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  1. Hausman

    game crash

    ah ye i forgot about that bug topic thingy i saw that my game crashes when i get asked if i want to join a new round in riot, than i get this stupid APB Bug Report =(
  2. Hausman

    game crash

    Hey there i have a problem and maybe someelse has the same everytime when i want to join a new RIOT server my game crashes and i need to restart it, this happens after 1 or 2 rounds of RIOT and it fucks me up rly hard maybe someone can help me with that issue because with this problem i can't rly "enjoy" RIOT, ty @MattScott, @Lixil yes i know my english, grammar etc. is bad don't hate for me for that it's not my main language
  3. good job but tbh i just wait until the fuckin ntec gets a nerf, but this will never happen, ty LO
  4. chill it's still in beta until 20...? idk
  5. oh no a new problem, im shocked ... NOT
  6. rip to all the freetime u guys spend / wasted for this unwanted issue but good job to whole LO team that all finally works again, ty
  7. We all just humans no robots, just sayin.... But the premium days are flyin away like nothing, ty for that... =(
  8. my game crashes when im ingame and want to enter ARMAS gg ;D
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