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Found 63 results

  1. You removed radar tower because they were broken to be fixed later, and yet car spawners go untouched. I consistently have enemies spawn sub 32m from me in car spawners. Could you explain at least how the car spawner function works? Does the "whole" car have to be within that 32m range? Does only "part" of the car? Such as the cab? It seems that if you get within 32m of it, move out to 33-35, then back to 25 or less, enemies will be able to spawn on the car spawner within 1-2 seconds. At least that's what it feels like. This is an issue that should be addressed. I've had enemies spawn in the car spawner 20m out with their teammate driving in. There has to be some sort of bug and reason why car spawner isn't working as intended. (That's also ignoring the fact that 32m is far too close to spawn in from an enemy) Or is it that they spawn out of 32m, and it takes 1-2 seconds for their "bodies" to appear inside the vehicle and actually spawn, making it seem like it's broken? Why is it that I consistently have enemies spawning within 30m of me on one? To those who say "how would you know this" it's because minimaps exist, and and I consistently try to body block car spawns if i can't destroy them. This means that I often end up getting spawned on, consistently, even within range.
  2. There's a minor display model bug with the Atac 424 "Bodyguard" specifically on male player characters where the character would hold the vertical grip like it's a foregrip. The bug only happens on the "Bodyguard" version of the Atac, I'm not sure if it happens to female player characters as well.
  3. The Broadwing B101 "Patrol" shows a rank requirement of 195 and can´t be bought if you don´t hit the required ranking. If you go to "show details" though, it shows the correct requirement of rank 30
  4. Hello I have the famous bug problem " You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues. Please Note: A common problem is that your character has been locked in a district server - it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for them to be unlocked. " If there is anything you can do for me and those of you who have this problem it would be nice thank you.
  5. NoGeta

    Please Help

    So since 2 days ago am trying to connect to my acc and i get this error that someone is already in my acc .. i've changed my password couple of times and nothing happen so i went to the forums and saw something similar to my issue and people we're saying that it would be fixed after 15 min and nothing happen for me so if anyone can help I would be glad ........
  6. when i update on the launcher it stops at 52% and the download speed reduces from 3mb to 0.00kb/s and stops - what ive done - re-installed the game -restarded steam/ computer - unchecked the v6 protocol -cleared the caches -taken virus protection off -used the advanced apb launcher -repair button is greyed out im not sure if i should wait a while until it kicks in ? lol Merged. update: - I used the Advance launcher - It loaded to 52% then very very very very slowly it still updated without budging from 52% -then error came up -I repaired it by pressing repair - Then it started updating again and an extremely slow speed ( not completed yet ) 20kb/s
  7. Hello everyone. Idk if its only me , but when im playing im always always being kicked from the servers , and this message appears. I play with 97FPS and 56ms , and its the third time this happens to me Thanks for your attention.
  8. I can't log in into my account 1. I allowed it thru the firewall 2.rebooted my modem(my phone) 3. I restarted the game. one thing is I use Advanced APBLuncher and when I updated the game it downloaded Direct X and installed it and after that, the error code 9# started showing up. is it the server or me? I couldn't find anything about server nor game update. so I assumed it was me so, please help me. I will Repair the see if it works.
  9. /title I have played Apb in the last week about 35 hours there are following things happened to me that can be fixed. not immediately but in the course of time. 1. I shot an opponent from about 8 - 15 meters with my secondary (Obeya FBW) with two hits who was then killed by my teammate, but I didn't get an assist. 2. Since a few days my Fps is dropping very much, which was never so bad before as it is now. I also find no logical reason, no unnecessary background processes are running and my PC is in a top condition. Of course the Apb is known for the problem but it was never that bad for me. I play at 120 Fps which normally drop to 90, at the moment it drops to 30 frames per second, which has a very strong effect on the game. In addition, due to the strong fps problems, the mouse speed always increases and the mouse only becomes normal again when you restart Apb. 3. It is also known that not everyone is affected by the Laggs. If I have a ping of 75, people from the clan I play with have a ping of 180 which means that there are certainly people who have a low ping at this moment. That explains why people are playing as if they are not affected by any server problems. These are probably the players who are called "hackers" by everyone because they can simply play normally. In apb, it's about seconds when you can see or shoot your enemy sooner. There are current APB videos on YouTube from players running around with a 25 ping, which I can not understand. I have been playing for weeks with a ping of 100- 48. earlier I played with 30- 28 4. People are still teleporting, it's getting better, but it's still there. 5. I think the A.I controlled car drivers in San Paro have a big problem with me, they tend to run me over every now and then, maybe the A.I. doesn't like my new D.va outfit from Overwatch. but it's very funny, I must admit. ** EDIT ** 6. Sometimes I get packet losses 1.00 - 8.00. Reason unknown Even though the game is just a big bug, I had a lot of fun! and I'm really looking forward to the time that lies ahead. I wish you Little Orbit much strength and good luck for everything you have in mind. (and please hurry, I can hardly wait.)
  10. Hey there, So I was playing the game with my mates and we got put against some opposition who made use of an unfair/bugged spot to defend the final objective of the "China Blues" mission. The final objective required you to grab and hold an item for 120 points. The spot they used utilised some movable boxes which they had jumped on, got ontop of an unintended area, places the objective and then destroyed these movable boxes, ultimately resulting in us losing the mission as it was impossible for us to get on top of this area. Provided is video evidence of this bug in action, https://streamable.com/pp60u The players who made use of this bug are: Fr3nCY LaGGeRiS raex I hope this bug will be fixed as it really does ruin missions Thanks, ajhakra
  11. cyral

