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  1. Can't argue with this infallible logic, can I? Clearly the progression isn't an issue since new players would get bored in days if they got their hands onto the meta stuff that allows them to fight in a somewhat even field. I keep forgetting how fun it is to play unslotted guns and use shitty cars like the starter one or other unslotted cars, not having Spotter to have a legal wallhack on people for 8s with a 45s cooldown while playing against groups of people who have everything the meta has to offer. Hmu for that apb sesh dude, would love to be educated on how APB actually works according to The SillyBear.
  2. You're talking like you know what you're talking about, but you simply don't. It seems like you haven't played the game in years, there's no way you still believe that this game can afford having such a steep progression curve when it's barely populated. While it's true that there was nothing wrong with this progression style when the game was doing well, 9 years and a bunch of failures later, ain't nobody got time to invest into progressing in a dying game. Didn't it cross your mind that, maybe, APB can't retain new players because veterans are the biggest piece of the player base and just completely destroy them in any way possible? Or that, maybe, just maybe, we could shorten the amount of time it takes to get meta gear without compromising the grind for other things? Oh, then you're more than welcomed to play vs me and teach me.
  3. Imagine not reading what I wrote. I clearly stated we needed another style of progression, I didn't say remove it completely. Obviously, you need some sort of a grind for something other than just for the sake of becoming a better player skill wise, otherwise the game would be dull for most people.
  4. I'm not wrong at all. There's no incentive to play the game as a new player when all you do is get curb stomped by people who, even if they aren't good at the game at all, are able to completely destroy you just because of their loadouts and "just enough" game knowledge. You could say, "oh yeah? just fix the matchmaking and it's done.", well, the problem is more complex than that, specially when the game barely has 1k players online at peak. Players should be rewarded for playing, they should get faster progression and/or a different style of progression which is what I think is the better choice. I'm not going to go deep on my thoughts about this here, but just know that there are much better ways to give players incentives to grind out the game other than just for improving skill. EDIT: There's also no incentive for me to play, I got 2 maxed characters (I could have more, but I cba'd for a long time), all I'm doing now is maintaining my skill level and grinding out the roles passively and leveling my other alts. There's nothing else for players in my category other than making more and more characters and repeat the contact level grind.
  5. Honestly, please stop developing this mode. I know it's tough since you've spent 1 year developing it, but it clearly doesn't even work properly without changing fundamental APB systems like the spawn system. If you actually release the mode without any further changes to the gameplay either, I'm telling you, that it's going to flop and divide the community. I won't bother playing the game if all I got is a financial district with 20/20 population, that's for sure. You know it's bad when most of us, veteran players, don't care about RIOT, all we want is matchmaking and game balance. Why not give us what we want? We've stuck with APB for so long just to be given a mode no one asked for. I know it sounded like a good idea to give APB its BR mode along with the engine upgrade for the streamer hype but that won't really stick when the mode looks like one of those CS mods and not like a fully fledged game. Please, focus on the matchmaking upgrade and release that alongside with the engine upgrade and a couple of contacts instead of RIOT. Right after that, rework the whole progression system, MMORPG type progression is a huge disadvantage for new players in APB and since the game is struggling in terms of population, you need to be able to retain them somehow. There are way too many things to learn/progress in APB to be able to enjoy the game after 9 years of it being "officially" released (which means veterans are so far ahead of anyone else). There's a reason why Fortnite and other games of the genre are thriving, and it's not just because they're BR games, it's because the only thing you actually need is practice, since everything in those games is already "unlocked" (guns and such). If you actually need tips on this just pm me and I'll gladly make a constructive suggestion list, the reason why I won't just do it and post it publicly is because you probably won't even read it or care to comment on it. If I sound hostile, I'm sorry, but it's been almost 5k hours I've spent on APB and I'm just tired of bad decision-making from the companies that have worked on the game. LO has done some right things that gave us hope specially in the beginning, but it just seems like it's all going to go downhill like the old G1: bad roadmap, not enough money to develop the game and then, eventually, let APB rot in life support state. Listen to us.
  6. I wouldn't trust a single APB player to be a GM or have any sort of power in game since most players are either egoboosted, straight up brain damaged and/or immature. This is also most likely going to be another round of favoritism anyway so thank god they barely have any power over anyone other than being able to kick players and contact LO directly.
  7. With the amount of time this dude spends dwelling in the forums you'd expect him to, at least, be able to form proper English sentences instead of relying on Google Translator for everything.
  8. disable pvp and make it so you can only play against civilians instead
  9. G1 made $1M yearly with APB prior to LO afaik, so there's still some milk left in this cow. Hopefully the engine upgrade brings some players and actually maintains them enough for some cashflow. APB isn't looking too good imo since RIOT is probably gonna flop, but one can hope.
  10. The N-TEC definitely needs a jumpshot nerf, also needs a nerf to its ability to burst shoot, the third bullet should bloom out a bit more when doing this, other than that, maybe a magazine size nerf of about 2 bullets (from 32 to 30) would also help nerf it a little bit I guess. I think you got the wrong problem identified with the RFP, its problem is not the out of MM performance, it's its range. Just as an example, the fact that this gun outguns an N-TEC at medium range the way OBIR is meant to be used instead just goes to show how overpowered this gun really is, specially when paired with a CQC gun. My proposal is to straight up lower its effective range (from 40m to 35m) and maybe make it a bit less accurate (not sure how much in terms of values tbh, it would need to be tested). This would allow for it to still be used in a very decent range while making it less forgiving since it would require more shots to kill at higher ranges. About the CSG, I honestly think they should straight up revert the latest changes they did to all shotguns for now, maybe re-visit them at a later date. Totally agree with your point of view about the NFAS, not sure about the values since it's not an easy thing to visualize. Also agree with your point of view about the Obeya CR762, also not sure about the values. The OBIR needs a decrease in its ammo capacity from 10 to 7 magazines (240 to 168 bullets) to make it on par with the Obeya CR762 with ~7 magazines (100 bullets). It needs to bloom way more when jumping so it's not pin-point accurate (to make it less quick-switchable in panic situations), other than that maybe increase the fire interval very slightly, not sure about what value though. Totally agree with your point of view about the OCA-626. In my honest opinion, I don't think the HVR has a place in this game. This gun should not be allowed to do 850 damage in one shot. Obviously, there are other games where snipers 1 shot people like in CS, but it just never felt right in APB. Most of the times you face an HVR, they are camping far away and only need to shoot you once to make you hide for 15 seconds and I don't think that belongs in APB. Just my 2 cents about these guns, obviously I didn't spend much time thinking about the values like you probably did, but at least you get a glimpse of my point of view.
  11. G1 took too long to realize the game needed the engine upgrade to be developable again. Now it's too late and even the engine upgrade alone won't change much without changing core gameplay mechanics and gamemodes to be relevant in 2019 and so on.
  12. So you're telling me that a veteran player who learned to shoot the FBW through practicing does not deserve this advantage? I guess people shouldn't have an advantage if they went to college opposed to someone who only finished high school when going into a job interview. Do you see how ridiculous you sound right now? You could argue that maybe APB shouldn't have this "rhythm mechanic" and should just allow you to spam M1 and always hit the maximum firerate (which could also mitigate the macro issue), sure that would decrease the skill ceiling by insane amounts in FBW/Oscar/Obeya/Obir/Carbine and so on, but that at least deserves a debate while your reasoning for this simply doesn't.
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