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  1. Xivkyn

    Player Collision

    What he said.
  2. Your probably right, fuzzy memory.
  3. I wouldn't mind a pink .45 with a heart tagger.
  4. Are you saying you'll never get a 1v1 match anymore? I swear I had one a while back.
  5. When they took threat districts away I wanted them back, now they're back I want them gone again lol.
  6. I gave XBOX APB a try a while back, couldn't stop laughing at the Voice chat, love it. Although I couldn't begin to imagine how annoying it is to deal with the worst of it and have no way to mute. I feel for you lol.
  7. I wouldn't mind either way tbh; I rarely use it.
  8. lol, beat me to it. Don't forget that the OSCAR is a contact reward, but is also available on ARMAS.
  9. Didn't they talk about making it a contact reward along with the Cap 40? For the two new contacts they are sorting out I think.
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