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  1. Really nice changes, it does look like LO is finally listening. Also, finally addressing the reserve ammo issue is a nice touch.
  2. Don't think having a better anti-cheat would help with stabilizing/increasing the playerbase, APB is just that incredibly boring.
  3. Seems like a good patch on paper, but like others mentioned, changing the rank requirements for mods to be much lower or non-existent would've been great.
  4. No, buddy, I'm just saying it's literally a stress test. There's no such thing as an open beta that only lasts a few hours. You won't find that many bugs that aren't related to stress testing that the SPCT didn't already report. Sure, it's still a valid testing method but my point still stands, hit me up once I can properly play the game for more than a few hours.
  5. What feedback are you going to give from a few hours of testing that the SPCT didn't already give in months? Think for a second.
  6. Another stress test, nice. Hit me up when the actual open beta starts.
  7. No, I didn't get the Catcher, it just said "APB has stopped working" with the windows dialog. Fixed it by using "-nomovie -nomoviestartup -nosteam" as launch parameters. My friend still has the issue even launching with the parameters, so I don't know what's going on.
  8. Me and a friend with a completely different PC build are consistently crashing at the startup movie.
  9. Maybe you should read the post instead of jumping on here immediately. You have a 5% chance for every 2500 JT (500 G1C) spent activating a 7 day trial on a legendary. It's not gambling, if you have the possibility to get it when the progress bar reaches 100% (at approximately 20 trials).
  10. The new matchmaking system (phasing) is not going to be released along with the engine upgrade anyway iirc.
  11. The mid-range trade-off is nowhere near as good as you think it is. Overall, the FAR is superior to the N-TEC. It has a way lower skill ceiling and shreds in CQC which is where most action is played anyway. In the early mid-range you can still pull off some "hold LMB to kill" type kills based on favorable RNG that is not possible with the N-TEC. Anything you throw at this argument is just pure stat comparisons that you do not correlate with actual gameplay, and that's not how you discuss game balance in 2020. Feel > Stats, any day.
  12. Yes and let's just ignore the fact that the FAR has the same TTK as the N-TEC, right? Please just stop replying to my every post about the FAR, thank you.
  13. @GhosT FAR is so much better in CQC than the N-TEC ever was, you can literally just hold LMB, consistently. 1 shot of OBIR in CQC puts you at 500hp, so you switch to your secondary and finish the kill. You can literally just spray the Obeya in CQC without ADSing and get a kill in a last resort situation. Are you sure you're playing the same game as everyone else, or just coming on the forums without even touching the game for years and formulating an opinion?
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