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  1. so when u have to play with them in teamevents like last xmas or last years halloween event, u aren'T happy to have them because they might help alot? or u go off when u just see their names lmao
  2. without fun the whole game isnt worth to play imo
  3. go baylan or asylum or social to design something wtf
  4. when servers are online again, the most will ragequit after a couple missions
  5. lets use the time and know each other a bit better =D
  6. still have the feeling something will go wrong
  7. dont be sad, that long downtimes will happen again in future
  8. i wish they would finally add that we can pause the permium and activate it again when we want. all the days that fly away because of this fuckin downtimes all the time
  9. well its sad that this isnt fixed yet. imagine u cant see the symbol on your phone for batteriepower, it feels like something is missing in your life, thats what i feel when i see this
  10. oh shit, feels like im back in 2k13, but this time they are Red and not Purple
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