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  1. Aight bet. In the process of releasing an album:
  2. Hello everyone, Let me start by saying this: I appreciate and admire that a company, after all these years and everything that happened, still wants to invest time and money into this game. I still consider it to be one of my favorites. Since the news broke that Little Orbit bought the game, I started to create another tribute in Unreal Engine 4. Consider it a "thank you". Never got a response from GamersFirst on the first one. I wonder if this will reach the people from Little Orbit and if they appreciate this tribute in any way. So, here is my attempt to show a clear sign of appreciation, gratitude and admiration in form of a cinematic short. Sincerely, AGE
  3. Will be releasing this anytime soon. Been working on a tribute in form of a cinematic short in UE4 for the past months. Will probably create another topic for the video itself. Here are some screenshots.
  4. Hello everyone, Created something in Unreal Engine 4 again. This time in celebration of reaching 100 subs on YouTube. It also contains my APB character. Hope you like it!
  5. Just released this trap beat. It's a bit aggressive, check it out if you're into that kind of stuff.
  6. Just uploaded this, sort of an old school West Coast vibe.
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