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  1. Sadly it didnt work out. Still there are VIP missions like 1(me) vs 2(Opp, VIP) Noone left the mission before at least not on my side
  2. Yes it is.... U can go with all vegas kits on every vegas (including 4x4) except the presetcars
  3. I like the idea and i thought about something like that a lot too But sadly i have to say it will not work out in a good way Main reason is LO need to earn money with APB to keep it alive And there are sure other issues with weapon trading There will be scams especialy on new players even when u try to save them And there will be ways to ubuse it
  4. Its not new The TV mission is a regular daily And that stac-10 mission is a very rare daily Both are not new
  5. Good, i have some stuff then but pictures will take a little time In the evening/night will my clothes be up on the marketplace
  6. I can tell they are given out from missions I just got an ingame mail “you got a mission reward“ If u reach the max of 500 on consumeables u get them with that msgs
  7. SunnyMonroe


    This should work best and is safe
  8. Nice work Will remember u when i need something
  9. I guess its no bug, more like something i just dont know But i cant log in with my existing Account Gameversion: beta 2.1 I would be happy about any help Thanks
  10. Not really, but u get up to 3 titles from every prototype round And 30-50 jokertickets per round Dont forget there is a daily lock at 500 jt per charackter Have fun
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