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  1. Cuz RFP-9 is blatant OP. Fang is broken
  2. dett2

    N-tec Anarchy

    N-TEC is just versatile and boring gun. Not OP.
  3. I can't win? No, I can't play because of time zone
  4. Engine upgrade + server fix will solve dead population. I can't play with 400ms plz don't.
  5. i saw the video(LO deleted),that was blatant speedhack. Not fragile or epinephrine or warping. if that was fragile too fast , if epinephrine no cooldown.
  6. I think thats a server problem. I feel something wrong with the server everyday. OSCAR + switching = Warping
  7. dett2


    You can jump lean shot with other ARs and some marksman SMGs. Most used not means OP. Almost games , ARs are most used cuz its versatile. If nerf N-TEC , N-TEC mains will use FAR or Ursus or Obeya or OSCAR. And then some people start saying "nerf them".
  8. please fix missions first...
  9. 1 week ago , "There are no cheaters lol , stfu silvers." Now , "I was wrong there are some cheaters omg" Maybe new cheats are came out....
  10. Make snowy central park , and let's do a snowball fight
  11. dett2

    LtL Conversion Mod

    I want Open slot LTL guns.
  12. dett2


    Full auto N-TEC? lol that only works in 10m. *skilled* N-TEC user uses fast tap fire , that's not full auto. No-skill ?? yea N-TEC is not difficult , but ATAC Raptor SMGs are much easier. And other armas guns are usefull , it's just you don't know how to use. yea , Hit reg is completelly broken now. Fix it.
  13. i don't remember the mission name , only i remember is 3 bags spawned *before* final phase(3item capture). when opposition touched it instantlly lose vandalism mission. cops broke windows , but won't progress to next stage. The window is already broken , crims can't break them(crims lose) Both in NA WaterFront. plz fix ASAP.
  14. dett2

    Bugged Mission - Economic Recovery

    same. FIX this ASAP.
  15. I hate timed events... I can't even play