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  1. windows update recently? i hear that can make u get a lock too
  2. its not blocking you, its telling your district is full, and thus u have to keep trying till a spot for you opens up, or since your gold, you can go to gold district, or try waterfront (if ur trying finn) or finn (if your trying waterfront) this video might help you , im thinking your not useing the advanced button I even made a video showing proof that what i said works, and it only took me about 45s to get in or so
  3. how is it terrible, its blocking you gold farmers from entering lower district so you cant make the player base smaller by forcing the new players and low skilled ones out (uninstall) you can join the game, you have to hit join, if its full u hit ok, join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok , join, ok till you get in thats how 99% of us do it
  4. so, you want to farm newbs becasue you just admitted ur gold, if there was no threat, the newbs (t's) , greens, bronzes, and the low silvers will struggle and possably quit cuz of you, is that what you want? a lower pop?
  5. when you said this, i was interested, i thought u meant like actually going to shops to eat, and having an apartment to live in, then i continued reading and saw thats not what you ment
  6. no the problem is that the pop is so low that when you do go agenst 1 person, the next mission is the same effing botter, then when you know your gonna loose cuz the a-hole is useing a cheat thats the point , not that you want to just leave cuz you didnt try, you try it, go to silver, k up, do the first mission, then k up again, see that you get the same oppents, and now if one of thoes oppents you had was someone that had god like abilitys and killed you about 30 times or more in a row in the last misison, will your motivation be oh look , its the same guy, let me go get killed over and over again, no it will be , ffs, this a-hole again
  7. so in your words, you rather feed the botter and have him win as there is no point in trying when you know he will get 50 - 5 or some un reaasonably number like that, whats the fun in dieing over and over and over and over again , let me hint it to you, there isnt, so no, im not gonna let some fucking botter win the mission cuz he has a unfair advantage of his bot to let him kill me over and over
  8. i think they fixed that exploit so people couldn't leave the match that was in progress, what i usually do is go to my adapter settings and disable it, then re-enable it this way it kicks you and doesn't give that loooong logging off movie they making it so that cheaters have a upper hand over players nowadays 1) gm's in district dont care about cheaters in district (i was in silver on the 14th and kept facing botters, kept complaining in district and reporting them, and the Gm that was in game was ignoring the reports 2) now you cant leave a mission that has botters in it by spamming the chat / toincoss command anymore, it just gives you a chat lockout now 3) other players are harrassing you forcing you to play vs botters, i got a demerit so the team leader could kick me but he straight up told me, no if i face the botter, you do too game is loving botters more then ever
  9. so can we post a nurf ram raiding posts now as that what crims do to cops all the time, they want to nurf the way cops get money (witnessing / stunning) so now lets call nurfs on ram raiding , fun fact, i have more money on my crim because of ram raiding then my cop, and my cop is 255, and my crim 180 or so
  10. do people make up their own release date then get mad when some company doesn't release on that date? seems like that's the case here, in that post, i didn't see a release date at all, so what cookie said here, he didn't say that
  11. don't meant to talk about moderator decisions but , shouldn't you put a transcript about the video, as now if someone comes into the post they will be confused at what the op was saying completly
  12. so, not wanting to fight a possable botter is in your opinion a bannable offence, i'd do the same if i know i cant in hell beat my oppent, i mean , why try when you know your gonna just feed the botter , isnt the farmer then (the one that is getting all the kills) now bannable as he is greefing the mission by being too good?
  13. 95 times? i think his responce to you about the speedhaxing was him being sarcastic as you think 95 kills is a no easy task, and better yet, 95 kills on a afker
  14. if your legit, you don't have to be scared, so the fact that you say your scared means your doing something that is agents the tos and you should stop doing it
  15. i dreamed that there was no botters , then i woke up and realized it was only a dream
  16. ShaiShai

    Bug Report #4

    sorry for helping out, guess trying to be nice is bad , i wont be nice anymore then i didnt know u did know there was a bug forum and was trolling, so again sorry and i wont be nice ever to you ever again cuz thats what you want
  17. i talked to people in game and they said its been like this since friday morning so i doupt it will get fixed anytimes soon, its also why i logged off, i wanted to edit my toon and there is no social
  18. we are only 19 days into 2019 give them time, remmember, LO recently took over, stuff takes time
  19. ShaiShai

    Bug Report #4

    here you go , this forum is for posting bugs https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/34-pc/ wasnt hard to find I even went ahead and made the post for you in that forum, go ahaid and put your vid in it as i was unable to add it
  20. So i been making this small videos about reporting bugs(that haven't got fixed of course since the 3 years i been having them) and i was just going to ask you guys... what you working on other than the new (actually horribly bugged to death engine) engine? Will you fix those minor bugs with it, or should i expect to force relog on my apb each time it happens... you do know that not only it takes amazingly long on a SSD to load up, but it also hijacks your desktop before it starts loading up... which no other game i experienced ever done this. Just gonna leave this here, hope you already know about this bug, cuz i knew about it for too long and i'm sick of it for too long too. Note: i am unable to pick the secondary faction from the district, plus i'm unable to use the escape button anymore either... so go figure. Very old bug, that before a few years ago i had no problem with(both my pc and my laptop), but something made it happen, not sure what, cuz i couldn't find a report on it when i checked. No need to read the rest of my stupid chat, the first seconds explains it all, also keep in mind, i'm unable to press escape button at all... so i;m forced to close my client by force. Same goes for both sections... not sure why this bug happens, as i never did anything in particular to trigger it, or to consider taking note of the reason that it gets triggered... it just randomly happens. Edited 6 minutes ago by Vnight
  21. ShaiShai

    Bug Report #4

    People keep forgetting that LO took over and then blame bugs on LO even tho they took over the game, and then there are some people that know LO took over and expect fixes right away, with out even reporting said fixes
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