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  1. Some grenade launchers and rocket launchers need their blast radius improved
  2. They are down and no matter how many times i try to reload in or restart my xbox or even wait 15 minutes i can’t get into any district i honestly feel like the xbox community is the most ignored one someone respond.
  3. Is this coming from a btch who can’t fit in a size 4 to 2? You obviously let other guys screw you over just to get some special treatment from them
  4. Don’t nerf the nfas ive seen many people leave apb because of the sniper nerf and the yukon nerf if you people even dare touch my ogre or the nfas in a bad way i promise you will i will go to wherever your office is located with my lawyer and sue all of you my ogre may be deadly but my lawyer is just as deadly theres no reason to nerf the any of the nfas’s i see many weapons get nerfed just because some mediocre player begged to
  5. Will it have it’s own joker box or is it gone for good because i don’t see it circulate around anymore
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