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  1. Eixo


    Is there any kind of flagging towards rerollers? Especially players who cheat on alt accounts?
  2. Imo its better to let people leave instead of having a teammate trolling, teamkilling a griefing for the rest of a mission
  3. Every year we have valentine events and valentine weapon variants in ARMAS and imo all guns deserve to have its variant with tagger, ping killfeed and 2 more slots in armas... i am really hoping for sth like Valentine version of OCA, n-tec even Shaw for so long i just like valentine design at all...
  4. Speaking about twitch bans what about the one very polular pathetic hypocrite apb streamer who got banned like 10 times on FF, even admitted himself as a cheater in 1 time YT video (deleted shortly after LO took over) still streaming easily on twitch with no punishment? Its the only person that actually pisses me off in a whole apb community
  5. imo all they need to do is to finish U.E and after they will finish 4.0 version upgrade re-launch game with marketing campaign go to some big events to present game like Gamescom, etc... and present it in U.E 4.0 cause the game will get it one day anyway because support for 3.5 is slowly dying already.... it might hit some player potentially this kind of marketing and advertisement..
  6. oh so you probably dont remember summer 2017 then... when re-goated launched for free and 70% of players were flying roflcopters
  7. Apb's UI at all eats fos a lot, just try to disable whole UI including radar, names,crosshair and your FPS will be high and stable, best place to try it is asylum
  8. Best way for now will be leaving only open conflict and remove all threat districts Generally server will have golds,silves, bronzes which will guarantee better MM overall and leave matchmaking working but hide threats for players
  9. Well from last 4 days of playing i playvso often against groups running 2 JGs+Shredder and still 2JGs in every match its actually getting annoying... I got frustrated so quick by it.. So i am currently better not playing at all than being stressed out by 90% of playerbase playing tank nulander + JG runnin around car and corner peeking...
  10. i have some clips of people streaming literally using triggerbot on stream ... sent to support and they did nothing just got reply that its solved..
  11. I dont wanna sound odd but is it just me or is APB really infested again? sorry i have played enough but some players in game just stomp everyone every game, not missing a single bullet in a whole mission getting nearly 40/0 every game.. always predictive and always waiting on right corner prefiring and being super fishy.. i always care of radar tower or spotters but some players dont use them and they fuckin nuts every singe game... is it just me that really super bad after 5K hours in apb or are players closeting again? old clans with old members who got all banned before now play godmode again... i wont believe that someone who cehated for years in a game will be sudennly a god in case of pure clean skill from month to month
  12. Doesnt matter, 4x4 will grief it, overrun it, destroy it... Honestly i would love to see Nulander, espacio Health nerfed and make 4x4 destroyable with 1 osmaw shot
  13. Balants? Not really, closets? Several of them, some players still wallhack and trigger with rifles
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