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  1. Something I have been working on (somehow the video embedding code does not seem to work here on the forum, so I posted the normal link) https://streamable.com/rcv290
  2. Steven and I had quite some fun with Sufe tonight. Steven brought his little criminal and Sufe joined me on patrol with his cop character and we had quite some chases all over town.
  3. ...notification of a traffic violation in the Financial District the other day...
  4. @Nastibe - beware we are looking for you
  5. @FirstCommander: Awesome, thanks for posting another patrol video!
  6. ...and another brand new emergency service vehicle...
  7. @FirstCommander: Ha awesome video, thanks for sharing! And here is a screenshot of the new NY Senior Care Ambulance van.
  8. Out on patrol: (Btw. there is nothing wrong with your eyes, the game unfortunately looks this "low-res" way on my end)
  9. @FirstCommander: Ha, very well done on the Douane van, mate! Such a shame that I have no space for anything any more on either character. Also good job on the recruitment front! Looking forward to play with the new rookies. @Mehdiitrickz: Hope you will enjoy patrolling the city with us, and see that RP does indeed work the "old school way". I should add that the way we do RP is certainly not for everyone, which is totally OK.
  10. Hey Creator20204, thank you for your interest. Of course you can join, what is the name of your enforcer character (so we can look out for you in game)?
  11. Made another update in the first posting regarding the uniforms (now also showcasing the Belgian Customs Service) and have also updated some of the informations about our clan.
  12. I could not agree more! The past days bronze districts felt like "gold central", I even had to check if I had not accidentally picked a gold district. We have some brand new players in our clan who became so frustrated after being pitched against those dethreaters again and again that they chose to play something else. Either: - introduce an automatic system that immediately forces anyone that reaches gold threat level out of bronze districts - disallow dethreating in the first place Having to report dethreaters one currently seems to spends more time with reporting them than actually playing the game...
  13. Have updated the first posting, which now includes an overview of the uniforms in use (not all are shown currently).
  14. @FirstCommander Nice - thanks for posting the video from last night - we were really cutting that one very close, but thankfully managed to finish it (despite the interference from that griefer)
  15. Thanks Matt and LO. Hope all of you and other gamers around the globe are doing OK and are as alright as possible at the moment.
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