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  1. Reuploaded and fixed all screenshots links that were corrupted (due to discord's change in policy regarding media hosted on discord).
  2. @tedix- Yes Matt did actually say this will be done, did you not watch the whole stream? It is available HERE
  3. @MACKxBOLAN -> there you go mate you can watch the entire stream (think he said those car parts are done and will come, he also quite clearly stated that factions will remain): https://www.twitch.tv/littleorbit
  4. Yeah Matt did say that they - thank god - will definitely keep factions so I think you got nothing to worry there mate
  5. Hey Matt, I wonder will the "open world part" of APB get some love down the line? More to do for enforcers, more to do for criminals, including BOTH sides being reliant on the other (i.e. more cops on patrol more gain for the criminals, less cops out, less gain), as well as "drop off" points not spawning right next to where the witnessing happens but on the opposite site of the town for both sides, so we can have MORE chases happening? Oh and if there is any chance that clan groups could be larger than just 4 people? Thanks!
  6. @Azukii - Hey mate, I thought I let you know as well, just in case this comes up again (as I am sure others will also run into this issue eventually). I did uncover what the problem with the vanishing screenshots is: Discord apparently has changed their URL format to fight against being used as a file/image hosting site. This means that discord links are no longer suitable to post images, as the linked images will not show up correctly (i.e. the link gets corrupted).
  7. Screenshot from a short patrol the other day. Note we have been having some issue with image hosting it seems, so part of our old screenshot links seem to have been corrupted and no longer work, we will try to fix that (but those are many and will take time to get all up again).
  8. @Azukii - Thanks for getting back to me about this. It is a very weird issue, as all of our screenshots are hosted on our discord server and then linked here, so they should work (since none of them were actually deleted on our end or moved). Might be that discord changed something? But then again none of the older screenshots have any issues, since they are still displayed normally. Well I guess if all fails we will have to update all the postings and re-link everything. Again thanks for your time mate!
  9. Hi there, I wonder: did something change on your ends forum-wise? We noticed that about 2 weeks ago all of our screenshots on the last two forum pages of our clan thread here on the APB Forum (https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/13129-lapd-squad-police-rp-clan/page/23/) have vanished. Nothing was changed on our ends and the linked images are actually still accessible on our discord, so they should still work fine here too? I hope you can shed some light onto that issue. Thanks!
  10. Thank you VERY, VERY, VERY much, as that finally means our boys and girls in blue can actually start playing once more and go on RP patrols again!!!
  11. Not sure if that has been reported yet but apparently: "Witnessing" is broken for enforcers!!! It did work before this update, as our clan was still able to witness criminals on the 19th of December 2023, but now this is no longer possible. I just checked myself a few moments ago to confirm that this is really broken -> and yes, I was unable to activate any mission against any criminal doing open world crime (while it did tell me I "witnessed a criminal" it did not start a mission, only got a notification and that is all). This is pretty bad for our police RP clan, as we play this small open world part of the game exclusively and now no longer can do that. So we all hope very much that this gets fixed soon. Thanks!
  12. Screenshot from our patrol the other night, showing the entire clan leadership on duty. Was a blast guys, thanks for coming and of course thank you to everyone who participated in the pursuits.
  13. Screenshot from our patrol the other night, showing our officers on duty (from left to right: Deckard, Rebecca, Foxtail and Caezul) - thanks to everyone who participated!
  14. Screenshot from our patrol the other night, showing our officers on duty (from left to right: Deckard, Foxtail and Jennifer) - thanks to everyone who participated!
  15. @KINGANDI360XXX - Thank you for your interest, I will send you a PM as soon as I can. -> Sent!
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