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  1. this, i don't think they ban for a accident, but if your caught doing it to the same person over and over, then yea, you deserve the ban and its no longer a accident
  2. Try to contact support, there is no other way that i know of
  3. lol funny thing is, i get 150-200 ms on EU and 30-60ms on NA (im closer to na) and never notice bad lag on EU like i do on NA
  4. weard cuz i havent seen any packetloss in silver EU servers, and they have more pop then the NA (at times)
  5. is there a reason im getting packet loss on silver district NA, i asked in zone chat and everyone is saying everyone is getting it cuz little orbit cant afford the servers anymore, is this true? Missions-Waterfront-2-US-West
  6. the 54 people that voted (at the time of this post) would disagree with you....
  7. so is medspray the new "thing to complain about" right now? give it time, thoes people that hate it will get it removed likehow they got radar tower removed
  8. #2 and #3 are the best hair styles, i think hte customization we talk about is the ability to create decals for our clothes / cars, mix match different tops / bottoms and such, and do face painting , body tats, exc
  9. my charactors pixels, I mean look at her, shes just so dam cute
  10. i think he was shoing that there are 2 gold districts, 1 is almost full, and the other is half full, the pic you posted doesnt even show the threat level of the district, so all we know, your pic is of bronze districts
  11. I think the only non armas unlock for that car as a crim is the see threw engine hood, but even that, it unlocks at max level of someone (cant remember the contact)
  12. The report button was changed (not sure if you tryed it yet or something) but now it brings down a menu of actions to report the player on, what i useually do is put a report in for cheating and put a report in for harrassment (as he is harrassing me by useing the cheat) and hope one of thoes gets lookd at and they do something about it, but yea, 99% of the time, they dont do anything because the pop is so low, they are afraid of loseing players, so they wont ban for anything anymore (or thats the way it feels, ive reported so many people and yet, weeks later, they still cheating / playing on that same toon i reported them on...) its sad, i used to log in, play for hours, nowadays i log in and can only stand the abuse (cheating / being harrassed by cheaters) for 30 - 40 mins before i give up and log off
  13. My Criminal Toon with the Enforcer Pioneer My Criminal Toon with the Enforcer Jericho "i know, i just used this post to take some nice selfie shots XD"
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