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  1. Yes, but that is not a easy task, even big games like CS:GO for example has that system, if you kill someone from your team (intentional or by mistake) you will still get a penalization
  2. Well.. a good solution for those two problems in my opinion would be: 1) For those that use the /abandonmission, could have a cooldown, like, you could leave the mission but then you wouldn't be able to use again in 30 minutes or 1 hour ,or an agressive way to avoid this behaivor would be to penalize the player 2) For the griefers problem, a simple solution would be to tempban the players. Currently if you kill your teammates 4 times, you get kicked from the server and then you're able to join again (sometimes used to leave the mission). Instead of this what LO could do is, if you kill 4 teammates you would get 30 minutes ban, then if in the same week you kill 4 more, you will get a 1 hour ban, and so on, at the end of the week those bans would reset, so if you in a week just got baaned for 30 minutes, if you don't teamkill more in that week, in the next you get a reset. Edit for solution 2: if i players get's 5 tembans in a week they would get a permanent ban for griefing.
  3. I have the same issue, but for me started before the 1.30. I talked with a SPCT and he informed me that those drops are part of APB design and, everyone has this issue but for some players are worse than others. Since im not good with explanations, i will just quote what the SPCT told me. The solution he gave me was to go to APBCompat.ini and edit this values in the first bucket1 - [AppCompatBucket1] ParticleLODBias=4 TEXCAT_VFX=(Usage=0,MinLODSize=16,MaxLODSize=16,LODBias=4,DisableStreaming=False,FairUsagePriority=10) TEXCAT_VFX=(Usage=1,MinLODSize=16,MaxLODSize=16,LODBias=4,DisableStreaming=False,FairUsagePriority=10) SpawnMapDelayTime=0 ParticleMaxWorldSpaceArea=0.1 Then go ingame, re-select the Minimal preset and restart the game. NOTE: this solution didn't got rid of the drops but imo it has improved a little bit.
  4. In my opinion, i think it's more important to fix the matchmaking and threat district system, what good is the game having better graphics, if the gameplay is not balanced?
  5. Star 556 it's all you need for primary gun
  6. Yes, today i started playing APB again, and i was having game breaks/freezes i went from 100FPS to 20/25 FPS but this happened randomly, i was not near a lot of explosions
  7. I like some of those things
  8. What about more GM minigames? That would be awesome!
  9. I never got that issue.
  10. The Star 556 for me is one of the best guns. i played with this gun for years (~6 years). So, no, i don't think so that the game is p2w. And now you can buy G1C guns with jk permanent character.
  11. What i think would be fun: A Clan base tournaments with weapon loadout (you need to choose your loadout for the entire match) and depending on what tournament entry you choose it will give you prizes for example: Free entry = just increase clan XP 50k APB$ = get's clan XP + APB$ 100G1C = get's clan xp + G1C or Joker Boxes
  12. Vasco14

    Gioco Crash CLIENT

    Bene, non lo so, molti giocatori hanno lo stesso problema. Il modo migliore è contattare l'assistenza, ma sfortunatamente ci vorranno circa 8 giorni.
  13. Vasco14

    Gioco Crash CLIENT

    @Undicix11 Penso che il tuo problema sia che qualcuno ha già effettuato l'accesso al tuo account, quindi quando provi ad entrare in un distretto il gioco si blocca. Prova ad accedere nuovamente al tuo account. Se ciò non risolve il problema, ti consiglio di contattare l'assistenza. https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us
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