanned accounts, other than that, good patch!