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  1. Is jericho in the middle of being ddosed, im getting a ping of 500+ and packet loss of 30+ and been kicked (also the servers are now empty {all say 0}) 3 times so far
  2. just remove all guns, turn the rating to a AO game and give us sex shops and appartments that we can invite out friends in so we can have some ERPvP
  3. they just had a crash i think, its susposed to be up from Saturday, November 21, 2020 11:00 amPST ENDs 2:00 pmPST https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=APB+Engine+Upgrade+Stress+Test&iso=20201121T11&p1=137&ah=3
  4. with that being said, then why was the glitching in the Halloween event so badly abused and not 1 gm took action at all and allowed the exploiters do the things they did, it just shows to new and old players that Little orbit allows cheats and exploits
  5. That's the thing, we know that a fix will take time, in the meantime they could have the gms or devs monitor the players abusing this exploit and kick / ban them, its not fair that some people are trying to get the rewards the legit way and some are cheating and don't have to worry at all, its telling the players new and old that cheating is good and that little orbit doesnt ban / take action about it
  6. yea but the last 2 years there has been a gm on to witness it and report / ban (i donno if the gm banned the player abusing it or if his report just got expidited as he is a gm) the player abusing it , this year, no gm on at all , so nothing is being done about it
  7. does it say what district its gonna be in? there a few different ones
  8. i dont play fight club so i dont care if it stays or not, fight club is for cheaters to test their bots and make sure they are working correctly so i avoid it like a plague
  9. it might be more effort but at the way the game is now, jericho last night had 40 players online only, and its like that almost all week, game kinda needs this as its pop is going down hill fast
  10. erp server? apartments? trespass strip pole?
  11. are you sure the sounds arnt linked to the engine / transmission, as i remember a few times that it felt like my jericho was stuck in 2nd gear as the car wasnt getting faster as per the sound and the way it looked / felt, i had to get out and in again for it to correct itself and no, the car wasnt damaged (yes, damaged cars do go slower)
  12. but then he will get called a cheater for being good with a starter gun
  13. Im gonna post this here as well as this is the post for the patch that broke it, i already posted it in the bug report forum, just wanna make sure the devs see it
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