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  1. Im sure most of the work we tested was already made by G1/RP.Since last spring LO started all over again and the result we have till now is 0
  2. Past year was the same.On jan 22 2021 was posted the roadmap and he said: after that the roadmap: I guess he can copy pasted.. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2021/1/22/apb-2021-roadmap (full post)
  3. Nobodys interested in the game anymore.Not even Summ1t from twitch.Also Matt said that aint gonna advertise the game before the engine upgrade.Dead end = ) p.s. the peak is 300 idk from where you got this 500
  4. overall/engine update pls(month and a half from last)
  5. the only thing missin for me was the actual info how exactly the players got ban(for what type of cheatin)
  6. They said that have all the rights to APB Reloaded.Btw after couple of years some1 heard about other game with the APB name from this Unit?I didnt..
  7. If the CEO cant find to who to sell the game in US(which is normal-nobody gonna buy game with 30 players on the server)better travel to Europe once again and try to sell the game to company like My.com for example.I know that is known for its f2p/p2w titles but is still something.If he explain to them how far they have come in development -maybe the new company will assemble some team to keep working on the game.In worse case they just gonna keep the servers running.The cash shop is already reworked so i doubt they gonna change much
  8. At this point we have to wait till the big man returns from vacations and give us some overall update status.No point of keep making this angry topics we dont know sht after all..
  9. things are clear for me i just post wih the intention to actually move something..anything..if something can move at all anyway enough with my sht dont wanna get angry some of the staff so i get my account ban or some sht
  10. is at 0 at best..no need to see it(on minus most likely)
  11. Im here since 2011 and want honest answers.Thats all i want..and u ll see that what im sayn is right
  12. They aint gonna finish anything even if you give them 5 more years.They r broke..or if they r not-give us update whats going on right now... p.s. new content can be the contacts already made by G1(the mma guy and the woman)which Matt said in one of the streams with Kemp that they r finished.This way they can bring more players(old and new)so people will have something to do.They can add other contacts later with the engine(which will never happen with LO thats clear as day)
  13. This company is dead.Not gonna make sht.They did 0 to the game in 2021.This new 2.2 version of the engine was in work from last spring and even social is far from finished.Which means that nobodys workin on the game and this company is broke and with debts(probably)Thats why for me at least - is pointless to keep hopin something to happen.I think they had good intentions but last couple of years fkd em up badly so best thing rigt now is to sell the game to another company.Otherwise is going nowhere
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