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  1. Sometimes this bug hides only one teammate or a contact....... Or its a new but if this makes u happy.....i dont mind
  2. Thats part of the “markers bug“ i guess sometimes it hides not all markers
  3. How bout this one? Took me days to design it xD No im jokin This one is for the contest: GingerMonroe, Citadel EU
  4. so are bronze and silver less important and valuable for apb than gold? and dethreaters are even rewarded for their playstyle?
  5. Mag pull 3 I had a DMR-AV in riot one day with cj3+mp3 It was awsome
  6. Not all weapons are perma now There is the scout without mods it expires after 7 days I guess it will be fixed soon
  7. Legendarys are special, they are not better then other guns
  8. U cant ban all words that can be used to be mean so just dont worrie bout it
  9. I guess the perma“last stand“ might be planed to get in the joker store But there is no reason to not add it to armas
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