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  1. Thank you VERY, VERY, VERY much, as that finally means our boys and girls in blue can actually start playing once more and go on RP patrols again!!!
  2. Not sure if that has been reported yet but apparently: "Witnessing" is broken for enforcers!!! It did work before this update, as our clan was still able to witness criminals on the 19th of December 2023, but now this is no longer possible. I just checked myself a few moments ago to confirm that this is really broken -> and yes, I was unable to activate any mission against any criminal doing open world crime (while it did tell me I "witnessed a criminal" it did not start a mission, only got a notification and that is all). This is pretty bad for our police RP clan, as we play this small open world part of the game exclusively and now no longer can do that. So we all hope very much that this gets fixed soon. Thanks!
  3. Screenshot from our patrol the other night, showing the entire clan leadership on duty. Was a blast guys, thanks for coming and of course thank you to everyone who participated in the pursuits.
  4. Screenshot from our patrol the other night, showing our officers on duty (from left to right: Deckard, Rebecca, Foxtail and Caezul) - thanks to everyone who participated!
  5. Screenshot from our patrol the other night, showing our officers on duty (from left to right: Deckard, Foxtail and Jennifer) - thanks to everyone who participated!
  6. @KINGANDI360XXX - Thank you for your interest, I will send you a PM as soon as I can. -> Sent!
  7. Like Fox already said above: "Happy Halloween!" to everyone of you who is celebrating - have fun, be happy and most of all stay safe!
  8. Snapshot (by Foxtail) from our clan's patrol the other day.
  9. Screenshot by Foxtail from last night's patrol, featuring our Criminal friend Alyssa (thanks for another great pursuit)!
  10. Screenshot by Foxtail from our patrol the other day, featuring both veteran and rookie members.
  11. LAPD Squad was quite busy with patrols these past days, with new and veteran members as well as friends attending. Thanks to everyone for coming out and participating both on our and the criminal side! Here is a snapshot from last night (from left to right): Officer Rebecca, Sergeant Foxtail, Officer Deckard and Officer Playworld.
  12. @KeyboardCommando / Hauteur: Good to hear from you mate, I do remember our patrols together fondly! Thanks for sharing those screenshots :)
  13. LAPD Squad had time for a patrol last night and due to criminals being active we had quite a few chases, shootouts and arrests. Thanks everyone for coming out and participating!
  14. We from LAPD SQUAD wish a "Happy Easter!" to those of you who celebrate this day.
  15. Today is Wednesday and - if our RL schedule permits (which will be posted our clan's discord channel on short notice, see the link below) - we will hold our usual "LAPD Squad Meet Up"! As always, it will take place in combination with the "Chipp's Car Club" (CCC) player event, which is scheduled after. The starting time for the "LAPD Squad Meet Up" is around 19:00 GMT*. We usually meet up at least an hour before CCC starts and do regular patrols together as well as custom high speed chases (depending on whether or not open world crime is going on). If you want to participate - on the cop or the criminal side - just let us know. For those interested here is our "LAPD Squad Discord LINK". The CCC player event does start at 20:00 GMT* (an hour earlier than it used to be) and the location for this week should be in one of the Waterfront districts (see the disclaimer below). Please use either the CCC Discord LINK or the CCC APB Forum LINK for more details about the CCC event and the specifics about the district's event location. Members of LAPD Squad will again take care of traffic control during the street races after the CCC car show (where participants present their newest customisations). Any other enforcer or criminal interested in helping out - and thus doing something entirely different in game for a change - is welcomed to keep the traffic at bay with us. If you have time to attend, we'll see you on the streets. In any case: Please stay safe out there and use all necessary precautions to stay healthy! ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEWARE: Due to the removal of threat levels (September 2021), and thus threat districts, there could be serious issues with finding a moderately empty server to run events, as only very few servers are available when logging in. This usually means that whether or not any player events can take place in a specified district can only be decided upon on short notice. It is also impossible to say if there are going to be enough free slots for all who want to participate (if the district is not empty). Whether or not those random players present will grief and interfere with the race and traffic control on purpose is also a hit and miss thing at the present. The same issues exist regarding open world crime activities, and it sometimes amounts to pure luck if units on patrol in available districts come across any of those. --------- * Links to a time zone converter, showing your corresponding local time, have been inserted for your convenience.
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