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  1. This problem is also happening to me, but with the "Money Weapon" skin on Joker CR-5 and Joker SR15 Carbine. instead of having the normal texture, they have a purple and yellow texture.
  2. Vasco14

    Game not starting?

    Take a look in this post:
  3. Catch the GM it's a really good event as well. You could try to make it next weekend. edit: And please make longer events.
  4. Vasco14

    Game not starting?

    Have you guys already tried to reinstall the game? could be a corrupted file.
  5. Guns N' Roses | AC/DC | Capo Plaza | Guè Pequeno | Plutonio 2765 | Post Malone
  6. Hello @Mr_Strike this is not a feature in the game, but a concept idea for APB. Thanks.
  7. Vasco14

    APB Tournaments

    That's an idea, but I think this way is better, to have better prizes. But as I said, it's just a concept.
  8. I think adding bots in a district will all kinda of players isin't a good idea, but instead, when a new player comes to the game, he will play the first time versus bots, in a "offline" district (only him and the bots), with that will be easier for player to understand the game mechanics and how the game works. With this, the new players won't be frustrated playing versus veterans and immediately uninstall the game.
  9. Vasco14

    APB Tournaments

    As APB is a competitive game, it would be funny to have tournaments, thus giving some use to the clan system and introducing a more complex clan system, with the top clans, for example. Some concepts i created for the tournament system: Lobby Selector: Here players can choose what tournament want to play by clicking the "+ Details" button. There are 3 types of tournaments (e.g) Free Entry: Don't need to pay anything, but the don't have prize (playing here just inscreases the clan experience) 50k$ Entry: players get clan experience and a prize of APB$ 100G1C Entry: Players get clan experience and a prize of G1C or Joker Boxes Lobby Creation: Here you can invite your clan members to join you and also choose what loadout you want to use since this gamemode dosen't allow players to change weapons in the middle of the match, meaning that Field Supplier/Joker Ammo will only give ammo. Tournament Lobby: When a mach is found, the all players will be in a lobby when they can talk to each other, and here they need to press "Not Ready" for the mach starts. How this will work? Since Financial and Waterfront are big maps, i think the system could ramdomly select 3 specific zones of the map to occur the missions. Each zone will have a capture point, and the team that captures the 3 or 2 points wins (Best of 3 Tournament). Thanks for you attention! @Amayii @MattScott
  10. I think this shouldn't be permanent, but GM's need to make those kinda events more frequently, and doing that the game will have much more players.
  11. Yes, I agree, the events should take more time, like 45 minutes to 1 hour, or do the events every 30 minutes in a shorter time, with a lower prize.
  12. Thank you for your opinion! Yes, i based my concept on csgo crosshair system because players have the freedom to create whatever they want, and since APB:R it's a fully customizable game, this system will fit well
  13. Hello everyone! I am here to present my idea for a customizable crosshair system. Alpha: Controls the crosshair opacity Thickness: controls the thickness of the sight Size: Increases the size of the crosshair Gap: Increases the distance between the 4 sides Outline: Add an outline in the crosshair Presets: You are able to use the default presets that the game gives you, or you can create your own crosshair and save as preset to never lose it I Forgot to add: Somewhere in that menu you have a button named "Export Preset" that generates a link and you can share your crosshair. Somewhere in that menu you have a button named "Import Preset" you can paste the link and save the preset. Thank you for taking time to read this! Have a good day, and please feel free to say anything about my idea
  14. I think this problem can be solved by creating a limit rank district, for e.g only player with rank 9-50(green/bronze/silver) can play there,or if the player have a KDR lower than 0.35 he will just have access to bronze district.
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