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  1. Mag pull 3 I had a DMR-AV in riot one day with cj3+mp3 It was awsome
  2. Not all weapons are perma now There is the scout without mods it expires after 7 days I guess it will be fixed soon
  3. Legendarys are special, they are not better then other guns
  4. U cant ban all words that can be used to be mean so just dont worrie bout it
  5. I guess the perma“last stand“ might be planed to get in the joker store But there is no reason to not add it to armas
  6. I like the idea at all But its a new game then everything would need to be reworked What do u think bout a self created 1930 themed event With theme / song contest and also a competition (I think wild west would be dificult since we have cars) I would support u with that
  7. No, i cant see it but i allready have it from armas glad to help, ure welcome
  8. Since LO debundle every clothing pack this shoes was available for 99 g1c two times Would u mind to check if u have bought them? If u allready have it they eill not be shown on joker store
  9. My aim is not that good Dont worrie didnt ment ure propably all true golds I aimed at the time with this comment...
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