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  1. gta 5 cost $265m to develop and market..if someone thinks this type of games are cheap to make(profit over 6 bilion btw)
  2. Yea LO will spend millions of dollars startin from scratch just to update a game which was a colossal failure in 1st place..and LO also have the will and the capacity to do that.Make sense..keep waitin for somethin like that
  3. With the snail pace of this company i doubt we gonna be able to even test the engine before end of the year.After all looks like they start all over again after running the game trou this editor.I dont see this guys finishing this project ever..
  4. The main reason the game dien is on the company s runnin it.You cant blame the players who keepin alive this game so many years despite the poor performance,hackers,lack of content etc.The game had potential(and still have)and can have at least couple of thousands of players once again but the shti companys runnin it just hold this game like a hostage..
  5. exactly Probably nobodys working on the engine anymore.Cant believe anymore.We hear the same things for years now..and even if they finish it(which i doubt cause i think they start from scratch)in what pace u think they gonna start making some content for the game after that?This is just gettin absurd.This company cant do anything with this game.Im done wastin my time ill be checkin forums but things are pretty clear..
  6. Told em years ago for at least one simple solution.When player become gold on bronze district-the option to start missions(pressin K)must be disabled and message must appear that the player must change to higher threat district to be able to keep playn.Simple..but even that for NA not gonna be in big use right now cause playerbase is very low there.Threat must be removed for that server completely
  7. Right now the game needs new game mode for the mission districts like 50 vs 50 or something like that where players can earn experience and money without being segregated by faction,threat or frustrating mission stages.At this point when the game is gettin out of players-radical changes are needed but i doubt theres will for things like that..
  8. Threat and threat districts-removed.Optional financial district for new players only where they can play at least 3 missions(or more if they want to stay)This can be done for NA at least i dont see the problem..
  9. Then why Matt said hes the only one left working on it?(probably last couple of months)Plus we heard that "focusing 100% our effort" last 3 years-each year.Talk is talk-the results are what we got.I mean ill be login in this game till the end but things are gettin too obvious..
  10. the latest engine news afer 3 weeks.. We heard same thing back in january on the roadmap btw..anyway at least i hope he find some time to rest a bit
  11. APB june 29th 2010 - june 29th 2021 (yea i know kinda looks like tombstone message..)
  12. 300 players in game right now.Remove premade groups-maybe 150-200 will keep playn.70-100 gonna be in social.The mission districts-total collaps even in Citadel.Case closed
  13. 1st yea.About 2nd and 3rd-many players will get angry and may stop playn.But removin threat and adding optional beginner districts(for new players only)so they can learn the game for at least couple of missions-i think is good idea.No point of threat at this point even in Citadel.Many players are dethreatin now(even true golds)when silver financial or waterfront are empty and they cant play matches Threat is the most toxic thing in the game right now.Many gold players treat the rest like trash and is not just about gaming-is like they mean it for the real life as well.Thats pure discrimination asf.If you truly against such things and not just the "black matter" propaganda sht-remove threat already
  14. One person is tryn to get the job done?May takes 20 more years to be done but the fact that his losing his life and free time doin this is just inexplicable.All that for this game which probably not gonna grow much after the upgrade.Idk if is worthy at this point but we must show some support at least login and playn for some time instead of cryn all the time on forums.Wish you all the best boss and take some break from apb.Health and family comes 1st after all everything else is secondary.Take care
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