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  1. swft

    alien invasion car

    This. It's actually unbelievable that they couldn't afford to give out better vehicle, after all this is probably a limited time only thing. They could've given out a car like the Han Veo or the Mikro with all the slots unlocked. The Cisco was actually a pretty good reward back then, I'd say that the mod choice wasn't, but yeah...
  2. I'm sorry, what? Since when can you shoot when you press the "Look behind" key bind? The only thing you can do with that is throw a grenade backwards.
  3. Fairfight wasn't being paid or even updated/maintained for years, despite what Tiggs used to say. This was confirmed by Matt himself. So I'd be willing to give the benefit of the doubt to FF or other statistics based anti-cheat.
  4. I think it works by exploiting the lag compensation in APB through delaying packets or straight up lag-switching, as in turning your connection on and off to APB for a very short set amount, so that you essentially teleport around. There are plenty of programs that have a legitimate use that can be used to achieve this, so it's impossible to just disallow them through BE. The only way to fix this is through a netcode patch, probably.
  5. I assume they're going with an in-house server sided anti-cheat, that's a good idea but it's gonna take a while to be tested and functional. Only time will tell.
  6. I feel you but your idea simply isn't good. We need statistics based anti-cheat but the netcode is not good enough to accommodate this I assume.
  7. Honestly, I don't think its worth it to implement something like this. Also as soon as the player notices that their crosshair color changed, they would just stop triggerbotting until it becomes red again.
  8. Color triggerbots are a thing yea, but most people cheating are using memory triggerbots which don't rely on the actual color of the crosshair. Good try tho.
  9. You realize it's dead easy for an anticheat to differentiate a 180º snap to a target from a 180º key bind or just mouse flick?
  10. Fairfight was poorly implemented/managed and G1 didn't even pay for it for years, as stated by Matt Scott. Also they were essentially only using it on manual mode and banning whoever Tiggs wanted, despite lying about it multiple times. The unbans were managed the same way as well. BE is not working properly and LO is trying to be overly-cautious about banning people. While I do understand that banning someone's account forever is a big deal, letting blatant cheaters run rampant for weeks/months isn't something they should be allowing. They haven't banned any of the russians triggerbotting on stream and advertising the cheat they use, they haven't banned speedhackers (lag-switchers, is the correct term I guess) and they sure as hell didn't ban the blatant aimbotters in asylum/baylan that pop in every day. I know I might sound like I'm just complaining, but that's exactly whats going on in the game and you're not seeing it because you're probably not as active as me. I don't even know if you play EU either so... The point is, neither solution worked for APB. I think we also need a statistics based anti-cheat module (like Fairfight), which I'm not sure BE even has, and if it does, it probably needs UE4 like all the other big games have.
  11. I'm well aware, but if said player was told by G1 that they had to make changes to the website, they probably would've done it.
  12. You clicked on it didn't you? Then, it worked.
  13. Maybe if there was no comment section, then there wouldn't have been all that toxicity (at least publicly), no? Simple fix imo.
  14. They've just delivered it, the title is called "Leaf Blower".