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  1. Matt Scott wrote at 10/10 “PROGRESS WITH THE ENGINE UPDATE: The team is pushing hard to do the Open Beta this next weekend so we don't interfere with the Halloween event.“ I guess the event will start on 10/28 please keep in mind im really just guessing
  2. If u are looking for a secondary i personaly like the jersey devil pretty much but thats only my opinion
  3. Well congratz I know player that like this gun very much but most players dont like it i am not into weapon trading but i guess u will need at least two anubis for one nano
  4. Congratulations to you lucky winners and thank you very much blank and everyone else involved! @K4SS please sell me a copy of that spooky club vest that was my personal favorite
  5. I think it would be very nice if we could be able to use the skins of our owned legendarys on every other legendary gun I mean if you have a reaper, a new glory and a nano in your locker You equip new glory + nano and use on both the reaper skin Same for every other legendary gun
  6. Looks like its time to move that to surgestion section?
  7. Looking forward to it Well im allways up for clothes including the season/event clothes And id love to get a the case (alig reskin)
  8. As this thread is turning more into a collection of suggestions for things in the Joker Ticket Store, I'll be moving the thread. ~@mayii _________________________________________ I noticed there is no ALIG or the Case on the jokerstore Im waiting to see a The Case K.O or Bolo purchaseable for JT Which guns are you missing?
  9. SunnyMonroe

    Game modes

    Id like to see that as a permanent event district Apb should have enough events from the past to fill that every month And if not There are sure ways to fill it But we need more players for that so its something for the future i guess
  10. Dev'lish Name: SugarMonroe Server: Citadel EU
  11. If u like u can handle both versions of that VooDoo Doll outfit as one I just wanted to post something for both genders
  12. The VooDoo Doll (Female) Name: SunnyMonroe Server: Citadel EU
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