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Found 32 results

  1. CQBR

    Concussion grenades

    Hello dear inhabitants of the forum. I have been playing this game for a very long time. And now I ran into such a problem. The sound of the counting concussion grenades has become very very quiet. Even when I add a sound in the game at 100%, this is a barely noticeable squeak, and during a fighting battle it is not even noticeable. Many of my friends are faced with a similar problem. Please try to fix it. Thank you very much
  2. This appears to be a somewhat common issue for many people (myself not included); during an attempt to connect to district the person will be kicked to main menu receiving the message 'you were kicked by Battleye for the following reason: "Client not responding"' the only thing I can say about this issue since it didn't happen to me is that it seems to happen on lower end PCs, a possible reason is that since, for them, the district takes a longer than average time to load, while loading BattlEye is not receiving any info, so it kicks the player, but that is only my own speculation It shouldn't really be up to the individual players to fix an issue like this; it needs to be fixed by LO or you end up losing potential players (image from a friend) BIG EDIT (Oct 24th) This issue has gone away for one of my friends, no way to tell if it was something they did, stealth BE update or luck, but I'd be curious to see if others still have this issue or if it has actually been resolved
  3. Way back in the day when GamersFirst acquired APB and made it into APB Reloaded, myself and many others who were/are passionate about this game due to its unique gameplay experience, worked on a lot of feedback (some going above and beyond in terms of effort). Unfortunately almost all of that feedback was ignored and we realized G1 had seemingly no real interest in improving the game, only trying to wring as much $$$ out of it as possible. I'm hoping Little Orbit is different. Sure, LO has to make $$, I get that, but I hope they are committed to breathing life into APB in order to make it last. It will be beneficial to both the players and subsequently themselves in the long run. Here are is a list, mostly off the top of my head, of things that if fixed/changed, should greatly improve the overall quality of the game: <<< Additions >>> Ability to see secondary weapons / grenades on score screen, possibly without revealing mods Ability to put a resupply box (consumable) in the trunk of a vehicle and resupply from the trunk area (similar to the vehicle mod Mobile Supply Unit) Better friends list akin to modern games (friend request, account-wide adding, etc...) Bring the district caps back up to 100 (50 and 50) -- Possibly higher OR implement some sort of cross-district matchmaking (sort of how WoW's phasing system works) High res setting for primitives Loose ping restrictions -- Boot players out of the district if their ping exceeds 350 for x minutes maybe Make "non-meta" vehicles viable --> Give vehicles bonuses to certain mods (Han Veo = radar range, Ceresco = % bonus to the cargo expander, etc...) Mission-length replay (very similar to the replay systems of PUBG and Fortnite) Permissions system: Allow us to set permissions on our creations be they clothing or otherwise so other people can modify what they buy or obtain from other players Return our precious bullet tracer effect (with optional toggle inside the options menu!) Weapon/equipment loadouts with save slots (this might make some weapon switching unfairly quick? idk!) <<< Quality of Life >>> Ability to join a queue for full districts Account-wide storage (Sending legendaries or mods to other characters on the same account is tedious as hell) Account-wide currency ($$ & JT) Add a delay/invulnerability when switching to a stage that involves takeouts Allow players to attach multiple items to an in-game mail Better weapon sorting (Would love things to be alphabetical right now, but I'm sure the whole interface could use a revamp) Change how yellow mods work: Either make them unlimited (no cap) or when you hit the cap, stop receiving extras (mail spam) Consistency, consistency, consistency! One of my biggest gripes with the game since my first day back in 2011. Sometimes I have to aim behind people to 'hit' them, other times I can shoot where their actual player model is. Also this sort of ties in with inaccurate cross-hairs and client-side blood splats / hit-markers Dampen the sounds of people outside of your current mission slightly + have an option to 