    Suicide Bug

    On Jericho we have a well known way for players to literally kill others without being N/P5 nor in missions... I call it the suicide bug.. When player 1 is driving a car player 2 rams his vehicle into either a tree or bldg the car explodes. Player 1 dies.. and it's recorded as a suicide... They do this 2 help their friends win missions, by mission blocking at it's best.
  12. Hey i found this bug, I wanted to play with the tg8 and i saw the Yakuza skin don`t appears on this wepon. It only looks like the Prentiss Tiger skin
  13. My apb launcher does not want to open, I tried everything and did not solve, someone had and managed to solve this problem? Here's a little demo: https://youtu.be/vs7eEvxQEpE
  14. I have gotten the 50 and 150 Joker tickets which were the bronze and silver goals. This was in fight club 'The Asylum'. I did not get my 200 Joker tickets from the last Gold goal.
  15. tl;dr : The current ingame idle female animation is the male one. The correct animation is present in the current game, and is actively used in editors, the inspector, and on NPC's. This pose appeared in the E3 2009 reveal trailer for APB and was broken since day one. The current female idle animation ingame is the male's, despite characters specifically having female animations built for them. The real female animation is displayed in the editors and when you inspect a character. You can tell something's up when you repeatedly tap forward while walking - your shoulders go down, then back up when you stop, because idle and walk/run animations don't match. Holstering your guns in a missions district also shows this - your shoulders go down, where they expect to be, and then suddenly jump back up to align themselves with the male animation. Surprisingly though, it seems to be correctly used by most female contacts and pedestrians, as only player characters are affected. This animation was the one used on players in the E3 2009 reveal trailer. You can see it for yourself here, at the 1:46 mark : https://youtu.be/AMkBwHJaSkw?t=106 That tiny detail completely changes the stance and silhouette of characters - thus changing their general outlook from what appears in the editor. That animation differentiates male and female characters more visibly, and makes the world feel more polished and visually diverse. It really is a shame that it's been overlooked for so long. Surely if pedestrians/contacts and the inspector window correctly displays it, I can't imagine it would be hard to make it work as intended in the game world - hence why I'm bringing this issue to light. Here's some photo evidence of what I'm talking about : This is the "correct" animation, as seen in the editor, the inspector, on contacts & pedestrians (Though their arms rest lower). This is the current animation ingame. The legs are spread further, the shoulders & arms are bumped up, and the spine is bent rather than straight. The neck also looks shorter as a result. It's very obviously the male pose being applied on the female model. It completely changes the look and feel of female characters, instead giving them that current awkward, strangely buff appearance, while also misrepresenting what appears in the editor, since body proportions change with this aswell. It's a tiny detail, but it's a tiny detail that matters a lot if you make a game about customization and appearances. Finally, here's the tiny animation glitch proving that it wasn't intended to be like this. Standing still, with guns holstered, then walking forward clearly shows that the character's entire figure changes the second she moves. Again, this is because she's switching back and forth from the male animation (idle) to the female animation (walking/running). Holstering weapons shows the same mismatch for half a second. Shoulders go down, then back up again once the idle animation starts playing. This bug applies to every single female player character that exists in the game without exception. I'm also pretty sure that running & sprinting is the male's too, but I have no proof to support this.
  16. So i heard how people lose weapons from their mailbox's but didn't want to believe cause it never happened to me or my friends till 1 month ago it happened. i lost my new legendary weapon that i traded with a friend. It was the Jersy Devil part of the EL3 series ( i think that's is what the series is called but its JMB 17) and i used it for a day till it disappeared the next day when i got on to use it in another character. The mailbox is safe in my opinion but after this who knows if the mailbox might do it to me again . I looked around all my 6 characters and nothing, i looked for hours literally, i put in a ticket with proof i had it and that was a month ago here's my new ticket and old (old then new) #85242 and #86670 more info in the ticket leading up to the event. Has anyone have this happen to you?
  17. Skerza


