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  1. It would also be nice to see an anticheat for this version of the game if we plan on sticking to it. It's not as big an issue as people make it out to be (in terms of how many cheaters there are) but it's definitely something to consider.
  2. yeah it'd be nice if LOrbit actioned cheats instead of just muting people in district chat venting their frustration about said cheats... priorities i suppose
  3. If anything I feel like desync adds some flair to the repetitive mission format. I saw someone desync upwards today by about 100m - goddamn hilarious
  4. Glad to see we're getting some support on the current gamestate: hopefully (no I'm not on copium) this is just the starting point for tweaking or fixing some of the things that need it.
  5. And I would agree with you for the most part. But the mindset of players who want to be mean to other players isn't related to threat, it's just a part of any online game at all levels of play. Again this goes into the deeper issues of the matchmaking system but that's been hashed out to death as this point so I'll just acknowledge it and leave it at that.
  6. Because bronze district is often the only active district, yet we refuse to remove threat segregation which is the cause of a lot of dethreating issues to begin with. (the rest of your statement is true though; I agree)
  7. thanks for checking apbs life support is still plugged in every few months
  8. This makes complete sense in the APB timeline to me, San Paro is stuck eternally in the early 2010s after all.
  9. It's unfortunately obvious at this point that they don't plan on making any changes before the engine upgrade 'comes out', all they're currently doing is hemorrhaging the players they have left by not making simple changes that surely wouldn't require much time or manpower to implement. We're not asking for huge swathes of content or to fix every issue people have with the game (because yes, that's impossible) - it's simple things to make it playable now, stuff like anticheat, threat seg, and following through on reverting medspray (when did they bring this up again??). Despite the rant I do wish Matt & his team the best of luck with their workload, but I do think neglecting the current game-state entirely was a questionable call, it's not as though revenue will come back in on a free to play game after its updated, you need a player base for that.
  10. It kinda feels like these are automated at this point ..anyway revert med spray
  11. Having played between 80-220 ping over the years from Australia (Han --> Joker --> Colby --> Jericho), I personally believe anything above 220-230 to be completely unplayable. If you REALLY want to push it, 250 is tolerable (though not fun), but 300 is simply too much delay. If you can cope with it go for it, but I'll take a smaller server over a larger one where everything is 2 seconds behind what I see on my screen.
  12. It's also going to make the game unplayable for people living in and around the oceania region (myself included). The current location of the EU servers puts latency between 280-330 for people in this area, not that there are that many of us left.. Still, it's not like the game has much of a choice with pop as it is, even though there's no changes currently planned, it seems like an inevitability.
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