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  1. Or lets just wait for the annihilation of this game and san paro
  2. I remember I had to go through that when silver district was the only district that was active expect instead of 3 bronzes it was 2 low and mid level silver and a low level bronze buddies against 230+ gold MF's
  3. gonna come here just to say... destroy San Paro oh and Los Santos also
  4. Thanks kind sir now I can get my apb character out of san paro once and for all
  5. it can be alot of intro so feel free to give more than 10 I but dont give all of them links NFS Underground and underground rivals ,Most wanted 2005, carbon and NFS shift( don't bite each others heads off because you like one NFS game over another I doubt I even need to say this) FIFA 07-15 this was the one I loved the most Burnout legends-paradise pes 2005-2015 intro I will give you my most favorite midnight club 3 and MCLA Def jam Fight for new york Asphalt 4,3D and 6 Juiced 1 and 2 Driver parallel lines and san Francisco GTA VC,SA,lCS,VCS and V
  6. Gta online bots are just broken asf maybe just story mode's(GTA V itself) own because those bots dont have some damage multipliers with aimbot
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