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  1. wait what? mobile game? I thought they were doing nothing at all
  2. idk about you the one that was basically the NFS female characters( like that person had the best plans and strategies) of APB and last and the Average vet that just becomes silver again
  3. Yeah, I remember one time in winter when it was really hot then all of a sudden the next day it was cold as heck
  4. So, hows everyone doing outside of san paro
  5. Or just add 5 new cars and boom people would come back
  6. Gold MF's coping about having a Silver Teammate (Very hard)
  7. Bruhd101

    Hide threat levels ?

    idk about you, but even if they do its just its gonna be News Players, Casuals and the those people I don't wanna waste my time to explain how much I despise those MF.
  8. You know what how about time trials to earn some quick cash
  9. FR, I've only saw 3 people around my level(12-17 at that time) and a trainee even be in Green and that was the only time I ever saw it even have a single person
  10. that explains it all i know Citadel is active while where am at (Jericho) is probably has only 1 district actually active (last time I check around December)
  11. Idk men, doubt that's ever possible Even when bringing a bunch of silver and bronze buddies to a dead server
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