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  1. why was it shutdown huh? im missing prime time apb action right here and i demand an explanation.
  2. porcupine_omg

    Jericho Unstable

    its because theyre android users, my signature is proof
  3. porcupine_omg

    What are you excited for?

    bulge sliders
  4. i was in wrestling until they kicked me out for nutting too much during matches
  5. porcupine_omg

    Preventative Measures

    we need to have every single anti cheat available running all by each other, and then run multiple copies at the same time, and then require 2 factor authentication to shoot every time, and every time you shoot it costs 1g1c to deter cheaters
  6. porcupine_omg


    please stop yelling
  7. Kewlin, the only title I want is you
  8. porcupine_omg

    Question about forum warning.

    ive only gotten 3 warnings by LO so far i must've had over 10 with G1 because daddytiggs banned me
  9. porcupine_omg

    the honest truth

    stop telling people
  10. porcupine_omg

    IR3 Mod Fixed

    you have been nae nae'd on!
  11. porcupine_omg

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    dont tell me what to do
  12. porcupine_omg

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    silence silver, dont make me take your opgl away from you
  13. porcupine_omg

    the honest truth

    In order to be silver, you have to have some kind of fine motor and or cognitive complication. -Proverbs
  14. porcupine_omg

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    be quiet silver