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  1. That was unexpected lol just nerf it , no need to range buff. It's secondary.
  2. Getting to rank 5 was a grinding. rank10? No way.
  3. High Heel Ankleboots is still missing...
  4. Japan. NA was 150 and now 270ms , EU is 280 same as before. And my friend have same issue. Around 300ms is unlayable for me.
  5. I asked my friend to check it. And He couldn't find it. seems they forgot to add.
  6. was 150. But now around 300 , same as Citadel.
  7. Latency is very bad for countries beyond the sea.
  8. I checked it , sorry if i'm wrong. Over 70m N-TEC is min damage(30%). Ursus is 60 dmg. need 17 shots to kill. fire interval is 0.176 ttk is 2.816 sec. So I will win
  9. 6/12 Joker store update. But I still can't find it in joker store. missing? or bugged? Do you guys find it?
  10. Thanks. But latency is still high. 280ms
  11. agree. But I'm wondering if it's not ddos. Latency is always so high , and LO said there were provider issues. Anyway I just want LO to explain what's going on , and what they will do.
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