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  1. bro.... its a bug, just gotta wait til the next patch
  2. this is from fortnite but it has a few reasons why u might be gettin it, just do a simple search on bing https://www.bing.com/search?q=Easy+Anti-Cheat%3A+Game+Security+Violation+Detected+(%2300000001)&qs=n&form=QBLH&sp=-1&pq=easy+anti-cheat%3A+game+security+violation+detected+(%2300000001)&sc=0-61&sk=&cvid=40280B1A61DD445D8E2586EB9C26511A and you might find ur answer
  3. there might be a ddos happening, i keep getting packet loss up to 3, and the district i am in, went from 30 each side to 8 v 11 6 v 8 2 (one was me) v 5 1 ( i logged) v 5 also, dunno if this is related, but i been readied up for 20 min and got no mission so far
  4. you dont want to anyway, its a cheat fest in here, botters in every mission
  5. i mean, you people wanted stabba guns for a loooong time, well you got them now
  6. so , did they forget to turn on EAC, its litterly non existant, was just in game, did 20 missions, and in every misison, botters, nicely done little orbit, letting botters play I did report the people i thought was botters, but i have a feeling, nothing will happen
  7. i play on jericho, so what server are these gm's on as every time im on, i dont see one, (even if they are invisable, they should at least kick the cheaters from missions exc and i dont even see that happening)
  8. i would love to, but i doupt you all would love to have me as a gm..... i'd kick everyone that kills me lol
  9. is it me or has the gm's given up on this game , i get harrassed all the time in missions by teammates, and no way to ask for a gm help as they are non existant
  10. get the lube and have fun? wait, what kinda dreams we talking about here?
  11. isnt that gun is still in game, STAR 556 'LCR' "Old Glory"
  12. typical everyone must be a cheater silver post *add it to the pile* (yes i know the poster is not silver, i just had to do it)
  13. its easy to get pistol kills when you use a outside program to land your hits, maybe try to lose the assistance and play the right way and maybe ill be impressed, but atm, im not
  14. not questioning your actions on moving it but how is a server being ddosed a pc bug issue?
  15. we are having issues atm, when i was in waterfront, sometimes the ping would jump to 187 , i normally, get 30ms most people there were saying we were having a ddos attack, so i donno
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