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  1. What in the hells is Jalapeno? It's spicy stuff, but it's also a clan of bunch of fools who enjoys playing for fun instead of hardcore play. It also has two very strict simple rules. 1. Don't be an idiot 2. Don't be a douchebag. Idea of this stupid clan? The idea is to have a community where people feel like they belong and can have a chat without worry. Not only that but we'll also do a bunch of simple events with scoreboard and everything. Requirement? Sense of humor and being mature. K, how do I join? Join discord and tell us a little bit about yourself in the Checkpoint. Then one of the officers(or me(probably)) will play few games and then we'll see if you were fun/nice/spicy person to play with. Discord: https://discord.gg/NmkSdM Anything else? While microphone is not required, it would be nice to have one, typing can get tiresome. We do not tolerate drama at all, I'm very harsh with this. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.
  2. Good ol' Queen of Love. Posting the most weirdest stuff in forums. Although that video has nothing to do with APB. It's Warframe.
  3. God dayum, Caza. That is so amazing! I'm absolutely speechless. Rain effects and lighting is absolutely spot on! I got nothing except nitpick two small things. First being that one crim(the one who is showing drivers to park in container) is hard to see. Second is that Tony facial expressions are bit a too bland and don't tell what he is thinking in the moment. Other than that. It's superb.
  4. You're pretty good with a controller. Although I couldn't help looking at how ugly the game looks. Little worried about Engine Update when it hits, don't want PC version to look bad as it looks consoles.
  5. Tobii said we can't rip outside of character selection. We're stuck with this until LO or BE does something that allows NJ properly.
  6. Tested and I can't run Ninjaripper 1.7.1 either, game just refuses to start. For me what works flawlessly without needing administrator rights or anything is 1.3.1 version of Ninjaripper. If nothing works, I can PM you the older version of the program.
  7. What happens? Game doesn't start? Ninjaripper not ripping anything? Kicked by Battleye?
  8. Tested it after new patch and it still works. You might've missed something? did you rename APB_BEprogram and then start Ninjaripper?
  9. I'm bit slow but I added Tobii's ripping tip in the OP. It has been tested and no problems so far.
  10. I saw new awesome clothing piece in PUBG and Whiskey suggested me to do that clothing on my APB character. I... want... cropped blouse... in... APB :c
  11. As usual, it is possible but normal map editing would be absolutely pain in the patootie to make it work. They would need to program a whole new code for simply editing normal maps, and creating a whole new customization tool. Currently the way game loads normal maps is the character skin and then all the clothing you wear which all of the normal data is already stored in your installed APB, but if you add normal map customization it would need to load the same way it does with Diffuse texture(the one with colors and everything) which would basically increase load time for characters almost twice. Basically they'll never do it, and also because people can make very weird designs that would make no sense. Although what they can do is specular editing, but that would allow players to make the most ridiculous designs ever like chrome people or chrome t-shirts.