'mute' out of mission players (voip only) Different color 'tie' score screen (Green is currently shown for a win and a tie) Eliminate client-side hit markets / blood splatters and other things that can mislead players Ensure weapon reticles and such reflect a true accuracy Fix certain fence walls being unable to be shot through Fix certain map geometry to prevent seeing/shooting through Fix LOD on map geometry (certain walls, etc... disappear at strange ranges) Fix objectives (vehicles) in vehicle delivery missions from exploding in certain areas when you enter their vicinity -- Cant remember the mission name(s) but I run into this often in Financial around Fix progress on a point carrying over to another mission (Example: A break-in door objective that had progress on it but was never completed will have the same progress for whomever has their objective at the same door later on) Fix that one vehicle spawn in Waterfront that spawns vehicles facing the wall Fix the game volume / VOIP -- Currently you need to turn your in-game volume to max and then turn APB down in windows in order to have both sound and the ability to hear others decently on VOIP. Fix vehicle spawn areas so that, no matter the size, two vehicles can always spawn side by side Gas Can 4 has had a loose vertex forever which results in it 'exploding' during animation/use Item jump/drop 'trick' -- This was fixed for heavy items years ago but not for medium items. In lieu of this 'feature' give a player carrying a medium / heavy item x% more HP (only while holding said item). Make out-of-mission vehicles have 0 collision aka 'ghost' for people inside the mission but ONLY WITHIN x RADIUS OF AN OBJECTIVE Make sprinting 'always on' by default (auto sprint) -- There is little to no reason to ever not sprint in APB Minimize 'cheap' hold areas and other supreme choke zones by adding more ways to reach certain areas (There was an excellent thread with pictures on the APB forums years and years ago about this) More control over our settings in-game to remove the need for tools like Advanced APB launcher, shader edits, etc... More meaningful gun statistics (in-game) instead of the obscure bars we have now News / updates 'panel' on the login / character select screen to keep non-forum goers in the loop Only allow ammo/weapon switching at proper locations (ammo vendors / contacts / deployed ammo). Right now players are able to change weapons and such at mail boxes and car spawners which feels silly Remove the 'rocket protection' -- When you aim over a car, even if you have clearance, your rockets will shoot off to the side to 'save' you (this also affects grenades) Remove the various district specific compat files from the official game. There is no need and it causes problems. Remove weapon rank 16. It takes about the same amount of time to go from 1 to 15 as it does to go from 15 to 16. Quite an arduous grind! Revamp the tattoo system as it is easy to delete layers unintentionally, the layers are sorted backwards, etc... <<< Revisit >>> Contact vehicle unlocks -- Why would a new player use anything other than their starter car (1 slot with mobile spawner) when it takes a long time to grind up a 1 slot car? Differences between both factions (restricted spawners, vehicle types) Equip times on certain weapons (I'm looking at you Silver Nano) Gun preset mods -- Most preset guns you buy have awful mods for the modern era of APB (HB3 SHAW / HB3 Alig / Any shotguns with reflex sight / etc...) Kevlar Marketplace 20% tax Out-of-bounds system -- This needs some tweaks (several rooftops can still be exploited by crouching) as well as perhaps some slack for people goofing around outside of missions P5 / N5 -- Getting these in a mission usually causes the person doing good to lose the objective and can be very annoying. Ram raiding (does anyone do this for $$ anymore?) Spawn system -- This honestly used to be worse before elective spawning was introduced but it's still far from perfect. The biggest problem being people spawning down range of enemy snipers. Threat system (Though I'm not sure anything can be done to make things better given the # of people per district) TTK -- Some weapons, especially in CQC situations, can kill people before they can react and this seems a bit silly (Yukon is probably the worst offender) Tutorial district (or something similar) Two equipment slots are still locked Vehicle carry limit (Namely for the Vaquero and Mikro as they cant carry a heavy item without a special blue mod. This was done for ram raiding years ago, seem archaic now)
  4. ManHood506

