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  1. me getting out of my car to climb into the ladder to kill the camper by the back
  2. some dethreater: i know am a gold and the reason am here is be- me:
  3. Ok 19 dollar armas card, who wants it, remember to share share share and troll gold players DONT GET IGNORED
  4. post any memes about apb
  5. Yeah los santos rn is kinda like a warzone but with flying bikes well atleast 2013-2016 wasnt really like that but sometimes there where dudes in jets stolen from the military base which wasnt easy to steal, they usually kill the whole lobby well good thing heat seeking rockets existed for those Tbh it's better than hoping in a certain part of san Francisco to deal with tryhards in some district they aren't allowed to be in( golds in bronze district) everyday
  6. Ever wish you got a raise everytime you win against a gold
  7. This was just for fun Like where you want to stay or something
  8. well this isnt the only one i listen to
  9. am 100 percent sure they don't go FC to pick on us they go there for jt and crap just like the rest of us
  10. taking one for the team here person below me go ahead
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