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  1. not like I was an easy target anyways without it, getting killed because 1-2 pixels of my leg didn't make it in time around a vehicle or prop as I was running like prime Thierry Henry
  2. Wait as in without dying? But yeah you right kelvar implant vs low-golds and high silvers end up like "Nah I'd win", but against sweaty golds and cheaters it feels like it's not even doing what it's suppose to do
  3. Centered? we talking saints row 1 and 25 to life
  4. You can find some good one you might have not heard of around the 2000s-2014 too
  5. See that's the thing you don't need to play the matches Think about the un-hijakced tr-
  6. Go out with a bang, that the streets of San paro wouldn't forget
  7. I mean, you did ask for it, but lemme break it down for you
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