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  1. if we have to be objective theres gonna be more discounted weapons not just dat shotgun..still to name this sale-honorable event-idk.. i even find to buy other weapon i have my eye on for long time which was out of range before..
  2. yay the new phasing matchmaking and the new contacts comin guys!!oh wait.. (keep waitin for these things-this company is dead obviously)
  3. the weapons in rtw apb back in 2010 had almost no recoil-nobody bought it(one of the main reason why the game failed-the feel of old twitchi shooter)
  4. I dont think theres many cheaters right now(at least i cant tell)Dats just veterans.With 300 players left is like dat
  5. Hes company is probably broke dats why is gone..he have nothin to say i guess.Worse thing is dat our game is doomed as well
  6. hes making games..dat must be the motto of hes company-not "putting players first"
  7. Most cars in this game dont even feel like drivin cars-is more like some object movin.I know this game is not nfs,gran turismo or some drivin simulator but still this aspect of the game is pretty poor(in my opinion)
  8. They are not ready i know what he wrote in last roadmap several months back but..(next 1 min-4 years ago) and yea i know hes talkin about dat the contacts are ready back then for the unreal 3.5 but theres big difference from last roadmap when hes sayn dat all items from them are stript,they need voice overs etc
  9. The new contacts must be after the phasing matchmaking wich will allow to search for opposition from all finanincial districts on ur server(for example)Not gonna affect NA much dou cause theres only 1 dist where everybody play.Also with phasing must come the queing thing and u not gonna have to mash the join button to join the dist u want.These things they workin on right now and must be close to finish(lets hope)
  10. and i think he got robbed with nearly 1m dollas from some guy with this nfts..one guy mention it in some video
  11. is the same fkn game for more than a decade now but looks like u need excuse to finally quit it..
  12. This is the biggest catch.U want it and u ll get it but for wat price..i spend over 10k JT for one of this weapons and got only trials(was the medusa-24 days i think)Not even close to get it perm.Do watever u want..for me till i see more stuff done in this game-things are clear
  13. thank god i didnt spend real money when bought this weapon back there with G1C(had some from events)
  14. Hidding threat will be the 1 stone several birds thing.The amount of players leaving missions will decrease,the toxicity will decrease.Only blue and red rank must be visible.LO must disable all threat messages in the game.Not only will change the ambience but will kinda improve the matching as well.Still people will be known by their names and theres gonna be "noobs" and "pros" but is still a change.. p.s. btw is my birthday(35)thx in advance
  15. Is all Matt nobody else have the word and theres no sign from this guy for months now..
  16. The game needs new content for bringin more people and improvin current matchmaking.Cant be otherwise..theres just 2 fill mission dist even on EU server(1 finan 1 waterf)The only way for better experience is the radical change im talkin about for years now Just one 50vs50 mission for the entire dist where the kills/scores are counted in the end(15 min)and thats how to lvl up contacts.Nothing else can be done right now with this game.U kill multiple birds with this 1 stone-gameplay is more fun and fair-good players both sides,no campin spots and even performance in the dist will be better cause only 1 mission will be runnin.Even the P5 can be bring back to life if they make it +300 to kill one(the p5 must be taken down cause he will make lets say +200 each kill he makes)Thats like mini VIP version integrated to the TDM i just suggested Also we not losing anything from the gameplay this game offers-all other modes:capture zone,hold item etc-all of this is in FC
  17. They bought it in 1st place cause saw Riot mode(BR for apb)was done from G1 and they thought gonna bring them more players and money.Also they was thinkin dat the upgrade to unreal engine 3.5 was almost done and not much to do to finish it.They was wrong..and now it looks like is too late for anything cause obviously LO is dead as a company and they not gonna invest more money/work power in this game.For me everything is pretty much finished
  18. Nah nobody gonna remove u anything thats just opinion shared 1000 times on forums anyway.The threat system is still here and is workin-what u mean is the threat districts.They remove it cause the pop drop to less than 300 and separates players even more(especially on NA)Bringin the threat districts only will not increase the pop.If they release the new contacts for example or any new content(worthy for comin back)then make sense to bring back the threat districts.if we have at least lets say 1k stable pop and yea only this new matchmaking not gonna increase the pop.The game needs new content worthy to be comin back for..
  19. Yea this was ok but u cant see ur opponents threat here which is lame.Also no need for the drop/pick up weapons mechanic.With these 2 changes and if ur able to lvl up contacts like that-perfect game mode to replace the current unbalanced and campy mission system.This game is supose to have small and large scale battles-like Dave Jones says in the trailer(next 20 seconds) If the small scale battles doesnt work well anymore we must go with the large scale ones(thats from me :p)
  20. New game mode then to replace the mission system completely.One big mission only.For example 50 crims vs 50 enforcers in a TDM(where u see ur opponents)but with one condition-u can fight only players ur threat.Probably green gonna have to be removed cause very little players are(all greens-bronzes)About T-they can fight for 1 match everybody till they get their threat(bronze,silver,gold)Each mission-15 minutes.If the final score is possible to be calculated separately or even to run separately-like 3 different missions-thats perfect(1 mission for silvers,1 for bronzes,1 for golds) There u go matchmaking problems resolved.This mode also will remove the campy objective spots and will decrease the lag on the district(cause only 1(or 3)missions/systems running) Oh well just my fantasies...
  21. he must be aware what hes postin then check the roadmap and see 4 urself
  22. Thats true but what i mean is dat LO gonna messd up with this new matchmaking and the 300 players left also gonna quit and the game will be finished.I hope im wrong we will see...
  23. Is kinda confusing what we are supposed to expect next from the roadmap.Matt wrote that next big thing after the 64bit and EAC-are the new contacts On other hand on discord this GM Alaris wrote that current project is the improved matchmaking.So whats next then? I think that must be the contacts like he planned originally.Why?Because this will be long term new content which will bring older players who have not much to do in current game and will sustain playerbase from at least 1k for weeks(maybe months)Best part is that we can have the threat districts back and at least separate golds from bronzes.Thats why contacts must be the next thing because if the new matchmaking system fails after that(players disconectin,lags,teleports etc)we can go back to the old model If the next big thing is this new matching and this new net code failed big time-may kill the game and no point of addin anything after that
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