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  1. kiki55

    Bug? I cant see my teammates and objectives.

    sry to be late to answer back,its happening to me everytime i switch charas,what kind of information exactly do you need to know?
  2. kiki55

    Bug? I cant see my teammates and objectives.

    Oh okay,thank you. Everything is ON as usual.Maybe all I can do is waiting I guess.
  3. Every time after I switch characters,cant see my teammates and objectives through the walls(including building). Rebooting game fix it but little a bit annoying. Tried repairing game and re-installing but didn't work. Checked forum but couldn't find any related mention about it,is it only me?
  4. I can't press the "report" button even when i filled all the columns on the reporting dialog came from the /report. It's grey like the image of this post.
  5. kiki55

    Can't login Jericho

    whoooooo!! aight it seems fixed... for now.
  6. kiki55

    Can't login Jericho

    Same here. I can login to the APB and see my characters in jericho at the charas selecting screen but none of them is allowed to push "next" button when i chose one of these charas. The earned ingame money and JT is gone 0 aswell.