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  1. cant make engine update, cant make good sales, cant make standart clothes and cant put symbols on it.... xD
  2. soon they cancel engine update and stop supporting this game xD
  3. Some player here needs a brain nerf to stop complaining about good balanced weapons.
  4. Dunno, why change oca stats. There are tons of other weapons that need rebalance. And in apb u realy dont need to test weapons. Give us numbers and we can tell you how balance the weapon is.
  5. i just came here to the forum to complain how much longer they need since q1 2014 ... but this is good too. This Game Is officially Dead Now.... .. ......... for me.
  6. Nice hentai man but dont waste your skill here... check out other games.
  7. farfle was a great gm but dont forget the master piece of login screen.
  8. Im mad and not happy atm. I talk about rewarding hackers. The problem here is , g1 did the same thing. This is the second maybe the third chance for hackers right now. I dont talk about the false banns, i talk about famous hacker . And not all of them dont stop hacking arround. Its sad that loyal players just watch how they get rewarded like this. I dont beg here for something. I purchased more then half of armas stuff. But a lot of friends leave this game. They mean staying legit and be loyal dosent give you any advantage here. So please in the name of all broken hearts, dont forget loyal players. Thank you.
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