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  1. Yeh, one of the reasons I'm happily being SPCT. G1's SPCT or whatever tests were a joke.
  2. Another random render. Citadel is now full. Citadel cannot be accepted any longer. I reserved 3 slots for specific people I want. Jericho - MadalenaKurtz & IZackI, Citadel - Amaka
  3. As some mentioned. Could be account selling and not just cheating. Cheats, acc selling, whatever. Lots of people got banned and it's good day for us. I've seen false bans myself and every time when it happened, they got their accounts back. So, if you got false ban, contact support and make sure you say everything to help them to understand.
  4. Citadel has almost reached it's 300 players mark. I will accept only the max rank players from now on.
  5. Yes, instructions are in main post. I changed the "personal photos" to Random Renders since it isn't just one person render, it changes all the time. I'm doing it to do something else than rig every single character. Rig is incredibly complex/boring process and doing it for 2+ hrs every day will kill me mentally so to help with that, I do random renders. In case people have not noticed. You can post your artworks too. If you got symbols, graffiti, billboard artworks or whatever, basically anything that's was made by you, PM in forums or DM me in Discord. I ask artworks because I'm hoping to use 'em on photo to show players creativity. I will credit all of your artworks. Group Photo has always been about players. It was never suppose to be "Lore" friendly. Just players.
  6. First Personal Photo. Will be posting more soon. Next one is going to be bit unique.
  7. Updated Thread OP. Individual Rips is on. What to do!? (Updated 1.6.2019) - Getting into group photo from now on is lot more difficult(because it's absolute pain in the a** to do rips and while working on the group photo itself). While requirement is not harsh but getting accepted is another thing. Give it a try. - 2 characters per player. - Rank 125 or higher. - Discord DM me your Character name, Rank, Server and then upload screenshots of your character(s). You can find me by joining my Group Photo Discord. No Forums PM! I won't accept everyone tho, it depends lot of things and not just purely on character designs. If you are max rank veteran player, you're most likely guaranteed to be in.
  8. After I finish the group photo then I'll list everyone in the credits.
  9. Tomorrow is going to be the last Rip Session, after that. Getting accepted will be bit more difficult. Doing this so I can finally start doing the group photo itself.
  10. While it is a lot but it's still kinda slow. Hopefully I'll get 500 one day with lot of old vets.
  11. Yes it's still a thing. Join the discord and wait for notification on Saturday.
  12. Join the discord and DM me. We can do the process later when you're available.
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