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  1. so the fact that the criminal version is broken when it says to go kill xxx and you do and get penetilized for it, is 100% ok with you, ok, lets keep bugs in the game and not improve / fix them
  2. how is it agree with me? i asked a simple question, then stated why I think it should be changed, i nver said "this must be done...." so go head, say all u want , but your comment made no sence 100k because maybe it would stop the people that are allied to you from killing you as p5 as they would lose money that they spent all that time playing the game on, if they dont do the money thing then , make it where you cant kill allies at all that are p5 / n5, but that would remove the team killing feature too, which is another issue imo but whatever ah working fine? so its ok for you for a enf to kill another enf to loose p5 and not get any kinda of penelity for it? working fine..... haha
  3. I think that the system needs to be improved , its annoying to get killed by a friendly P5 / N5 they should make it where that if you kill a allied p5 / n5, you lose about $100k as well as what it does now at worst, just remove it completely would work too
  4. there is no point in fixing it anyway, the new report is just as the same as the old one, its there to shut us up and make us "think" it makes a difference, ive reported a few people and they still have yet to be banned, even if they arnt cheater, i shoulndt have to face them but no, they got rid of the gm's too so there is no way to tell a gm to look out for xxx and hopefully have xxx kicked form the misioan for being suspisious (im sorry but when someone is able to get 30 kills when the rest of his team can only get 5 is not legit but sure, defend his sorry asss you botter lovvers)
  5. i had the same issue last night, but also after i tryed to use it , got stuck where i coulnt drop it, died with it in my hand, then when i respawned i was unable to enter cars (good thing i was 255, with car surf) unable to do the objective, unable to kick doors open, unable to jump fences, anything that required a press of the f button was not allowed, i was allowed to shoot tho , it finally fixed itself but i had to die 5 times (which was not hard due to the amout of hax this game has now and the fact that little orbit doesnt care and lets botters play) so as cookie said, dont use it unless you dotn want to use the f key anymore
  6. 1) you can however, disconnect your internet wire so the game kickes you and just log back in, or go to your addaptor setting and disable and re-enable them as it also kicks you from the game (i've done this myself, so i know it works, and its quicks to log back in) 2) but it seems that the rules have changed as they now allow you to talk about bans as i see a post that is still not locked of someone complaining about a ban, anyhoo this was for the mods not normal people (or thoes spct as they are not mods) , but thanks for the responce, i will consider this still not anwsered as no real mod said so yet ah so talking about bans is ok now, good to know, thanks for the info a mod can now lock this ty
  7. Did the rules change recently? so is naming and shaming allowed now, as i see a post that someone made talking about a ban and its not locked, so since talking about bans is now allowed, can we now publicly call out cheaters , I've seen a lot these last few days since the merge and would love to let people know to look out for some people.
  8. yea, i have 3 255's and suck (well according to everyone i face) the op said silver district tho not bronze,
  9. it would be a nice sight, but this game has too many trolls, someone wouldn't be able to resist and will blow them up nice to see the community do something nice for a change, instead of just shooting all the time
  10. well, sometimes it doesn't even take the one being kicked to be doing something bad, for instance, i saw someone wanted me out the team, so i avoided hititng him with my gun at all costs (he kept crossing in front of me trying to make me kill him when i was shooting the oppent) then my dumb patootie forgot what he was doing and started driving the car , he had car surfer so he jumped on top, a few secs later, he walked right off in front of the car while i was driving full speed guess what happened next, he died , game said i killed him (ran him over) he got his wish and kicked me so yea, sometimes i doesn't even take a wrong to make it happed i should of not driven the car, but i wanted to do the mission and he was more wanting to get me out the misison so even if i dint drive the car, the mission would of failed
  11. are we gonna make a new pile? banned for no reason, add it to the pile?
  12. here is a few videos on youtube explaining how to ram raid, in the first vid, the guy talks about the one thing i always tell noobs, while im taking their van btw , get van you own! here is another vid here is on that claims to get 100k an hr good luck hunting
  13. if there are, they don't do anything at all, every time i am on, i face cheaters, i do report them but that's also a place holder as it does nothing , its sad, little orbit is loosing / lost this game to the cheaters and if you do complain , someone will come and say "i don't see cheaters your just bad" its amazing how someone can get 30kills when the rest of their team can only get 5 and people go "he not cheat dur dur" they also get all the way to 255, sad, very sad
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