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  1. APB is currently running on a UE 3.0 beta build, not UE 2.5.
  2. Just because you force players to play on a said threat district instance, doesn't mean they can't throw matches and dethreat? That's literally what happens now? That "solution" by Queen of Love is insanely flawed. (who could have guessed?) Here, let me just make a new account throw a bunch of matches, get to Bronze and stay there forever, that will make things better! Also, locking the account's threat for 1 month, doesn't accomplish anything, you just delay the inevitable, while hurting the people who actually try to climb up. Matchmaking, dethreating, those are all issues that stem from the lack of a playerbase. Wait for the engine upgrade, phasing and for the playerbase to rise due to it, then improve on it where needed. That's what needs to be done.
  3. None of it works, people can always dethreat. The only fix is the game becoming populated.
  4. Their roadmap makes sense, they need the contacts to go out with the engine upgrade, not before. The engine upgrade itself won't retain the players, it sure will bring a population boost to the likes of what we saw when LO bought APB from G1, but it won't last long if it doesn't bring content with it. I'd argue that even just new contacts won't do much for the players but it is what it is at this time.
  5. That's just plain cringe. You got me speechless, you are the epitome of what's wrong with this game's community, I won't even address your last reply topic by topic since you'll just distort everything once again. I'm abandoning this thread since my point was made several pages back.
  6. What 80%, where did you even get that number from this thread? The forums don't even accurately represent the community, there's a reason why the vocal majority here doesn't represent the majority in game. People like "Lily Rain" don't depict most of the population of the game. Even if they did, quality over quantity is way more appreciated. I'd rather listen to 10 veteran "skilled" players than 50 randomly selected players of all kinds of skill levels and playtimes when talking about game balance/health. Just take a look at good examples like R6, Overwatch, CS:GO, where community feedback is extremely important and they need to filter out the feedback, loud mouths aren't the smartest ones a lot of the times.
  7. Someone is extremely mad, your whole post revolves around the fact that my (now) main character is a criminal and how I'm an incompetent player who only plays criminal due to being "unable" to play as enforcer. Sad conclusions from a salty person. I have a few APB characters as you can clearly see here: Wow, it just so happens that I have more Rating combined on enforcers than criminals... Now what Mr. Know It All? Face it, you're an LTL main (LOOOOL), that speaks volumes about your gameplay and knowledge of the game. LTL is not META and is extremely situational, I can assure you will forever be condemned to only win against bad players or in specific mission scenarios, no chance against actual good opposition unless you're playing the game by abusing every single dirty strategy there is in the book and maybe then you'd have a chance. It's actually hilarious that you had to pull a screenshot from god knows where (I haven't logged in in a while on that character), funny stuff. I'm still clueless as to who you are ingame, but I'm sure I've pissed you off by the sound of it, maybe you got your patootie handed more than a few times and you're just taking it out on my opinion about Bounty. Anyways, congratulations on skewing the thread, you've still achieved nothing and Bounty is still disabled in missions, as it will continue to be if LO listens to the right people, which they did so far.
  8. Jesus, you are completely out of touch with the game LMAO. You should definitely start playing outside of Bronze mate. Spotter is a strategic option, P5/N5 is also a "strategic option" since you need to get out of your way to not get it, which is a strategy in itself, even though it's awful game design. Not exactly true, highly situational and depends on where the mission is taking place. It's been explained countless times why it's a punishment, you just can't grasp it. Then again, you're probably not even Gold yourself so you wouldn't understand. I hate to make remarks about threat level, but it's beyond obvious people who are in the lower brackets have a different POV about the game, it happens in every game.
  9. Go on then, elaborate. Explain this amazing 2010 gameplay mechanic of getting bounty and having only 2 ways out: dying or lowering your prestige/notoriety by teamkilling or killing civillians as enforcer (assuming this still worked).
