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  1. We need more options about a sound. Like Sound effect , music , VoiP , more.
  2. dett2


    The Meteor mod doesn't work properly while on a mission. Activate -> Nothing happen -> mod cooldown starts so many times. It costs 10000 JTs it takes about 3months , please fix it.
  3. dett2

    IR3 Preset Refund

    Then , my tommygun , nano and yukon nerfed too so refund? ^^ Give it up.
  4. LO should revert shotgun changes. CSG is broken now toooo easy 2 shot kill , and so many shotguns on mission. It's boring.
  5. dett2

    radical idea

    Please don't nerf Low-Yields. I wanna spam it to campers.
  6. What is this mean? They will get more range? sorry , i'm not good at english.
  7. it's a buff IR3. should be back before stats (7m and increase maximum bloom). And RFP Fang is broken its not a secondary.
  8. These are already good gun as a socondary wep. no need buff.
  9. RFP is Burstfire weapon so IR won't affect TTK isn't it? just slower burst i think.
  10. Yukon and N-TEC nerfed. Let's test them.
  11. dett2

    I told all of you so

    Atleast OTW CSG and Ogre are OP. They don't need changes. both are already good on live server.
  12. I agree. shotguns don't need change. OTW shotguns are OP.
  13. After BE , no cheaters in jericho. idk in citadel.
  14. I think should not nerf modification. It affects all the weapon , it will be huge change. IR3 is good for allmost guns. but its not means N-TEC need nerf. N-TEC IR3 are fine i think.