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  1. Would be cool if I dont get kicked from the game at this time when i wanna join the event servers for the reason "Bad Server Version".
  2. Ty very appreciate it But i also have another question, i think im not the only one in this situation: so what about the 15 days premium from loyality reward? I have around 10 of them in my list and they run out in 80 days and i dont want to waste them for nothing. It's possible to get a extension on them like tiggs or whoever did it in past that i / we dont lose them? would be very kind of the LO team stay safe all together
  3. what about to fix this fuckin fbw bug in baylan that dont counts kills with fbw in pistol kill challenge, is it that hard? god damn
  4. "Here’s how the 2020 Valentine event, running from February 2 through February 19, will go down" But it started just yesterday lol
  5. atleast it would be cool to finally get the missing rewards from the daily nutcracker missions, thank you
  6. i dont think that they come back for this event maybe this year again
  7. i know what happend in last year to this topic, i was just wondering why this boards are sprayed now
  8. Yo whats goin on with Red Hill now? As i was playin tonight in financiel i didnt saw anything like that. now i played in waterfront and saw that https://imgur.com/a/X32vuW8 (hope link is workin, i dont do this often with images and sry for shit quality), its near the cop base to Chiza. Something new is happening now or in future? Merged. well this is the picture, when the link isn't working
  9. btw, how to unlock the vinyls (HOLIDAY CHEER) on page 18 from xmas? https://imgur.com/a/276I6Ef ps: i hope this link is working correctly
  10. so when u have to play with them in teamevents like last xmas or last years halloween event, u aren'T happy to have them because they might help alot? or u go off when u just see their names lmao
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