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  1. Xivkyn

    A new threat level?

    I like the foundation of the threat system. At a glance I can tell whether I should let him get his hands on the briefcase or not lol
  2. For what you get, the price is madness lmao
  3. Xivkyn

    Player Collision

    What he said.
  4. Your probably right, fuzzy memory.
  5. I wouldn't mind a pink .45 with a heart tagger.
  6. Are you saying you'll never get a 1v1 match anymore? I swear I had one a while back.
  7. When they took threat districts away I wanted them back, now they're back I want them gone again lol.
  8. I gave XBOX APB a try a while back, couldn't stop laughing at the Voice chat, love it. Although I couldn't begin to imagine how annoying it is to deal with the worst of it and have no way to mute. I feel for you lol.
  9. I wouldn't mind either way tbh; I rarely use it.
  10. lol, beat me to it. Don't forget that the OSCAR is a contact reward, but is also available on ARMAS.
  11. Didn't they talk about making it a contact reward along with the Cap 40? For the two new contacts they are sorting out I think.
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