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  1. @FirstCommander Holy moly, you guys really caught a truly big one there - congrats on that arrest!
  2. @Artorius_ - The timer idea and having to shell out cash a huge amount of cash to remain (would even say having to pay that fine per mission and getting 95% less payout - although I still think auto-moving golds to a gold district is the best solution, since the pay-option would not deter griefers) as well as the inability to dethreat for a longer period - here I would suggest something more like for example 12 hours or even 24 hours - are a good ideas and should definitely help to get the situation under control. Had three matches in a row yesterday against those kind of players and it was an absolute nightmare - any new player would immediately uninstall the game after that, since such matches are no fun at all for anyone.
  3. Would be much better for new players and players that have a lower threat-level (i.e. bronze) if dethreatening would not be possible or if a player gets to gold threat level he is allowed to finish the current mission and then is automatically spawned to a gold district (without the ability to immediately de-threat again). Gold-districts are almost always empty and one encounters hundreds of "silver" and golds in bronze districts, shredding lower-threat and new players. Another option would be to disable a de-threater's character mods, car mods and weapon mods automatically (there has to be a way to check if someone does this on a regular base) if he enters a lower level district, giving the population there a chance.
  4. @Kevkof - the not-registering arrests happened during normal missions. I get that there should be rules in place to prevent "farming", but to be honest I do not really see why "open world crime arrests" are not counted towards roles, especially since it does take quite an effort to actually patrol the streets and look for crime happening. The way it is set up now is that people who like to roleplay cops are practically punished, since their efforts are not counted. It makes even less sense, if those cops do not use any character mods or weapon mods, carry no special equipment (i.e. cuffmates) and only use normal Less-Than-Lethal weapons - my standard loadout for example is: the starting "Obeya" pistol, the first Less-Than-Lethal "Stabba – CCG" one is able to get and 2 stun grenades. I do not even use any car mods in the squad cars I use or that are issued to our members! Why? Well all to make it as fair as possible, regardless of who you encounter (this usually means one can easily be taken out by any criminal, even with "only" starter equipment and/or escape with ordinary vehicles). While on the issue most of our clan would love to see more pursuits happening and maybe have missions specifically involving those (without artificially slowing down the suspects car!). It is loads more fun having to try to catch up to a good driver or having to try to set up roadblocks - but sadly all of this does not happen very often.
  5. I agree, if an arrested criminal is freed it should not count as an arrest! But, like I tried to explain, it sometimes does not seem to count arrests even though the arrested was NOT freed by a fellow criminal. As the majority of members in our little cop clan tries to arrest criminals instead of killing them, we did notice that something seemed to be off with arrests for a while now. A second issue is that cops are not able to activate (witness) open world crime missions from inside their cars (this was definitely something that was possible a few years ago). That said having to jump out of the car to activate a mission against a suspect is only a minor inconvenience, even though it is now more likely that a cop misses the small time window allowed for activation.
  6. Yes - our clan members and myself have experienced the same issues with arrest not counting (even though none of the arrested suspects were freed by fellow criminals). This is very weird. Also - this may be an related issue - any arrests made during "open world crime" missions (when enforces witness crimes in progress) do not seem to be counted towards one's cop rank level.
  7. @FirstCommander - Nice job mate, thanks for sharing! Wish you had time to stay on for a tiny bit longer yesterday evening, because Fenton, Foxtail and I ended up in an awesome high speed chase on Waterfront, that lasted for at least 15 or so minutes: A random player went on a rampage with a stolen concrete truck and we tried our best to stop him, which resulted in a wild ride through the whole district (including some truly epic moments)! The pursuit finally ended with him attempting a jump and his truck getting stuck. Was loads of fun.
  8. @FirstCommander - Thanks for sharing mate! Shame that there was only so little open world crime going on yesterday, since we were out on patrol in force this time. In any case keep those videos coming (totally remind me of the "Cops" reality-tv-show)!
  9. Great videos, FirstCommander - thanks for posting them!
  10. @ Skarma - Thank you for your posting and interest. You are very welcome to ride out on patrol with us in order to see if you like what we do (and vice versa). Do not hesitate to contact one of us in-game and we will also keep an eye out for you (your enforcer's name is "Skarma"?). We see you in game hopefully! @ FirstCommander - Nice screenshot - keep them coming! The new service car with its Belgian Customs Service paintjob turned out very good indeed. (Btw. I will refrain from posting screenshots made on my old "potato", since the game sadly does not look nearly as nice there and might actually lead to people wanting to poke out their eyes).
  11. Nice job on the updated cars mate!
  12. A new branch of service that is in the process of being added to the clan roster is the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. Fox has already made a very smart looking female deputy uniform as well as fitting LASD vehicles!
  13. Oh bummer, thanks for clearing that one up FirstCommander (good to see you here on the forums) - Foxtail will fix this error as soon as he can (sadly he also has the problem of being unable to edit his postings yet due to some strange restriction here on the forums - as soon as he is able to he will be editing the first posting accordingly).
  14. @ Ellen - Hope we did not overlook any in-game message yesterday (Fox was pretty busy most of the time with a new car in social and I only logged in pretty late myself).
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