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  1. 3.5 months since the roadmap and 0 news about any progress on 1.30..things are clear for me.Not even social-screenshots or video
  2. btw today is exactly 4 years since LO took over(may 10th 2018)the first blog https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2018/5/10/open-letter-to-the-apb-reloaded-community
  3. where is the blog u said hes makin last week..
  4. the CEO was suposed to give us some update but idk in what hole he fall again..
  5. u one of the most toxic thats 4 sure..time to stop doin dat
  6. in EU this clan Essence(crim)was very good-some of them got baned from FF back in the day dou
  7. Holy sht finally after 3+ months.I hope is someting good..
  8. yea he will do that.. Btw 3 months without any update about the development status on this game.On may 10-LO makes 4 years since takin over this game.Also when they bough it the game had 1000 players-now have 3 times less-300/350 Just facts..
  9. to see thousands of players again the game needs better performance,proper matchmaking and new game content(at least 2 new contacts)other things are minor..maybe irritatin but still minor p.s. btw 3 months since the last news..what a record
  10. Even hes last tweet is from march 7th and is about Unsung story.10 weeks since roadmap and any news about apb.Have the feelin that this person just left couple of people(probably the same for all games)and hes just checkin them out from time to time.Hes income is comin from somewhere else and hes livin hes new life.I doubt theres gonna be any progression on apb ever.The fact that for 2-3 months we dont even have some footage or video from even social or asylum-bad sign.Most likely theres nothin done at all
  11. *title* 10 weeks without any update..u tell
  12. we are about to close Reloaded as well or what..
  13. The game is without the threat districts for months now.Playerbase is pretty much the same(300-350)End of the drama
  14. 8 weeks without any news.Lets think about it for a second.If there was some1 actually workin on 1.30-why we have 0 for 2 months now?Not even screenshots or anything at least from Social for example.Plus the fact we skip this year valentine event..things aint lookin good
  15. AlienTM

    Hide threat levels ?

    With 300 players left we pretty much know players by their names but yea overall is good idea.No point of visible threat when theres no threat district.Also this thing is the most toxic sht for years now.Just the rank symbol-blue for enforcers-red for criminals
  16. +1 I doubt some1 is still workin on the game dou.Is probably just Matt doin some stuff in is free time.He even admit it past year..i doubt theres a team or anything.The lack of updates tells me exactly dat
  17. 6 weeks whitout any update..umm hello?Tell us whats going on with 1.30.I guess u cant do anything with that either and thats why is the silence.Probably they gonna tell us that this operation also failed with the next roadmap in the beggining of next year..
  18. Probably this stuff they try to implement from 2.2 into 1.30 make the game crashes and is once again "needle in the haystack"Most likely they will announce that the game is going nowhere in the beggining of the next year with the next roadmap..till then is gonna be "is tough but we working on it"
  19. The server is in west europe so i dont see problem.Only if LO decide to take a side and start with some sht propaganda-dat may have some negative effect because at least half of the community are russians.But LO aint gonna do it they are not idiots..and is not their business to stick their nose in things like that
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