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  1. 2.2 is the engine upgrade from scratch which LO start from last spring.The consoles cant be compatible with that-cant happen with simple patch.At least what i understand from all that..
  2. I was thinkin about something.So if the new version for PC is 2.2 and the consoles are on 2.1-what exactly future this console version have?Or you plan to bring them to 2.2 as well and waste 200 more years just like G1 did btw-probably the main reason we are in the current situation with nothing in hands..
  3. The fact u jumpin around and u dont wanna bother even readin the pin topic about the engine shows that u dont really care about the game.Jump back down pls thx
  4. are u kiddin..in this new version 2.2 they cant even run social at this point
  5. Not really.In open beta(spring 2011)the game had more than 12k players.Even with 3-4k players matchmaking in apb can be made.G1 didnt made it after they failed with lockin golds to gold dist. back in 2013-2015 was somewhere there.The game still had thousands of players back there.They had to lock all players to their threat districts and create another mixed threat dist. for everybody to join and this was only one of the options Now the game have 300 players-not much u can do..
  6. it was about time one of this topics to get refresh i guess..
  7. we gonna have halloween event next week?just wonder..
  8. When silvers and bronzes play vs golds and cant surrender-thats much bigger problem.Most people dont want to play 1v1 cause they dont wana show(to themselves mostly)how bad they actually are..
  9. type in dist chat and u ll see how many will respond especially if ur silver and below u ll see how many will type u back..
  10. They cant load even Social properly in this new 2.2 version.Now imagine it with 100+ players.Now imagine the big maps full with players shootin,explosions etc.Final release-2077 and beyond...
  11. The game have(EU)2 finan. dist. full and 1 waterf.If we separate somehow the players by threat we gonna get like every dist with 15-20 vs 15-20 for finan and waterf gonna be unplayable.Plus we gonna get same oposition over and over again.So current missions without threat dist is the only option i think.With this small playerbase just cant be otherwise .Other way is to wipe out the missions entirely like already suggested and replace it with some free for all/50vs50 mode where players can get exp,money,JT but they not gonna make this change so it is what it is
  12. Remove weapon role rank 16 and give the players who already complete it-special weapon skin for free.For the rest of players-put it for sale on armas
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