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  1. As I said before, there's gonna be announcement about car rips. Let me first do the rigging and then concept the whole map, so I'll know how many cars I'll take.
  2. Character rips are now possible again thanks to LO's help. Due to the difficulty and inconvenience related to the process we have to take now, we will NOT be doing rerips. If you have not been ripped yet, check the OP in this thread for instructions how to get in. This also means that the decision has been made, we are sticking to the plan and will be creating the scene with cars! There will be an announcement regarding car rips a few weeks after the stream. In a second announcement, the following people will be making appearances throughout the stream: Kempington rooq WitchQueen Kevkof Caisey Matt Scott Goabea KittyLanah Sadira Additionally the stream will be co-hosted by Whiskey! and there may be random appearances of a few others. I hope everyone is as excited about this as we are! I'm also a bit scared. When I say bit, I mean very scared.
  3. It's very sad tbh. My design required cars and if I don't get to rip cars within this or next month, I'll have to redesign entire scene from scratch. Makes me very worried. Also, new random render! Jericho - KNickz
  4. There is no risk. Tool doesn't give you advantages in-game. Besides if I did get banned, it'd be for the history books. I would laugh for pretty long time.
  5. BattleEye is blocking NinjaRipper once again, it's back to basic where we can only rip our characters only. In case people forgot to the steps. You need to rename APB_BE file in Binaries folder to something else. Then you can start the game with NR and rip your character in character selection only. I recommend getting Tobii's Empty Login Alternative for easier exporting files.
  6. I could open Citadel again since nobody from Jericho is joining currently. Join Discord and DM me your character info and screenshots. EDIT: Nvm. Can't accept anyone when BattleEye is blocking the software I use to rip character models/textures. This makes me worried with cars. I wanted to have cars in the photo but there's currently absolutely no way to rip 'em.
  7. It's happening! I've done two other Group Photos before. Link to the threads [1st The biggest Obeya Group Photo](150 characters) and [2nd The Biggest APB Group Photo](338 characters). So I've done this before and proved that I can do it. With 7 years of experience with the software I work with. I believe I can do one more and and possibly create the best group photo I can do. The Maximum amount of people for the project is 500 player characters. Although reaching that high numbers will probably not happen due to low player count. What to do!? (Updated 9.5.2019) - 2 characters per player. - Discord DM me(JenzAmaka) your Character name, Rank, Server and then upload screenshots of your character(s). You can find me by joining my Group Photo Discord. No Forums PM! - Rank 150 or higher is required - Design has to be decent enough(No lazy trainee outfit or silly pink afro/pink jeans designs.) Can I volunteer? - Yes, if you got symbols and any custom artworks that was made by you, PM in forums or DM me in Discord. I'm planning to use them in the final image. Your artworks will be credited. You can also ask questions and see latest news in my Discord. Some FAQ You hate me / I hate you, can I still join? -Yes, I don't hate anyone and I don't mind if you hate/dislike me. Can I leave this project at any time? -Yes, DM me in forums or Discord. Which servers you accept? - Both Can me and my friend(s) or clanmate(s) be together? - Yes, I need a word from both you and your friend(s) by either PM in forums or DM in discord. Can we request pose or guns? -Nope. Quick Note Once I have your character, I will have full permission to use your character in any other future renders. You can DM me if you don't want to be in non-Group Photo renders. Currently Accepted Citadel 302 Jericho 177
  8. Starting APB causes BSOD and the dump file says BEDaisy.sys, which is BattleEye. From what I've understood the BattleEye creates that file whenever you start the game. I was able to avoid BSOD but I have to turn every single program off except Steam to start APB safely. Apparently this issue only happens on Windows 7. Other BattleEye games I tested on like PUBG or Arma 3 does not cause this problem, so something must had happened. This started 2 patches ago. I've made support ticket but I'm making forums post anyways because this issue is scary and needs to be fixed ASAP.
  9. Hey! We figured we’d take this time to show off the more creative side of this community. And help those who want to do their own Renders too. Thread will provide tutorials and links to programs we use in said tutorials. Resources for materials, skeleton and other bunch of stuff that will help you. And finished works for people who’ve created albums of their stuff they’ve made for people so you can see their progress as well. Now start posting! Renders, ideas, projects. problems, instructions, Anything! NinjaRipper now works! Download latest NinjaRipper and use d3d9! BattleEye is blocking NinjaRipper once again. Back to basic where we can only rip our characters only. You need to rename APB_BEprogram file in Binaries folder to something else. Then you can start the game with NR and rip your character in character selection only. I recommend getting Tobii's Empty Login Alternative for easier exporting files. Tutorial Downloads - - - - - - Might add rest of the downloads when things clear up with LO Albums If you want to showcase you renders album, PM link to your album and give banner that's size of 300 x 60 - - - - - - - Discord Rules With Little Orbit taking ownership of APB, the rendering are now being officially recognized and endorsed. This does come with a few rules, especially for posting art in general on the forums. 1. PG-13. This means no nudity especially. 2. Being payed for rendering is illegal as it breaches Little Orbit's copyright. 3. No stolen work. This is pretty self explanatory. 4. Keep it APB! Tips Extra APB Speculars/Vehicle Emissions Group Photo Projects
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