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  1. the even bigger irony is that gta online is actually alive
  2. Game is back to an unplayable state for about 2 weeks now for golds (a majority of APB's pop) because everyone piles onto bronze smh
  3. Support resolved the issue for me, and I got my gun back. This thread can be locked or deleted now.
  4. I don't mean to sound ungrateful or disrespectful to LO here, but after years and years of promise with nothing, I have little hope. I see Matt making progress, but so did G1. And it never released under G1, nor was it ever close. If you lose a majority of your player base before the engine upgrade, what's to say the engine upgrade will even bring anyone back. You've already scared everyone off. Optimization and shiny new graphics wont change shit.
  5. "LO listens to their community" *us waiting for the changes*
  6. So where's the new content? How about those weapon balances. Ayo how bout that med spray tho! Woahhhh sick looking engine upgrade. Oh yeah im still gold meaning I can't play! Not like i wanted to anyway. 11/10 game would recommend to family if they were dead. TL:DR yes ive been paying attention to dust clouds.
  7. Yall gonna do anything but maintenance? Like maybe add more content, remove segregation, or other things people actually want?
  8. jeez this turned into an empty promises thread in about 3.6 seconds.
  9. Played APB since early 2016 on another account. Happy and sad to say this is the first time this has ever happened.
  10. Hey yall, I accidentally deleted a character perm SMG I had on Euxoa. Is there any way to get it back? Thanks.
  11. Yet he didnt mention any of those, did he.
  12. Customer Support and Development team are two separate things.
  13. Because only you own the credit card linked to an account?
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