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  1. yea... Horseman is the best event mode. I wanna play it again. but anyway thanks for event. I was bored .
  2. dett2


    Not only shredder please nerf thumper too. both blatant broken.
  3. dett2


    Agree shotguns were fine but now broken OP. please revert the shotgun change.
  4. shotguns do really need tweeked down, juuuust a little bit. yea , my friends quit because of shotguns.
  5. yeah , That's i wannt to say.
  6. dett2

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 discussion

    Yes , no need to make it useless. I hope just make it balanced. Range , Reload 10shells at once. bit of damage nerf isn't enough , that will be still op.
  7. dett2

    [PC] Patch 1.19.6 discussion

    Please Nerf Shredder and Thumper ASAP. Both ruin this game.(Like a trouble maker)
  8. dett2


    Yukon fix was good i think. IR changes ... not good but it's okay , i won't use it anymore. But shotgun changes are really terrible , it's not balancing just a breaking balance.
  9. I tested mainly shotguns in OTW , here is my feedback. To be honest , Just should revert shotgun changes before patch. Shotguns were fine as they were. I've never thought they are bad. I know shotguns should be strong in CQC , but now its overpowered. And they are problem. JG - need firerate nerf. (0.68s -> about 0.75s?? ) Shredder - still broken. nerf firerate and need range nerf. (Effective range should be 20m -> 15m , Min damage Range should be 40m -> 25m) It's just like a easy hit AR not a shotgun. Thumper - need firerate nerf when out of marksmanshipmode , and range nerf too. (Effective range should be 20m -> 15m , Min damage range should be 30m -> 25m) Showstopper - I feel this is OP as a secondary. easy 3 shot kill in 0.7s. need firerate nerf slightly or increase pellet spread. And about N-TEC5 - If LO team going to nerf N-TEC5 , need nerf N-TEC7 Ursus too. It's almost same , and feels N-TEC7 Ursus is very good. This will be best AR. sorry for my poor english, i hope Lo team fix these problem.
  10. Shredder Mains - "Shredder is Fine" yeah maybe it is , only in your head ^^
  11. dett2

    Diamond threat

    about 4 years ago(i dont remember), gold players restricted to join Gold district. But it was unplayable , except peak hours. many players leave APB. And now in jericho , being same situation in silver district. Please don't . If APB have enough player maybe it works , but now it won't.
  12. Shredder need more nerf still OP. nerf firerate little more and effective range should be 20 -> 15m , min damage range should be 40m -> 25m. Thumper need range and firerate nerf too. after patch , shotguns are easy to hit and easy to deal damage , that's a problem. LO should nerf them immediately , both guns are OverPowered. to be honest i hope just revert shotgun changes.
  13. dett2

    Nerf Colby 45 ap.

    .45 AP is a good gun not OP. nerf first RFP-9 its OP as a secondary.