    game keeps crashing

    I just got my new laptop and APB in a normal fighting district always crash on me this is the 6th time! in the social district and 12deaths of Christmas, it worked just fine but not in financial. I run it at Maxumium setteings, it gives me 90fps solid I have the log file for the last second : 16:15:28 - Error: FMallocWindows: direct allocation failed. LastError = 8 16:15:28 - Error: Allocating from OS (aligned): 4194304 16:15:28 - Error: User-requested size (non-aligned): 4194304 16:15:28 - Critical: appError called: Out of memory! 16:15:28 - Critical: Windows GetLastError: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command. (8) 16:15:28 - Log: Exception handler starts. 16:15:28 - Log: Main thread is suspended. 16:15:28 - Log: UE3 memory allocator is unlocked. 16:15:28 - Log: Memory freed for exception handler. 16:15:28 - Log: ErrorCode : 0x76011812 16:15:28 - Log: Create minidump. 16:15:28 - Log: Create internal minidump: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076.dmp 16:15:28 - Log: Create an empty file for the internal minidump. 16:15:28 - Log: Generate internal minidump with MiniDumpWriteDump. 16:15:28 - Log: MiniDumpWriteDump for internal minidump failed! GetLastError: -2147024865 16:15:28 - Log: Generate external dump file name. 16:15:28 - Log: Create external minidump: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076_Catcher.dmp 16:15:28 - Log: Copy the exception info to shared memory 16:15:28 - Log: Wake up APB_Catcher. 16:15:28 - Log: Wait for APB_Catcher to finish. 16:15:28 - Log: APB_Catcher failed! 16:15:28 - Log: Creating external mini-dump failed! 16:15:28 - Log: Process mindump file: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076.dmp 16:15:28 - Log: kdprogram -z C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076.dmp -y "Lib/Release_USER;Symbols/Release_USER" -c ".ecxr;.lines -e;k 50;q" 16:15:28 - Log: Executable not found! 16:15:28 - Log: RunAppProc failed! 16:15:28 - Log: ProcessMiniDump failed! 16:15:28 - Log: Search for callstack text. 16:15:28 - Log: Callstack text not found. 16:15:28 - Log: 16:15:28 - Log: Exception: Sending CrashReport callback event... 16:15:28 - Log: Client crash report 16:15:28 - Log: Map financialdistrict_master 16:15:28 - Log: Pawn location 126751.6 145924.5 83.7 16:15:28 - Log: Exception: Calling HandleError()... 16:15:28 - Log: === Critical error: === Out of memory! History: 16:15:28 - Log: Log file closed, 22/12/18 19:15:28 can someone help me? I can't play the game! log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f99hl28d7u6iexs/2018.12.22-19.00.59-11076.log?dl=0 Specs: Msi GL63 8RE-636 CPU: i7-8750H GPU: GTX-1060m 6GB SSD: Kingston RBUSNS8180S3128GJ 128GB HDD: Seagate ST1000LM049-2GH172 1TB Ram: Hynix HMA81GS6CJR8N-VK 2x8GB
  5. TheLostDims

    dumptruck wheel spawn in wrong position?

    This is kinda a fun bug. Notice how the rightside of the truck is slightly higher then the leftside, like the wheel position is lower then the left side but stil flat too the road making the truck higher on the right then left. edit: it might be caused by the NPC making the turn in the first picture
  6. Skerza


    The comparing system they have on xbox for stats is kind of bugged. I know this was posted before but i just wanted it to be known again, when comparing with friends it only shows a certain character stats for example kills but for playtime its okay. Also the achievements are also bugged by focusing on one character and some are unobtainable even if you do the requirement
  7. So i heard how people lose weapons from their mailbox's but didn't want to believe cause it never happened to me or my friends till 1 month ago it happened. i lost my new legendary weapon that i traded with a friend. It was the Jersy Devil part of the EL3 series ( i think that's is what the series is called but its JMB 17) and i used it for a day till it disappeared the next day when i got on to use it in another character. The mailbox is safe in my opinion but after this who knows if the mailbox might do it to me again . I looked around all my 6 characters and nothing, i looked for hours literally, i put in a ticket with proof i had it and that was a month ago here's my new ticket and old (old then new) #85242 and #86670 more info in the ticket leading up to the event. Has anyone have this happen to you?
  8. Farpa

    Bug in "Gold Power Mystery Box"

