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  1. Iam the only one who still laughing about the "8 hours" downtime? i mean cmon LO
  2. will the 3 skins from riot be in a pack are single to purchase, because if someone unlocked 2 or 1 skin already it waste of money to buy a set with all 3 to get just 1 (ye i know, you all say its waste of money to buy the skins)
  3. Hausman

    weapon issue

    Hey there, i love it to play with the True Ogre but in last months i noticed that it stopped shooting when i still hold the firekey. Just want to let u now that this issue pissin me off rly hard and was reason that lost alot of 1 vs 1 specific in RIOT Would be very nice if this issue can be solved very soon, Thank you
  4. i know, just wanted to say it because it was not listed
  5. u were able to win them aswell from silver and tiggs box (it may was power box) at xmas 2 years ago for like 1 month
  6. Well this is not easy to handle, but may their'll be a option to disable to group up in this mode only (how, idk) but i think it's not possible
  7. it's more a suggestion not a feedback for riot maybe add a timer that starts 5 min after the last match is done reduce the players to start a match ( from 16 down on 8 or 10 ) add a small reward system for riot ( i know that's not how br is working) but with small prices after every 3 or 5 matches (no matter if won or lost) give the palyers a small amount of g1c, 1 day premium, 100 JT's (maybe 150), one joker box (maybe of the choice of the player) etc. it's just a small chance to win more players for it but worth a try in my opinion
  8. rly :o, after 1 hour i got dc and was able to rejoin after a few minutes yes i can
  9. Idk, at the end of the event they posted some in chat, maybe mine was posted for all xD or gave 2 players same code lol however or whatever happend, would be cool to solve that problem
  10. It says "Your code has already been redeemed"
  11. Some of the GM's may can help me, @Mirele who gave me the code, it don't work for my acc / or chars and no i didn't tell anyone what's the code
  12. Hahaahha 4 : 1 for u Maybe in next event
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