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  1. You find excuses, but the reality is there, either to defend yourself or I don't really know. Surely you also have a little help in recoil too. In general, it's the cheaters themselves who come to contradict these remarks. There is a big difference between a laser shoot where nothing moves and recoil control. Just have to see the world champions of CSGO to understand that.
  2. Evidence? all time i see players on twtich with zero recoil. There is a difference in controlling the recoil and not having any at all. Video on youtube like " flaws "or other etc ... When you play vs players full fire, easily noticed. You don't need to was an esport players to see that
  3. They are to many hackers in this game, And many players are using Macro or others software to reduce no recoil, this is unfair Can you simply add an option for desable recoil for all players, that solve the problem All can choose how to play with his game
  4. clearly see no recoil use don't cry now
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