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  1. same. I live in Asia and My latency was 150ms , but now 300ms in NA. EU is 280ms same as before. It's too laggy.
  2. Please fix latency asap. I live in Asia , latency was 150ms in NA , but now around 290ms everyday. It's higher than EU(280ms) It's very laggy , i can't play.
  3. I know you guys trying to. But its really serious. ddos in peak time , ghost town in non-peak time. I shoudn't have bought premium.
  4. I can login but my latency is soo high recentlly. I tested my internet speed and it was fine.
  5. RFP is blatant OP. They should nerf or fix this.
  6. That's bannable cuz you get huge advantage. But idk LO bans you or no. I saw some streamers using custom shader(like crosshair , remove flash , explodes) in twitch. But they aren't banned.
  7. No need to revert. But why are they left as they were so long time? about 2 or 3 years. and suddenly "it's bugged , fixed it." That is almost deceiving
  8. N-TEC is just versatile and boring gun. Not OP.
  9. Engine upgrade + server fix will solve dead population. I can't play with 400ms plz don't.
  10. i saw the video(LO deleted),that was blatant speedhack. Not fragile or epinephrine or warping. if that was fragile too fast , if epinephrine no cooldown.
  11. I think thats a server problem. I feel something wrong with the server everyday. OSCAR + switching = Warping
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