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  1. Happy New Year everybody!Β 
    Let's hope that 2021 is less fucked up and more fun than the previous year! ❀️

  2. Unzipped versions would be cool for both leather jackets in the game.
  3. Hope everybody are having a nice June! It's Summer again! πŸ˜„

  4. So glad we could play again. Missed APB for what seemed liked an eternity. Hope everybody are having fun again
  5. I really love Spring 🌞. Hope you do tooΒ πŸ˜‰Β 

  6. I would love this item for my character! And if I only can get two wishes this Xmas, it would be two versions of this trench coat. One closed as in the image, and one open. Please Little Orbit! More clothing items, especially some new jackets and tops for female characters. Merged. Hope the devs do listen to some of the request we give. More clothing do mean more items on the ARMAS store Could we get another version of the leather jacket in the Rocker Clothing Pack for both male and female were the jacket is open? Same for the leather jacket that is in the base game too. With the jacket open, we can see the t-shirt underneath with some cool rocker themed symbols on it. I wish for this sooooo much! I also would like the jacket without the metal studs. Same with the leather finger-less gloves, a non stud version would be awesome.
  7. I might be a role-player, but I just use car I think look cool. But that is my choice. Wish there could be some racing events or missions that does not include pvp. Could give some variety to the game, with minimum effort for the devs.
  8. Yes! Would love to have this amazing coat!
  9. Good idea. This would be a nice little add-on, and it don't have to a big reward. I would be happy with just some ingame money. And of course, the more you play, the bigger the reward. In the perfect world there would the it would not reset, but from a developers and business mindset I don't think that will be the case.
  10. It would also be nice to organize symbols too! If you have a lot of them and perhaps sell some, it is really annoying that they are in a random order. Hope Little Orbit could add better sorting functions in the game, like sort by alphabetical, date, type etc. The market place should be able to sort alphabetical. If I am wrong, then... I'm a dumb dumb.
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