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  1. you get more g1c for the same amount of cash so its like a permanent discount on everything
  2. correct me if i am wrong but i live in europe so, isn't 9am utc like 7-8 hours ago?
  3. im just waiting on the showstopper thunder... which should be in the game by now i think
  4. hey guys, i am not sure if this is the right section to post this but i have always wanted to rearrange my locker so that i can put my favorite weapons at the top of the locker. This way, if you have alot of guns) you can switch more easily and do not have to search for them. Let me know what u guys think!
  5. the golds not being able to join a district if they would do the event again shouldn't be a problem but the event definently would need a few changes.
  6. would be nice to have an event like this!
  7. i have the exact same thing lol, guessin it's a server issue then
  8. i thought gonna relog real quick because the market wasn't loading for me... now i can't get back in lol
  9. exactly, is everyone on jericho having this issue?
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