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  1. tell me a game that has the same custom options for toon / car appearance, to this date i haven't seen a single one
  2. i'd rather sit in game and lurk at all the sexy avatars
  3. so for someone that doesnt have any of thoes, you wouldnt recommend the valintines day one and i should just get the one that it is based off of with out the tagger? IE: shotgun = this Colby CSG-20 RT1 and sniper = this N-HVR 243 SD PR3
  4. so whats the name of the normal ones, kinda what i asked
  5. Not trying to be sarcastic here, sorry if it comes out that way.... What is the contact version of the sniper / shotgun? I like those 2 guns
  6. you can still use the guns after the event , it just wont advance your roll in them, so its still usefull
  7. I beleave that the launcher that fortune runner is refurring to is the advanced launcher that some people had that allowed you to remove peoples clothes and such, there is only 1 advanced launcher that is allowed by little orbit. here is the post from matt scott on that issue
  8. ive reported a few people and to this day, they still play, so i beleave that little orbit does not ban as if you ban someone they will lose a customer , and loseing a customer is bad for them cuz they then lost money that the customer would of spent on the game, thats why they dont ban anyone sadly, they allow cheaters and pretend they have a anticheat and on top of that the report system is only there to shut us up, it doesnt aceaully go anywhere at all, it just prints out a "bla bla bla was reported, now shut up and play" message
  9. ShaiShai

    APB Ran out of memory

    i got both, one that gave me a option to submit the error and then one that gave me a clickbox that said "ok" and closed apb
  10. ShaiShai

    APB Ran out of memory

    i dont think its a nvidia issue, i just had this started happening today , i was on last week all week with no issues, then monday, no issues, tuesday, no issues, didnt play wends, didnt play thurs, played today, 4 crash to desktop with out of memory messages so i doupt its a driver thing, @MattScott help us plz Here my pc build - I7-4820k 3.7GHz - 16gb ram - Gtx 970 - Windows 7 home 64bit
  11. well unless 20 other people were haveing the same internet as me, i doupt it was me, as the district was saying something about packet loss too, it seemd to calm down for now tho
  12. is anyone else getting packet loss up to 15.00 at times, and also when that happens i get up to 200ms , i useually get around 40-60 ms but today im also getting 90ms too @MattScott ??? is there a ddos happening ? jericho financial - 2
  13. i play solo 99% of the time and max i had to wait was 60secs im guessing it is having trouble finding a group to match with your 4 golds, so you sit in limbo for 45+ mins maybe try reducing the amount of golds in your group? ie less people?
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