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  1. not questioning your actions on moving it but how is a server being ddosed a pc bug issue?
  2. we are having issues atm, when i was in waterfront, sometimes the ping would jump to 187 , i normally, get 30ms most people there were saying we were having a ddos attack, so i donno
  3. Ive seen this happenz too, was in the district with this guy and it was happenin just puttin my 2 sence in I useually noticed that when this happenz, my ping jumps from 60 to 250 then back down to 60, so it might be related to the lag that is happining at timez
  4. it totally will fix that, if they release the engine update, people will forget that there are login issues and will complain about the bugs that the engine update has insted of complaing that the pop is dead cuz the servers are not working correctly
  5. i get around 60-100 ms, ive seen streamers with 250ms and wonder how the hell they gold with that ms
  6. we been waiting almost 8 years or more for the engine upgrade that you console people are on, so 2 is nothing
  7. same oh also the forums is sloow too (when trying to post this, i got a bad gateway error, had to reload the forum)
  8. how can someone like laggerfront, its the worst map in the game
  9. well since he posted in spanish (i think) im assuming he cant read the coc, unless its also in his language homing rockets yea that was a thing.... ik, i was crazy when i said that, but hey , i dont care !
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