    Hello, my name is FarpaBRx I spent a lot of money already in this game and yesterday spent a bit more. I opened 3 "Gold Power Mystery Box", one of them dropped "N-HVR" permanent ok, and then dropped 2 consecutive "JG-940" permanent. My god I did not believe, I want a change of one of these weapons, I do not want to equip 2 equal permanent weapons. Image below for proof: Thank you!
  9. i don't remember the mission name , only i remember is 3 bags spawned *before* final phase(3item capture). when opposition touched it instantlly lose vandalism mission. cops broke windows , but won't progress to next stage. The window is already broken , crims can't break them(crims lose) Both in NA WaterFront. plz fix ASAP.
  10. Livkinson

    Mission "R. O. A. R." bugged

    Hello, It so happened that I accidentally broke the showcases in the second stage of mission "R. O. A. R." and my opponent could not fulfill the objective of the task. That is, he could not inflict damage already on the broken windows. Thanks, Livkinson.
  11. One think i notice from launch and thought it would be address in the future ( in the few months but its been two years still nothing) would be the frame drops and the lag( if there is some ) when switching weapons, mods, cars, graffiti, and etc But it wasn't, would this be fixed in the new update when your finally able to send the new build to microsoft? Also there's a bug where if you switch your weapon a lot in game you get this bug where your frame rate drops down to 1 then goes back up every time you shoot your weapon. This takes the fun and seriousness of the game and throws it down to the abyss cause it makes you unable to help your team. For a example say the enemy team has medium to long rage weapons and you want to be aggressive you would want to switch to a proper weapon to counter so it'll be easy for you and your team (if you have one ) but since you get the bug when you switch you gotta reset or just don't do anything at all. (like help kill enemy's) This bug will make you look bad ingame if you have a reputation or trying to gain one ( i know people who want to make a name for themselves ( including myself ) and this is how they do it, they go to missions and play but this makes it hard for us whether its our team or the enemy it makes us look like a noobs who can't aim or shoot. its bad enough with the frame dropping and the lag but at least fix this so we only can deal with a few hardships
  12. The bug happens in the last stage when for example 2 teams have 100% already and the other team has like 90% if both of the 100% teams have no barrel inside and the 90% team puts one barrel in their timer actually starts running (without showing up) and if they get a 100% while the timer is going down they have like 15 seconds on the timer left and the other 2 teams are losing if they dont find it in 15 seconds happened 3 times already now everyone goes nuts asking how the worst team won everytime
  13. Steal of the day - 250 Joker Tickets for... 250 Joker Tickets! KUP TERAZ! I guess this thing wasn't supposed to show up at Ophelia right?
  14. Johnbelemo

    Wall in Financial is see-through

    Just discovered that there is a Wall in Financial where you can "see-through" well at least your Crosshair shows you if there is an enemy behind that wall. Im glad that Nvidia always records. this way i got it on shadow play. Here's a link to a video showing the bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScrW_pWdGb0
  15. iTzBlackout

    No Fightclub Rewards

    Summary: We don't get Joker Tickets for completing the Goals in Fightclub. Description: Last week it started that we didn't get our Joker Tickets for completing the Goals. This week we have the same problem again. Steps to Reproduce: Join Fightclub (Baylan or Abington) Complete one (or more) Goal(s) How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Results: You don't get your Joker Tickets. Expected Results: You should get 50JT for the first goal, 150JT for the second goal and another 200JT for the 3rd goal at end of the week.
  16. EACH and EVERY time i try to load a district other than the marina the game either Crashes or BE KICKS me! i have only have characters for 10 hours and about half of that time was spent ONLY on TRYING TO ENTER A MISSION DISTRICT! i have asked in the marina chat and i have looked on the forum abit and nothing is helping. infact most all of what i see is "It's Your Computer" no asking how it goes on or trying to help all people tell me is that one line i hate the most... "It's Your Computer". as far as how often it happens... if i were to try 100 times to login on a different district only 1 Freaking time would work! it is making me angry because i am starting to like the game but Cant play it because of that one single problem... as far as how to replecate the problem... login and try to join any server except marina and you will be told one of 2 things or you will crash. one of those will say it is possiblel for the persons internet to be messing up.... the other is that BE kicked you
  17. ManHood506

