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  1. I didn't bother reading but this is considering
  2. Life is too short to argue with random strangers, especially with a specific threat in a dying game you don't fuck with just say "I AM HIP" and post an Alfa Romeo GT when least expected
  3. They ain't even trying anymore I am just going to post a random loading screen and dip like most of the playerbase
  4. From someone that uses the growl a lot I felt like it was out of place because the car almost felt like some rebadge like average gta online car after 2017 while being the only post 2010 car But honestly a Corvette c5 or 6 would have been But at the same time high tier cars could be like something like dodge (1st and 2nd gen), TVR viper , Ferrari F355 and Lamborghini countach territory( mid-high sports cars) since we got a 996 Porsche 911 and a supra combination vs a mustang that has a engine and suspension kit that screams GT500 and Saleen extreme.
  5. I mean how else is the average San paro resident suppose to cope
  6. you know, Instead of you two shooting each other, I have a better idea A Hardcore Falls count anywhere Match at Smackdown,
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