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  1. Kind of disappointing. Some of the guns still costs way too much considering how many guns there are in the game. Was also hoping every single individual clothing would be sold separately. Many of the clothing I want are in packs. And also I will always have minus respect with the jokerboxes bs. I wish you guys would get rid of it. I've seen what lootboxes/jokerbox gambling does to person with gambling problem irl and it's awful.
  2. JenzAmaka

    APB fan comic book

    I really really like the art style.
  3. Does that mean we finally gonna get every individual clothing piece in the new overhauled Armas?
  4. Good luck with this project. I gave all the help I could.
  5. JenzAmaka

    Blue Screen of Death caused by BEDaisy.sys

    Starting APB causes BSOD and the dump file says BEDaisy.sys, which is BattleEye. From what I've understood the BattleEye creates that file whenever you start the game. I was able to avoid BSOD but I have to turn every single program off except Steam to start APB safely. Apparently this issue only happens on Windows 7. Other BattleEye games I tested on like PUBG or Arma 3 does not cause this problem, so something must had happened. This started 2 patches ago. I've made support ticket but I'm making forums post anyways because this issue is scary and needs to be fixed ASAP.
  6. JenzAmaka

    gorgonHOOK APB Takeover

    I usually just skip these threads but I just have to say something that will make some folks angry and stuff. That video wasn't enjoyable to watch at all because the graphics are at the lowest as possible because "Gotta see everything and Pr0 G4m3R" and stuff. No game audio at all. Game audio can be annoying too but if lowered volume enough it wouldn't be annoying. No comment on music. Constant cuts to kill after kill in Fight Club is an absolute sleepfest, as it's something anyone can do. Now if it was 10 kills in a row with unique gun is little bit different or Mission without a single death. I don't think anyone who watches this entire video and say "This was enjoyable video to watch, please make more". Now inb4, "lol me troll with crap video, hueh".
  7. I like this render! mostly because Amaka is in it Oh, and I also did a render.
  8. What in the hells is Jalapeno? It's spicy stuff, but it's also a clan of bunch of fools who enjoys playing for fun instead of hardcore play. It also has two very strict simple rules. 1. Don't be an idiot 2. Don't be a douchebag. Idea of this stupid clan? The idea is to have a community where people feel like they belong and can have a chat without worry. Not only that but we'll also do a bunch of simple events with scoreboard and everything. Requirement? Sense of humor and little bit of brain. K, how do I join? Join discord and tell us a little bit about yourself in the Checkpoint. Then one of the officers(or me(probably)) will play few games and then we'll see if you were fun/nice/spicy person to play with. Discord: https://discord.gg/RyMH6HH Anything else? While microphone is not required, it would be nice to have one, typing can get tiresome. We do not tolerate drama at all, I'm very harsh with this. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.
  9. Good ol' Queen of Love. Posting the most weirdest stuff in forums. Although that video has nothing to do with APB. It's Warframe.
  10. God dayum, Caza. That is so amazing! I'm absolutely speechless. Rain effects and lighting is absolutely spot on! I got nothing except nitpick two small things. First being that one crim(the one who is showing drivers to park in container) is hard to see. Second is that Tony facial expressions are bit a too bland and don't tell what he is thinking in the moment. Other than that. It's superb.
  11. You're pretty good with a controller. Although I couldn't help looking at how ugly the game looks. Little worried about Engine Update when it hits, don't want PC version to look bad as it looks consoles.