  10. In that case, P5/N5 should've been something that you'd OPT-IN on, not something you achieve for doing well or just playing the game as you should. It makes no sense to punish someone for playing the game, that isn't a fair challenge, you're literally 1v40 (considering faction members won't kill you, which is what used to happen most of the time for obvious reasons) and you are visible on the mini-map at all times and you have an icon above your character. Now tell me, where's the challenge? The thrill of having to fight a bunch of people who aren't on your mission and also can spawn within a few meters of you after you've just killed them? That's not a challenge that's just masochism and you didn't even get properly rewarded for it LMFAO. You can call it what you want but that was just a gimping mechanic, all it did was try to keep you down during the mission. You had no way to get rid of it by killing enemy players or whatever task the game could give you, you just had it until you died which was the point of it. When you have games like CoD that give you killstreak rewards for doing well, you have APB Reloaded that gives you a death sentence for doing (almost) the same thing, how awesome is that? Also, I absolutely hate CoD, so don't even mention that I should be playing it instead of APB on which I've spent 6000+ hours throughout 9 years. On a side note: No, I'm not one that refuses to hear others opinions, it's just that my opinion on this matter is the correct one for the longevity and the "competitive" aspect of the game, whether you like it or not.
  11. 1. You never got decent rewards for being P5/N5, the killer did get a bit of cash which makes it way more worth to them than to the Bounty. (this makes no sense, if the bounty is getting punished, then at least they should give them more rewards per kill than what they used to.) 2. I'm putting it down with legitimate arguments about game balance. Yes, matchmaking isn't good but the Bounty system isn't supposed to be there to fix it, that was never the intent, I'm sure. 3. You don't play the game to win, you play it for fun, which explains why you'd think the Bounty system was fine. What I'm saying is, I just want fair matches that depend more on skill than gimmicks. I know that missions aren't fair because they are asymmetrical and because of the RNG of the location where it's played at, no need to tell me about it, but fixing things like this is what can make us veterans stick and not ditch the game like others did and will. 4. You're literally just being nostalgic, not rational, about the open conflict district which mostly had a collective 10 players in them and most were green-bronze players that entered it by mistake.
  12. Overtime was added by G1 and Bounty has always existed since RTW, get your facts together if you're gonna argue with me. It was advertised as an "open-world" feature, but in reality it just never panned out to be what they envisioned back then. Anyway, I'm yet to read a single convincing argument about why Bounty should be the way it was, you people just keep stating the same things: - How uneven a match can be and how Bounty could "help" balance it out. (this is a lie, once the Bounty dies they go back to smashing you anyway, sure you could win 1 match but what about the other 10? also, you're still winning when you shouldn't be winning: matchmaking is at fault, not the players, so they shouldn't be wronged because the game has issues.) - The fun element of becoming a bulls-eye to everyone in the district. (oh yeah, I forgot about the joy of being hunt down by everyone with no reward or benefit to anyone involved, my bad) - If you're a good player you should be able to defeat everyone in the district that comes close to you even though everyone knows where you're at but you don't have any information on them. (sure sure) - P5/N5 graphical popup instantly gives you an adrenaline boost when it gets displayed. (someone actually said something along these lines in this thread) Please reflect about the bullshoot you are posting before actually pressing "Submit reply", specially since it really makes no sense to anyone but yourselves.
  13. Except we have overtime on a lot of final stages already. Overtime is much more predictable than getting killed by a random off-mission player while doing an objective since you can't see where they are but they can clearly see where you are. It's unpredictable, unreliable and ruined many missions for the sake of randomness and unwanted chaos. But sure man, get LO to implement this as a toggle to allow people to go P5/N5 and be affected by those firing at them, let's see the metrics on who will actually want this back, so you can finally quit this dumb argument that you already lost several pages back.
  14. Why would I be punished because the matchmaking is faulty? Show me a game that does this and is successful. EDIT: Also the game provides you with no way to get rid of the bounty, it's literally a punishment, the game wants you to die after you get it.
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