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  1. ikr, i made a cops song from watching and copying someone on youtube , even if these themes were made with some sort of hax like he claims, i doupt little orbit would care about that as its only a song
  2. This is what i like about apb, amongst all the shooting and killing, we can still band together and do something nice like a car show sad to hear that a greefer had to show up, it was bound tho as he must of been unhappy he had a growl and couldnt be involved so he had to destroy everyones car. also that first pic, kinda looks like the girl crossing the street is checking you out lol
  3. just wait til the eu, if he cant run it now, he deff wont be able to run it then
  4. just do what i do, befor the mission starts put everyone on ignore, this way you cant rage at them via pm and they cant rage at you, takes about 2-3 days to fill the ignore list, then about 5min removing all the ignored people so you can start over with the list (seriously, we need a un-ignore all button!!!)
  5. maybe fix the highway , the ramps for it has been broken for ages now, would be nice to see them fixed
  6. in game /report doesn't do anything, its a button to make us "think" we are doing something so we can stop complaining, ive reported a few cheaters with it, and till this day those same cheaters still run around with out worrying of being banned, because they know, little orbit doesn't care and a lot of the cheaters are now 255 , its sad that this game is going in this direction
  7. i thought my eyes were messing with me, good to know its not just bold on my end
  8. windows update recently? i hear that can make u get a lock too
  9. its not blocking you, its telling your district is full, and thus u have to keep trying till a spot for you opens up, or since your gold, you can go to gold district, or try waterfront (if ur trying finn) or finn (if your trying waterfront) this video might help you , im thinking your not useing the advanced button I even made a video showing proof that what i said works, and it only took me about 45s to get in or so
  10. how is it terrible, its blocking you gold farmers from entering lower district so you cant make the player base smaller by forcing the new players and low skilled ones out (uninstall) you can join the game, you have to hit join, if its full u hit ok, join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok till you get in thats how 99% of us do it
  11. so, you want to farm newbs becasue you just admitted ur gold, if there was no threat, the newbs (t's) , greens, bronzes, and the low silvers will struggle and possably quit cuz of you, is that what you want? a lower pop?
  12. when you said this, i was interested, i thought u meant like actually going to shops to eat, and having an apartment to live in, then i continued reading and saw thats not what you ment
  13. no the problem is that the pop is so low that when you do go agenst 1 person, the next mission is the same effing botter, then when you know your gonna loose cuz the a-hole is useing a cheat thats the point , not that you want to just leave cuz you didnt try, you try it, go to silver, k up, do the first mission, then k up again, see that you get the same oppents, and now if one of thoes oppents you had was someone that had god like abilitys and killed you about 30 times or more in a row in the last misison, will your motivation be oh look , its the same guy, let me go get killed over and over again, no it will be , ffs, this a-hole again
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