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  1. throwing the passenger seat from my Moirai at full force
  2. "WTF IS A KILOMETER" (eagle sounds)
  3. I never really liked it either same with the 50 symbols limit well I had to just make a 2nd character who's just basically storage to keep old stuff I definitely don't want to get rid off
  4. 2. Is a great idea and didn't crackdown have this? But I guess with the first one instead of some bricks or 8-balls what about them pulling out some secondaries well they would probabaly have some awful accuracy, it would have made more sense since there are citzens irl that got either pistols or automatic rifles (I guess with the npc they just get a rifle that is dogshit) with them because they live in a city, state or country filled with gang violence and cops that can't do shit about it, since the criminals are more powerful with military grade weapons, armor and vehicles
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