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  1. After switching character this bugs occur frequently. This is critical bug. Fix this asap
  2. nerf car spawner pls... Idc about car det noobs , but car spawner is cancer.
  3. title says. I reported this long ago but its not fixed yet.
  4. LO please consider disabling threat restriction for NA. I can't play FN contacts. Only silver WF and bronze FN are playable. GOLDS can't play FN for a long time.
  5. In jericho. this bug causes can't see the mission objects and team member. And sometimes can't anything.(shoot , drive, I can only running) even latency and network is fine. some other players got same bugs, please check it. game restarts works. This is game side problem.
  6. That was unexpected lol just nerf it , no need to range buff. It's secondary.
  7. Getting to rank 5 was a grinding. rank10? No way.
  8. High Heel Ankleboots is still missing...
  9. Japan. NA was 150 and now 270ms , EU is 280 same as before. And my friend have same issue. Around 300ms is unlayable for me.
  10. I asked my friend to check it. And He couldn't find it. seems they forgot to add.
  11. was 150. But now around 300 , same as Citadel.
  12. Latency is very bad for countries beyond the sea.
  13. Can you see it? I sent a supportticket just in case. Thanks Sunny
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