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  1. Misson rewards are random so i dont think its a bug Ya i have the same problem... I have sent a ticket to the support
  2. SunnyMonroe

    vegas flip

    Reverse-> handbreak+nitro3+forward This is my way for a backflip with vegas 4x4 But it dont work allways
  3. Okay...for any reason i didnt got it I bought my KTTC pack from third party and had to pay it twice to gamersfirst
  4. Thanks LO, thanks Matt, but what bout the helloween symbols for the KTTC owners? i know u guys are busy with the update and the events But do u remember this?
  5. SunnyMonroe

    ap retail codes

    There is a box on ebay atm...the seller says it was never used
  6. SunnyMonroe

    Retail box codes...

    Well LO dont give an answer. I got a sealed RT-box and redeemed the code today It is still workin and i got the whole reward! But i still have to say try at ur own risk
  7. SunnyMonroe

    Patriot T-25 1957s KIT

    At first i wanna say i like both ideas! And i love the 1950s too. Id love to see more oldtimers in APB When u think about the performance the t-25 would be like a hot rod Maybe a 2016s kit would fit better But when i remember right LO said well get 2 new cars, so why not an oldtimer truck?
  8. If u wanna go out of topic There where allready nice ideas how to rework “the harzadouz“
  9. It has 4 skins 3 of them are unique Id like to have something more special on it But thats not the topic
  10. A legendary is just something special It dont have to be better then other guns
  11. Matt said they will be added, but when?
  12. SunnyMonroe

    New SPCT team

    Im sure u SPCT will do good
  13. SunnyMonroe

    Retail box codes...

    Just wanna know if the redeem code will work if its not allready used Maybe anyone from the LO team can answer?
  14. ...if i get an unused retail box code will it still be workin? @MattScott @Lixil