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  1. It is possible, but i would need to take a look on it how Its long ago
  2. Ahh i never used it by myself but as far as i know it is broken And i guess most players will use alternatives cuz if it is working everyone close to u would hear u too Not only ur team
  3. Hi, sorry i can take much time to answer it and maybe my would blame me hopefully its is enough Use this “up“ and “down“ buttons
  4. Depends on how u wanna save it You can take screenshots from clothing and symbol-creations And you should be able to record music-creations If you just wanna make new stuff you are running out of space put your creations into the marketplace and delete the auction You will find that old stuff in your ingame mailbox and it will get dusty until you take it out
  5. A SWARM or ALIG, some nades like concs and some well used consumables like stachel charge or that shield can help a lot too Sadly it dont work allways that way But u cant win all...so its okay i guess
  6. I play alot LMG and i would prefer medusa above regular AMG But most ppl will tell u get the regular one... Guess u should try it on ur own (I could sell u a medusa with money-back-garantee)
  7. SunnyMonroe

    out of memory ....

    Nothing that works properly LO say engine upgrate will fix it....
  8. Im not against threat districts, ofc they did a better job then the Open districts When u wanna fight ppl with the same skill level But on a bronze district in citadel i saw all colors too, atleast alot of dethreated golds (Sometimes i had the feeling to meet more bronzies and silvers on silver districts) So, matchmaking needs a overwork anyway or it just had no other chance then put bronzies and silvers against dt-golds cuz there where no opponents at the same skill level Dont get me wrong i dont wanna fight the same skill level only but atleast balanced teams would be great
  9. No! Im okay with open districts But if there is any matchmaking it is worse then it ever was (atleast in the last years i played) Beginners and bronzes has to face high skill golds and silvers/golds with very smart playstyle Silvers where insulted cuz they die against golds Thats not the way to keep that game up Matchmaking needs to be fixed Im okay with open districts, im fine with more ppl on the districts aslong they dont effect other players it can be 100/100 (ik thats a bit much to not effect others, just think bout the trafic) But leave them like they are is not the answer
  10. I say it cuz to me it is like that And i will try HB2 but i usually use IR3 its still good at full auto
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