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  1. Here we go the rant of the week.If is not this guy gonna be the blue wolf darkzero or whatever was called.Theres like between 5-10 people who never stops.If not 1 guy -the other gonna start it with the same sht over and over again...
  2. Yea lets remove all weapons from the game and dont forget the hvr.In the end all we want is the star..also remove pmg,nfas oh and the ntec!!too op.Gonna be fair game then.Game is dead for so long and nothing new so removing more stuff is great idea
  3. says in the message why the game is down..
  4. Most cars in apb feels like just some objects moving not real cars.I mean i know this is not NFS but the cars need entire rework in future in my opinion
  5. if u find another company which will keep developin this 11 years old half-dead game-give us a call..
  6. imagine besides threat also rank restrictions with current /pop with another or good teamwork lol
  7. Remove it from the client till the engine upgrade then.Whats the point of something that will brake in every couple of days and havin processes running in the background edit: nm i think is not running in background anymore
  8. This guy Ellix said that he cancel the map for APB and gonna use hes work for another project..so yea thats gone i think
  9. Then the only solutions i see for new players are making T/tutorial district for new players only and locking for the first 25 ranks only for them(first 3 contacts)So they learn the game by playn vs another new players only.They stay T till reaching rank 25-then they get threat based on how well they played.This T district must be like option if new players want to join it This plus video tutorial attached to the game about apb basics like this made by Reagan years ago..
  10. Threats vs threats(gold vs gold,bronze vs bronze etc)No factions(crims/enf)Grouping is allowed but only same threat players can group Thats how exactly will change it.After all threats are on same district(and i doubt that only 1 district will be populated after this changes)every player will find someone to kill and not just quiting the game because is lets say gold and cant join(or dont want to dethreat)bronze district.This fusion/mixed district will give the option to everybody to play..at least will make the things more interesting which may bring more players to this dead server
  11. Judging from the last engine news post we have looong way till even testing.Like theres one big problem after another.I doubt they release it even this summer.Is more like from september..
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