    Battleeye kick "client not responding"

    hi, I just got this thing when I tried to join a district I want to get to level 195 and buy a car surfer note: I left my laptop running before the update and it was on the main menu ( if that changed things ) - update: day 3 no admin have solved my s*** , I CAN'T F***ING PLAY MY BELOVED GAME !!!!
  18. PingOVER9000


    Hi everybodyy, copy & paste from my last answer at the discussion here btw I tested then with a friend, not too much just 1 or 2 times for these ranges (from 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m) and from my test I came to the conclusion "SEEM" there ARE SOME BULLETS DIDN'T GET REGISTRED OR GHOTSTHOTS, or maybe it's just the horizontal recoil it's so weird that send every time after the fourth or fifth bullets at TAIL who knows where -____- If possible I would to ask some checkings also wih other guys here or the staff, maybe it's just me that I was hasty or inaccurate with the test.
  19. TR3NT

    Forum Bug

    Sometimes when an admin makes a post or responds to a post it doesn't always show up in the "Admin Tracker" tab, sometimes it will show for a little bit then disappears and sometimes it stays, or sometimes just not show at all, this need to be fixed.
  20. GermanTobi

    Balkan Verzuga Funny "Singe time" bug

    Well. The image says everything right? It was just a single time bug and i could not recreate it after relogging. The thing was: It was visible for EVERYONE like that. How can this happen? xD It was a 4 slotted btw but you can see it in the top left corner of the second screen. Its ... Funny.
  21. I have gotten the 50 and 150 Joker tickets which were the bronze and silver goals. This was in fight club 'The Asylum'. I did not get my 200 Joker tickets from the last Gold goal.
  22. When someone is a friend in the new test system when testing it as someone comes online or goes offline it appears twice in chat for both players. This happens across both factions and appears like how in the current live game works when someone in your group that is also in your friends list goes offline.
  23. TackoGirl

    My Personal Bug Report from last week.

    /title I have played Apb in the last week about 35 hours there are following things happened to me that can be fixed. not immediately but in the course of time. 1. I shot an opponent from about 8 - 15 meters with my secondary (Obeya FBW) with two hits who was then killed by my teammate, but I didn't get an assist. 2. Since a few days my Fps is dropping very much, which was never so bad before as it is now. I also find no logical reason, no unnecessary background processes are running and my PC is in a top condition. Of course the Apb is known for the problem but it was never that bad for me. I play at 120 Fps which normally drop to 90, at the moment it drops to 30 frames per second, which has a very strong effect on the game. In addition, due to the strong fps problems, the mouse speed always increases and the mouse only becomes normal again when you restart Apb. 3. It is also known that not everyone is affected by the Laggs. If I have a ping of 75, people from the clan I play with have a ping of 180 which means that there are certainly people who have a low ping at this moment. That explains why people are playing as if they are not affected by any server problems. These are probably the players who are called "hackers" by everyone because they can simply play normally. In apb, it's about seconds when you can see or shoot your enemy sooner. There are current APB videos on YouTube from players running around with a 25 ping, which I can not understand. I have been playing for weeks with a ping of 100- 48. earlier I played with 30- 28 4. People are still teleporting, it's getting better, but it's still there. 5. I think the A.I controlled car drivers in San Paro have a big problem with me, they tend to run me over every now and then, maybe the A.I. doesn't like my new D.va outfit from Overwatch. but it's very funny, I must admit. ** EDIT ** 6. Sometimes I get packet losses 1.00 - 8.00. Reason unknown Even though the game is just a big bug, I had a lot of fun! and I'm really looking forward to the time that lies ahead. I wish you Little Orbit much strength and good luck for everything you have in mind. (and please hurry, I can hardly wait.)
  24. ManHood506

    Error code 9 after Direct X reinstall

    I can't log in into my account 1. I allowed it thru the firewall 2.rebooted my modem(my phone) 3. I restarted the game. one thing is I use Advanced APBLuncher and when I updated the game it downloaded Direct X and installed it and after that, the error code 9# started showing up. is it the server or me? I couldn't find anything about server nor game update. so I assumed it was me so, please help me. I will Repair the see if it works.