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  1. Yeah exactly @R3ACT3M - I did not mean to have it replaced but indeed as an additional option for people to use it - like you said maybe an emote or maybe an equitable MOD for those players that have characters sporting such a skateboard. Just thought it would look funny if they take it off their backs and try to escape using it.
  2. Members of the LAPD Squad will again take care of traffic control during the "Chipp's Car Club" street races on Wednesday. This week the event should be taking place in the "Waterfront Gold 1" district, starting at approximately 21:00 (GMT) . For the exact location of the event please use this LINK to the official event thread and have a look at the last posting in that thread for all the details. Any enforcer interested in helping out, is of course invited to clear the tracks with us. LAPD Squad clan members have been using this weekly get-together to meet up once a week as well, in order to play together and help out at the event - so I hope to see you guys again - if you have the time!
  3. Since some criminals sport skateboards carried on their backs, would it not be nice if they had the option to actually use it when sprinting? Would that be something people would want added? Just wondering :)
  4. StevenDeckard

    Mute themes

    I agree - it is one of the BEST additions (and definitely a "quality of life" addition from my point of view) ever made for APB. Big thank you from me for finally adding this option. Only thing left in my humble opinion is the option to also mute music forced on us by other players broadcasting it (if someone wants to listen to their music that is fine but please do not force it on others). There have been countless of occasions where people almost begged others to have mercy and switch off their music.
  5. Just a heads up for tomorrow's "Chipp's Car Club" event, where members of the LAPD Squad usually help out with traffic control during the street races after the show. This week it should be taking place in the "Financial Gold" district, starting at approximately 21:00 (GMT) . For the exact location of the event please use this LINK to the official event thread and have a look at the last posting in that thread for all the details. As always: Any enforcer interested is of course invited to help out to keep the tracks clear with us. See you at the event!
  6. Tonight is "Chipp's Car Club" day, as usual it should be starting at approximately 21:00 (GMT) - this week (if I am not mistaken) in the "Waterfront Gold" district (here is the LINK to the official thread). As the last few times the LAPD Squad will once again try to help out with traffic control during the official street races after the car show event. Any other enforcer is of course invited to help out and keep the tracks clear. See you guys at the races!
  7. @FirstCommander - I feel safer already - nice job mate! Also here is something I have been meaning to do for a while now (though it is not a police vehicle this time, but meant for my little criminal to use): T.C.'s iconic "Island Hoppers" van paint job from the equally iconic, original "Magnum P.I." 80s TV show (not that godawful relaunch garbage).
  8. @FirstCommander - thanks for making and posting that video! So awesome. The other night, after the weekly car show and street races, we had the above featured hot pursuit series with our most wanted criminal Sufe and his pal Jolanna, with very high speed chases through the Waterfront district. Those two really gave us a run for our money! Some of their tricks reminded me of the 1977's movie "Smokey and the Bandit" (starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jerry Reed). Thanks guys! Last night we opted for another training day, this time with officer First Commander breaking out his criminal character and giving the pursuing officers quite a challenge in the process. Officer Foxtail and myself where joined in our efforts by fellow police officer doorkicker. We not only had wild pursuits through the Financial district but also violent shootouts with a relentless suspect, who sent many of the responding officers straight to the morgue.
  9. We - Fox, myself and Themis (a friend from another cop clan, who sometimes joins us on patrol) - saw a lot of open world crime action yesterday, hunting down our most favourite criminal Sufe, teamed up with one of his pals. Some great car and foot chases and epic shootouts ensued (a lot of the responding officers ended up in the ICU this time). Big thank you to Sufe and his friend for giving us a real challenge this time!
  10. @FirstCommander - Thanks for adding Foxtail's video to the clan channel! Fox and I had a pretty fun evening yesterday, filled with some very high speed pursuits in an otherwise empty Waterfront (Gold) district, chasing our three most favorite (illegal) street racers Sufe, Shawnna and heysie. Talk about fast when trying to catch up to these three rascals (even when they decide to drive unmodded cars). Thank you guys for some epic action (we really wish there would be more criminals like you out there interested in chases and RP)!
  11. A few more variations for the police hat might be nice to have (since not all police forces wear the same styled hat depicted in game at the moment) a dress hat with a round crown WW2 style crush cap a Canadian Mountie style hat state trooper hat and a non-shiny version of the short-sleeved police uniform shirt. Alas the currently in-game version has problems with darker colours, making it look more like velvet or a similar shiny looking fabric, thus making it practically useless if you are going for a dark coloured police uniform look.
  12. I could not agree more - very well done video, Fox! Was a slow evening all around, with almost zero open world crime going on and the bronze districts, were lag-fests filled with silver/golds shredding lower ranks and beginners. So we opted out of that madness and did that "photo-shoot" on an empty server. It was far from certain if the low-resolution pictures we run the game at would even work, but Fox managed to add some additional detail in post processing. It would have been awesome if some of our other members would also have had time to drop by (even though doing such a shooting is a time consuming process), but alas everyone seemed to have been busy with RL that night (and since it was an adhoc thing there was no way to get word out in time). @FirstCommander - Fox said you should go ahead and upload it to our channel (that way it is easier to embed it directly here on the forum), thanks mate! @Nastibe - I laughed so hard when Fox showed me your hilariously funny RP answer to the ticket notification he send you. Especially the thing with Waterfront cracked me up. Brilliant!
  13. Yesterday evening (due to the fact that not much was going on) we opted for another "training day" with myself again posing as suspect, pitched against LAPD Squad officers First Commander, Foxtail and Rivielle. As suspect I did not only commit different types of (open world) crimes but also displayed a variety of different behaviours, thus offering our officers ever changing tactical situations, which they had to adapt to (as they never knew how the suspect they encountered would react). We had some epic car as well as foot chases all over the Financial District, including some very intense shootouts (which in some instances played out more like a tactical shooter than the usual arcade-APB-style gameplay). I am quite proud to say that our clan's officers worked extremely well together and did a marvelous job, since I did not manage to make any clean getaway, despite my utmost efforts. I reckon that in about 98% of the incidents that evening the suspect was successfully arrested, while roughly 2% ended with the suspect either in the ICU of a hospital or the morgue (thought the latter cases were all my own and "lag's" fault and not due to any misuse of deadly force by the responding officers). If I remember correctly the casualties on the officer's side was one officer shot while another one died in an explosion (very unlucky, as it happened while she was diving past an exploding vehicle in her already damaged squad car). Considering the large number of calls the officers responded to and how many ended with shots fired I think, while not ideal, it can be seen as a very good result. All in all a great and very fun evening and we surely will have more of these "training days" in the future. If there are any criminals, or criminal clans, out there that are interested in roleplaying and like to participate in some of our RP and training-scenarios just let us know.
  14. Yes was indeed a lot of fun getting chased by Fox and Sufe (even though the lag I did encounter on my end was 10-times of horrible for some reason), who displayed an uncanny ability to predict my escape routs and, with Fox close on my 6, the two managed to arrest me more times than I was able to make a clean getaway. Makes me glad I did not ditch my little criminal as that way we always have the option to go for some custom chases, shootouts, tactical situations and arrests whenever there is no open world crime going on and everyone else seems to be only doing missions.
  15. @ViolaDeWynter - Thank you very much for also fighting the "good fight" on several fronts so to speak and gathering support to beat the pandemic. It is, after all, very much a team effort and the more people do this the better the result! @FirstCommander - Nice job, did not expect that you were recording the event from a cop's point of view! Think we did not do too badly (but we could have used a few more boots on the ground and a bit more preparation time to block and clear the traffic more efficiently).
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