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  1. If I upload my songs from the music studio to YouTube will I have issues with copyright or APB ToS? Nothing makes me support the music industry more than to get banned for liking to make their music as an 8-bit remix on a x32 video game with 3 other people online at any time
  2. I won a fight because of the invisible wall on this railing you should be able to shoot through but can't. Been in the game for years.
  3. Decals to make streaks and multicolored hair. Also should really be able to mirror decals on clothing and character customization. Also hue color sliders for character customization. Also there should really be a mega thread for customization suggestions.
  4. There are people doing fight club every day or every second day usually during the morning for me in australia or the weekend. I agree that it's stupid that everyone plays on the bronze servers but you could always make a throwaway character on citadel and demote to silver since all characters share a rank.
  5. Obviously trading kills defeats the purpose of the game and I am not a typically a fan of trading. However, as an example during the Horseman event an achievement required you to kill 100 pumpkin men which was extremely difficult to do considering there were only ever more than 8 people during the first few days. It took over 8 hours a day getting 1 or 2 kills (give or take) as a survivor to be able to reach that goal. I quickly skimmed over the EULA and Rules of Conduct (I may have missed it) and could not find anything about this so I'm assuming it is okay to do if the time were to come where there was another event with a ridiculous achievement that took way too long. If there is something I missed in the rules please paste the section or any other evidence that would suggest this was bannable or suspendable. Thanks!
  6. More symbols before the game says something has too many details. I assume they will become higher quality when the new engine comes out.
  7. It mostly happens at music studio kiosk because that's where I am most of the time if I'm at a kiosk, but it's happened at the appearance, decals and clothing kiosk in the past. I've never used the market one long enough to find out if that kicks me after a while also.
  8. My internet is extremely good I'll only disconnect once or twice a year from anything when they do maintenance or have a crash at iinet headquarters. I never disconnect while I'm doing missions or fight club unless the servers go down it's only ever when I'm at a kiosk for an hour or more or so. So if it's not an afk timer then it has to be a gm pulling my plug or something stupid like that.
  9. There is an afk kick in social because I get kicked while working on songs all the time and when I reach the login section the message is: you have been kicked for inactivity after 15mins something something so I'm forced to save regularly. Perhaps it'll only afk kick you if you're in one of the stations? I've never afked in social without actually doing something
  10. Allow more detailed symbols to be put on cars perhaps when the new engine arives?
  11. I'm not particularly a fan of this feature. I was working on a symbol for a few hours, making sure to save every 5 minutes incase there was a random afk boot despite not being afk. However I was in-fact kicked for afk. But that's not why I'm a bit upset. I did remember to save and I had begun working on a different symbol altogether which is also okay because I have been saving that as well. BUT THEN I log back in only to find my previous symbol which was already completed and saved became completely blank with 0 layers. Why did this happen? Can I get it back and should I wait or should I just start again. Not sure if this helps but I'm pretty sure the corrupted symbol was a Save As of another symbol which I used as reference for the corrupted symbol because when I view all my symbols it shows the same Icon as the reference. Merged. & I just tried to load the corrupted symbol onto a new template and it says there are no layers so that's great.
  12. I assumed there were contact equivalents on either side. If I was level 5 with Double-b I would be level 5 on the enforcer starter contact no? Or is there an uneven balance of contacts?
  13. Thank you very much! It should really specify that on the achievement.
  14. I am hoping in the future there are plans to add a paid service where players on Criminal to swap their character to enforcer (or vice versa) provided they had G1C to afford it. I would like to be able to play with me enforcer friend but we both are so attached to our characters and that we have customized the hell out of could never even dream of creating a new character. The way I imagine it would go would be adding $15 of G1C to my account and purchasing the faction change with my character selected. The next time I would log on my once Criminal would now be an Enforcer with the same rank, permanent guns, currency, songs, themes, emblems, modifications and I would be favored with the contact equivalents. Criminal only items such as the Charge Mikro Mark II would still be in my inventory but unusable/unequipped. I can't imagine this feature would be very hard to implement and would make some people very happy to easily migrate. There's also the thing about server transfers and how that will happen whenever more servers are added but that's for later or maybe you have that already figured out.
  15. Music Studio I am hoping that there are plans to allow more in the music studio. It feels extremely limited to be only able to make short 1-2 minute songs which sometimes it just isn't enough. - More length to songs Patterns If the length of the song were able to be extended we would also need to be able to make more than 6x9 patterns to fit a larger song. I find a lot of the time I am running out of space when I try to use 3-4 different sounds in a song even if the length of the song is so short, especially if the patterns don't repeat themselves often enough. - More rows and columns for different sounds Sounds/Pitch/Frequencies Sometimes instruments which you'd think could have a higher frequencies or octaves (not great at musician lingo) get capped out and it can mess up a song. A quick example being (not limited to) 8-Bit 25 Pulse only going so high but in reality could go much higher. Basically what I'm asking for is more customization opportunities for the Music Studio. I know a lot of people would be happy with an update!
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