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  1. this week we didnt even had maintenance announcement so i guess the little people left got released..i personally expect soon news that they close it or they sold it(if even possible)
  2. Its not just apb all this G1 current games(apb,fallen earth,unsung story)looks like all work was ceased.Hes last tweet is from almost 3 months ago.This games have no profit looks like and they just keep some servers runnin for who knows how long dou I guess after the war everything become even more expensive so they cant waste more time with this games.But at least make some official announcement dat ur fkn done..
  3. Every competition to gta will be destroyed.I can bet from now.Doesnt matter how good this game will/can be-they will take it down one way or another.Mark my words
  4. Release the last contacts(Lucas Van Rooyen and Lynette Casey)Doesnt matter is before the engine upgrade-that sht will never happen obviously(almost 4 months without any news)This new content will bring more players(old and new)and also we can have the threat districts back.With this move theres gonna be stable increase of players till the end of the year(at least)You can make another contacts after the engine upgrade(if ever happens)u have practice of makin already for social Make some patch with the contacts,threat districts and some weapon balances or other minor changes and some sort of mini revival of the game will happen.People will kinda chill till end of the year..
  5. 3.5 months since the roadmap and 0 news about any progress on 1.30..things are clear for me.Not even social-screenshots or video
  6. btw today is exactly 4 years since LO took over(may 10th 2018)the first blog https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2018/5/10/open-letter-to-the-apb-reloaded-community
  7. where is the blog u said hes makin last week..
  8. the CEO was suposed to give us some update but idk in what hole he fall again..
  9. u one of the most toxic thats 4 sure..time to stop doin dat
  10. in EU this clan Essence(crim)was very good-some of them got baned from FF back in the day dou
  11. Holy sht finally after 3+ months.I hope is someting good..
  12. yea he will do that.. Btw 3 months without any update about the development status on this game.On may 10-LO makes 4 years since takin over this game.Also when they bough it the game had 1000 players-now have 3 times less-300/350 Just facts..
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