    The comparing system they have on xbox for stats is kind of bugged. I know this was posted before but i just wanted it to be known again, when comparing with friends it only shows a certain character stats for example kills but for playtime its okay. Also the achievements are also bugged by focusing on one character and some are unobtainable even if you do the requirement
  18. KobaltGG

    Forum Bug

    Sometimes when an admin makes a post or responds to a post it doesn't always show up in the "Admin Tracker" tab, sometimes it will show for a little bit then disappears and sometimes it stays, or sometimes just not show at all, this need to be fixed.
  19. Steal of the day - 250 Joker Tickets for... 250 Joker Tickets! KUP TERAZ! I guess this thing wasn't supposed to show up at Ophelia right?
  20. The bug happens in the last stage when for example 2 teams have 100% already and the other team has like 90% if both of the 100% teams have no barrel inside and the 90% team puts one barrel in their timer actually starts running (without showing up) and if they get a 100% while the timer is going down they have like 15 seconds on the timer left and the other 2 teams are losing if they dont find it in 15 seconds happened 3 times already now everyone goes nuts asking how the worst team won everytime
  21. Enemy nicknames are not displayed. This is the same problem that bothered everyone in previous events (epidemy, Slay Bells) @MattScott, Nicknames should always be displayed. Nicknames are displayed randomly: And sometimes, nicknames are displayed as they should (always): Do not say that you hear about this problem for the first time.
  22. dett2

    No known issues?

    Jump off a drifting car and it push you = desync , warping. easy reproduce. Mobile rader tower doesn't work frequently. (ofc car health is fine , even while driving beside enemy doesn't show up). sometimes get Invisible mission objects and teammates markers. Infinite loading , can't enter districts frequently. pick up comsumable gift weapon -> you can't change gun until you die. vandalism mission. If cops break them first , crims can't break them with guns. Only way is windows = Ram raid , camera = nade. don't ignore forum and please just know these problems.
  23. HerpDerpito


    Pls fix
  24. Londa

    Fight Club Pistol Kills

    Hello, in the fight club mission "get kills with secondary" Obeya fbw doesnt count kills, i had to use the obeya fbw 'sight zero' to count propely. Anyone noticed this too ?
  25. Hi, now the pumpinks counts on dynamic event district, but i still can't complete my role so i can't get my reward as well, how am i supposed to complete and get my rewards now? i'm 47/50 and in both districts there's no red pumpinks left to get
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