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  1. I think you misread my intentions, this is mere a kind request towards Little Orbit for an official statement specifically aimed towards the release of new Graphics Cards in Q3/Q4 2020. I have no time for crying. I've heard similar things, however I'm not on the forums very often. I was hoping LIttle Orbit could give a up-to-date statement regarding this issue as now more then ever this has become relevant.
  2. Two years ago the 20-series RTX graphics card released, it turned out these cards do not or barely run APB (with some very heavy modifications). As of recent the new 30- series (3070/3080/3090 RTX) released, this means APB Reloaded is now officially at least two Graphics Cards generations behind. What is Little Orbit expecting to do about this? Clearly they have been working on APB 2.1 but what is their statement? Will APB 2.1 be released in the next few months? Otherwise they can not expect any new players with new hardware, which would mean the game is officially dead (not the mention current problems and low population already). Myself and among other friends of mine who still actively play APB are planning on upgrading our Graphics Cards this year. I'm running a 1080Ti instead of a 2080Ti because of this very issue. Little Orbit can't expect me to stay behind on my personal PC because they are not able to respond according to the timeline of PC upgrades. I made this thread/topic to ask Little Orbit for an official statement regarding this issue, please respond accordingly. @MattScott Edit: added Matt's name
  3. Tradelock has been removed for unknown reason, no official statement has been made. Thread/topic can be locked/closed. Thank you
  4. I'm not sure we're reading the same thing here, where can you read that there was account selling going on? I've been an APB player since the Beta of APB from RTW back in 2011, never have I put my account up for auction, cheated or used profanity of sorts. Not sure where you got that information from since LO and Steam themselves (as can be read above) stated nothing has been done with my account.
  5. Hereby the response of Steam, updated and well today at 29 July 2020 Steam states the following: Hey, Unfortunately we are unable to provide access to tickets that are no longer listed within the Help request section of your account. That said, I was able to see that you had previously mentioned the games team stated that your account was trade locked for being IP associated with another account that had a reversal. Unfortunately we are unable to see what account that might be. Since this game uses a separate system that we have no access to, that information is not something we can see. At this time I can only confirm that we do not have any types of blocks on your Steam Account. There is also no record of any reversal of a payment on your Steam account or of a possible dispute of having occurred. If your in-game account is restricted for being associated by IP to another account that had a reversal, only the games support team would be able to determine what account that might have been. Hopefully this information helps confirm that there is nothing on your Steam account that should have triggered any such ban within your APB reloaded account. Steam Support Nick
  6. "The help request you are trying to view is no longer accessible because it was closed more than 60 days ago." I will make a new Steam Support right now to let them reconfirm of what they said before.
  7. I can send e-mails, but no attachments. I can not buy/sell auctions nor can I do trading with other players. I can only receive e-mails with attachments. Meaning there is no trading possible of any sorts so I can not buy anything from the Marketplace either. I haven't done anything, which makes this trade-lock infuriating. According to LO there has been a payment on my APB-account that was cancelled but never paid (they are very vague about this part). I do not know about any payment like this, nevertheless after three months of back and forth I even offered to pay whatever amount is open. As I have spent over 2000 euros on my APB account I like to keep it... They then referred me back to Steam multiple times, even the head of customer support from Steam confirmed that there is no such lock on my Steam account. However if there is such a lock or open payment on my APB-account it is the responsibility of LO not Steam. Infact Steam explains they don't even have access to these payment databases of LO so they can't fix it even if they wanted to as it is part of LO. I have sent this reply back to LO, they referred me back to Steam.... Unfortunately I am not allowed (forum rules) to post any of the Support tickets here, otherwise I would already. (I tried, not knowing this and got an official warning, I don't want to test the rules again).
  8. You understand my frustration... Especially after nearly 1 year of this going on...
  9. True I can and am still playing. Steam explained they do not have any access to payment servers or such databases from Gamersfirst/LO. I already offered both parties to pay whatever the amount is... but "that was not possible"
  10. It's been nearly a year since my main account: HenkTheTank/Rambi got trade-locked. After a couple of months of waiting on the response on my support ticket Gamersfirst/LO claims there is an open payment on my account. I offer to pay whatever amount is open, but they say they can't do that and refer me to Steam cause according to them it's in Steam's system. I contact Steam and Steam officially explains they don't even have access to these databases of Gamersfirst/LO and after some research from them they explain no open payment of any sorts or and kind of account limitation is applicable on my account. I refer this back to Gamersfirst/LO and they point back to Steam, this goes on for a few months. In the end I'm even in contact with the had of support from LO but nevertheless nothing happened. NOW NEARLY 1 YEAR LATER: my account is still trade-locked for no explainable reason, I am unable to play the game properly with limitations setup for no reason. Anything I can do besides suing? It's been a year and I'm beyond waiting...
  11. At least now I know more, I will await support. Thank you very much for the fast replies and the extra information, this makes it worth the wait.
  12. Interesting, wouldn't know why to be honest. I have already contacted support but I've heard 2 months waiting time and have been adviced to also make a topic. Thank you for your fast answer, I'm very curious why and how I can resolve this issue.
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