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  1. he was tellin u almost the entire time whats goin on..besides like 6 months when they was workin on other games to keep them alive(dat period was hard indeed)
  2. I'm actually pleased how the things are progressing(and i'm not ironic)Indeed 4.5 years past since LO took over but when you have in mind all the obstacles:the fact that they were new to this type of games,the so called pandemic happen and now the economic crisis-and still they rework the entire engine and they are about to start loading the maps into the editor and hopefully will start fixing some minor bugs before they wrap up the entire thing. In the end-LO never give up on the game(hats down for that)and yes i have hopes for 2023 so we can finally play some stable game and have some new content o dou maybe minor...
  3. Dude u cant upgrade to win 10?if u bought the og win 7 u must be able 4 free..if u didnt-still can find on internet from where u can get it without payn.But the worse is ur antivirus.Had AVG in the past runnin and this protection is poor.Better install 360 total security u not gonna have a problem and also comes with performance tweaks all in one(is free no trials)Anyway sry im not a tech guy i guess try to reach support.But my recommendation is -change the antivirus and desinstall/install the entire game again.Check the FAQ battleye topic also on forum
  4. u on windows XP?cause it looks like it..
  5. is this on the NA server?u like 20 players there no wonder u cant get away from him
  6. you bronze? nothing bad even if u are..just guessin dat thats why u want to see from where u get shoot at
  7. translated from italian: "evening everyone I would like to know why apb at startup gives the error and doing repairs does not change anything and continues to give the error if someone knows something let me know thanks"
  8. theres couple of thousands JT doesnt matter u playd it before or not
  9. more interactions with the environment like in old gta games:positive/negative reply to civilian,option to sit on bench,to buy drinks/food from the coke/food machines,medic/ambulance and taxi missions etc
  10. no Halloween event this year?told gonna start tomorrow
  11. well i read it anyway If they make option to go only against players same threat as you when u go ready(K)even if u have to wait more-thats the only way i can think of with current amount of players and this mission system(for fair matches)This or u have to completely remove the current mission system for the big maps and replace it with another game mode where u can also get exp and progress the contacts.Maybe theres more ways to change things but if u keep the game without some major changes-new players will keep leavin(old as well) What pve options?This game dont have..gonna be a lot of work to make some(if even possible) The game need changes right now.This 64bit upgrade not gonna happen in next 1 year-thats clear.They are far from even loadin Social into the editor.Fixin and gettin ready the entire game will take another eternity.So even if u have to put a side the big thing-spend time on current game and think how to make things better
  12. saw the title and didnt read..learn manners
  13. we started the 9th year since the engine upgrade was announced and they still have nothing to show us..facts
  14. game is filled with hackin acusations in the chat..thats 4 sure
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