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  1. One big issue is personal vehicles not despawning when the round ends, there's people remote detonating team bases for easy kills right at the beginning.
  2. swft

    Epidemic rank 2 rewards glitch

    Maybe you should read what the games presents you, it clearly says you can only have one of the 3 rewards.
  3. swft


    Can you also fix the description of the mod? Seems like it was forgotten.
  4. How about you redo the preset gun mods or just remove them all and only sell 3 slotted variants for the same price?
  5. HWID gets reset with every Windows 10 "major" update, so, no point in doing this...
  6. swft

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    60ms max, anything above is bullshoot. I'm talking by experience btw.
  7. swft

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    If I had that kind of ping I wouldn't be playing games, it's not even remotely enjoyable.
  8. Doesn't even look like a UE4 game, yet it is. So, that sums up my thoughts on the game...
  9. swft

    OTW Patch Notes 1.19.7 (1022)

    Why not just remove vending machines now, i mean really there is no point in using them at all now, save on space and get rid of them, all cuz babies cryed that they don't want to acaully play the game and resupply their selves, it made the game more immersive, in real life if you run out of gas in your car will your car automatically refill its self when you turn on the ignition? see this feature was preparing us for real world now it wont, or can i live my life now knowing that everything i do will auto refill ? In real life you don't get ammo from vending machines and mail boxes, your "immersion" argument makes no sense.
  10. Oh man, refilling ammo on an ammo box/car spawner/field supplier/contact/mail box sure adds an impressive amount of immersion. I don't think I've been more immersed in a game before! Also, APB is not dogshit anymore because something that has been bugged for 3 years, that literally no one cared about, is finally fixed.
  11. There's really no point in having this in the game other than pissing people off for forgetting to buy ammo. It's a dumb mechanic that should've never been in the game, such as punishing players for doing well by making them P5/N5 and visible/killable by everyone in the district. Both stupid mechanics.
  12. FC is not starting matches anymore for some reason... @MattScott
  13. There is definitely an increase in cheaters since BE launch but it's nowhere near how it was before it. Sure there are people triggerbotting and speedhacking, but I haven't played against someone who was just blatantly aimbotting.
  14. Speedhacking is achieved through slowing down the rate at which you send/receive packets thus creating artificial lag. It's not about the server performance at all, and I'm positive most people know who Frosi was referring to. Yes, it is possible that people can look like they are speedhacking when they are just lagging but, when you can consistently do it at any time you want, then you know something is up. Also, this is done using programs which are not classified as cheats or disallowed programs, hence why BattlEye isn't even batting an eye (but FairFight should).
  15. Beacon is pretty bad, vertical fights are awful.