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  1. A lot of friends I play with are friends of many years on APB, and friends of outside APB. So what was the point of that?
  2. Where we've been promised a Medspray nerf for a couple months as well. Also, for previous arguments of my "rarely seeing real bronzes and silvers", may I turn your attention to this thread posted back in July.
  3. Nice insult removed there buddy. Shows how educated you are. Also, nice reading skills. Might wanna pick it up a bit, will come in handy later on in life. And yes, I am 100% special. I made that the focal point of my existence and in everything I said that I am superior to everyone. Get your head out of your behind please lmao. Just the simple fact bronze is the only populated district, and it barely pushes 40 total daily, shows you that part of what I said is right. When we have a silver/gold day, it goes up to 70, and even saw 40/40 the other day. And every person I played, didn't find a single cheater.
  4. Your excuse for not being able to make real friends, and them turning out to be cheaters doesn't mean mine are. Don't bring your sad childhood into this.
  5. First off, before we continue, I’m speaking on behalf of NA. I know cheaters flood EU. You seem to not know people very well. While I do agree there is a cheating issue in APB, it’s a very very very small portion. And a lot of times, the only people who cry wolf are the low rank silvers or bronzes complaining they got trampled by a 195+ gold. That’s not a cheater issue. That’s APBs terrible matchmaking. As for NA, a lot of the people that are accused of being cheaters there because they’re really good, I’m friends with and play on a day to day basis and aren’t cheating. So before you shit yourself anymore, how about getting to know people first. Innocent until proven guilty. Not vice versa.
  6. So when I hop on a smurf silver and go into bronze, how come I only see dethreated silvers and even some high rank bronze players trampling the “genuine silvers”…?
  7. 100% the case. Most of the remaining playerbase is golds, or silvers that dethreat from golds. Once in a blue moon will i see anyone genuinely silver or bronze. As an SPCT, you don't know much about the current APB pop.
  8. I vividly remember LO saying “we reverted medspray and are going to push the update this week” like 2 months ago LMAO
  9. The game is one again in an uplayable state for golds, which makes up most of your playerbase. We had 2 good days in NA with almost full server, and bronze only is barely pushing 20 each side. Remove threat segregation already so you can keep the players you have left. You've done it before, and you can do it again. A lot of my friend group have already officially quit, and I'm nearing it as well. You're losing us LO.
  10. Because Matt Scott realizes he bit off more than he could chew with APB, and is now screwing us all from behind. Thanks for contributing to the death of APB Matt!
  11. Just the simple fact I have 0 clue who you are, and you talk like you just came out of your mother means you're irrelevant, and likely a low-mid silver who's seen gold maybe once or twice because their threat calculation is dogshit. Cheaters don't "rule the game". Most of the people that are left are people that have been playing for 5+ years like myself, and know the maps and know how to use a mouse and click left click. Just because you get shit on doesn't mean they're cheating, it just means you suck. Now trust me, back when I was newer(ish), I felt the same way. But I played consistently, and got better and now I'm to the point where I get called a cheater daily just because I jump scout someone after 3 successive .45 shots. Not cheating, just experienced. Learn the difference. You're the reason this game has gone to shit, because half this playerbase is too soft, not to mention 0 content, patch, etc. updates and staff that doesn't care. Sorry for the little rant, but holy shit I'm getting tired of seeing this.
  12. Honestly, I prefer a game that looks like shit and doesn't run as well, but with consistent updates, patches, balances, etc. over a game that looks good with all the same issues. Pretty graphics won't bring back your playerbase. Working on the current game will.
  13. didnt you know, gaming doesnt even exist. this is all a simulation.
  14. the even bigger irony is that gta online is actually alive
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