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  1. I was really excited for this release. Unfortunately, this hasty roll-out is obviously half baked. Hopefully, LittleOrbit learns from this mistake and will be more cautious about releasing half-assed assets in the future.
  2. For the life of me, I can't remember playing with or against you. But nevertheless, I'm flattered! Despite this game's many flaws it holds something near and dear to me that will always bring me back; it is like a hard drug. By finding others that enjoy the same drug my time feels well spent. Thanks for putting me on your wall!
  3. Tbh, I miss P5/N5 showing up on radar. Back when I played seriously, it gave me a legitimate fear that I could potentially have the entire district after me if I played well enough. It was also a nice balance in difficult matches were an enemy was more skilled than me. Just my $.02
  4. Eh, he's probably thumping back and forth between gold and platinum because the threat system sucks. It used to keep you gold if you played well. Now, you can win a mission, get over 20 kills to 3 deaths in that same mission and still manage to get adjusted. The game is fundamentally broken.
  5. If you're lagging so bad that you don't know which gun you currently have out, I think you have bigger problems than which buttons to press.
  6. Why is this even an issue? There are only two possible guns to switch to.
  7. Might as well get in trouble for breathing while we're at it.
  8. I have a very simple way to look at this: if I use anything that goes against the game agreement I signed, or gives me a morally unfair advantage, which is beyond what the developer intended, I would be cheating. This means that: HudSight, Macro, C Launcher, and any strew of configs other than the APB:R Launcher are off-limits. This concept has worked for me since 2011 and will continue working for me as long as I continue to play.
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