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  1. I had a Wraith Cosplay on my main Criminal: I changed her back to a normal looking char again because i don't like the hairstyle (because it isn't the correct hairstyle but i also didn't want to have her bald with her normal outfit)
  2. We designed different ugly Sweaters but with the same idea Chars: Niiro and BlackMoonlight (Citadel) #UglySweater
  3. Hello If we enter as a duo, do we have to use the same designs on the sweaters or different ones that fit together? or can we just design 2 different ones each by our owns and just have a screen with both of them together?
  4. Emily from 'Corpse Bride' because 'Halloween' doesn't necessarily have to be 'horror' in my opinion... this movie is also often shown on TV on Halloween so I thought it might fit I hate that it looks kinda simple but I can assure you that I used Premium and also that the customization bar is completely full (sadly) EDIT: Server: Citadel, Character: BlackMoonlight
  5. I also need more informations please 4/5 of my chars are already cosplays and 3/5 are also halloween themed, so it would be nice to know if we are allowed to use costumes we created before the halloween costume contest was announced or if we should come up with smth new instead i have alot of ideas for new stuff aswell so that would be fine with me! then again are we only allowed to enter with one char or with several chars ? pls answer as quickly as possible bc desiging new stuff will take some time (also since i already got 2nd last year, am i still allowed to enter the competition or not?) thanks for your answer/s in advance!
  6. New outfit for my Enforcer: Late but Lucky dress from Alice:Madness Returns: sadly the customization bar is full Reworked Classic dress: Royal Suit dress:
  7. My main BlackMoonlight and the reworked symbol of Mona Lisa (old version was created in 2017) I tried to make it look a bit 'old':
  8. JenzAmaka: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lifeline - Apex
  9. Nick from L4D2: And Nick wearing the racing suit of Jimmy Gibbs Jr. :
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