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  1. Have question about this(gonna happen in some later state)This gonna improve the loading times only when you start the game,switching between districts-or will also improve every else loadin time?Like how buildings are popin up in districs,the time character and car fully load when join district(and not to show the default char with the white shirt and green backwards cap before load the rest)If this cooked packages improve all this-probably the majority of lag/stuter gona be gone 4 ever cause i think this is one of the main reasons to do it
  2. with the final release of 1.30 the game also needs the threat districts back and the 2 new contacts
  3. another one whos lazy to read anything..
  4. Overall was positive experience.Crash only once i think.The stutters still there for me dou and the curious thing is dat they are not when u fight some1(like in live)but just random when u move around.The dev commented that we all have it so i guess will be fixed in future(also im from EU and we play on NA server plus have only 8 GB of ram)
  5. These 2 issues from previous update was fixed?just curious.. So its not just me ok.Looks like for graphic cards below RTX-this lag spikes still happenin(at least i have it)
  6. yea before the 1.30 release they are not turnin it off
  7. Changin the name aint gonna change sht at this point dats absurd.Only can confuse the majority.If the game is gettin upgraded to unreal 5 for example and we call it APB Revolutions(nothin taken from the matrix btw :p)then kinda make sense
  8. no only dat hes/shes gold and in a win streak of 9
  9. Big company will not buy the game and keep tryn to upgrade it.Especially right now with 300 players population.Only LO can do somethin to it and nobody else at this point.Plus yea they sold the IP back in 2019(if dats true)
  10. Could you explain what this means? He means like just 3v3 or 4v4 etc which is crazy means even worse than what we have right now.Now everybody are in 1 place but at least the system tries to match available skill players.If they remove even the player threat-thats open conflict dist.Hes not thinkin i guess..
  11. The best thing u can do for the matchmaking(even right now)Bring back the threat districts and lock them only for players same threat.In same time bring the free for all district everybody play right now in live game.U call it mixed/fusion or whatever you want district.Is possible..to have the threat districts and one for all in same time cause if you remember gold players was capable to enter silver dist,silver-bronze dist. etc. Basically what we need is mix between the current way we play in live game and the old way with the threat districts.Thats how if u want u can find fair matches in ur own threat dist. or play in the free 4 all dist. if theres not enough players(like in NA case)
  12. On EU u can find matches.Balance is rough dou.If ur not gold better prepare the cheeks..
  13. Theres even bigger problem i see with this type of matchmaking besides the often loadin in and out from districts which gonna be annoyn plus the matches against other regions(which is worse)The fact that golds gonna be vs other golds mostly-not very good scenario.Theres some players so good like u think they are hackin and we may see then golds leavin the game(things may flip around)Golds are like 50% of the population.It may turn out similar like how G1 tried to lock them to gold districts.In the end we may get into some fundamental problem with this game-which is the mission system itself.We need plan B.Like another game mode for financial and waterfront for 40 vs 40 where u also progress contacts and stuff.Idk if mechanics from Riot,Anarchy or final stage regular missions must be mixed or what but we need some alternative way to play on this districts.Mode dat gonna involve bigger amount of players with mission objectives not locked to some campy locations
  14. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap this happens right now in 2023 dou..check also my reply to ur topic
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