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  1. It’s an American thing i like the fanny packs that say supreme on them it’s worth the investment and i would like my apb character to have one.
  2. Stfu i come from console my team 90 percent of people i get i end up carrying them and losing because of them for starters I don’t like doing all the work and i am independent but i have no choice on this game i tried out many other weapons and no matter what i get jumped by a group of opposition but hey if you take offense to this that’s because you need a group of players to support you. Oh okay well you better start getting comfortable with players leaving the game because of these useless changes and when you mean “move on” me and a large group of players will “move on” to another game that is not under this company.
  3. But it’s affordable options and also you wouldn’t risk gambling like you would with joker box weapons and on top of that if anyone can’t spend like less than 40 dollars on a free game that’s sad.
  4. Corner camping is inevitable with almost any weapon don’t be a hypocrite.
  5. Stop downgrading the ogre and shotguns in general and other weapons too. You want to fix the ogre revert the stupid pellet system and reduce the magazine of the ogre to 14 like it was before that’s perfect to me and i hate when people say that it is dominating cqc. Sweety any weapon can dominate cqc mountie pointman you name it it just depends on who’s there first you want a solution to all this buff the firework launcher because the firework launcher is super helpful when used right and it gives an early warning on any enemy this would help since everyone is complaining about being caught on surprise or ambushed by opposition. Not just that but i feel like the firework launcher is barely used well at least on consoles I don’t know about pc but do not change the fire rate or ttk or stk on my ogre enough is enough we lost enough players due the nhvr nerf and due to the yukon patch the nunavut and northwest should have been buffed up to that broken fire rate of the Yukon so people can quit whining about p2w and all nhvr snipers should’ve just had a preset hunting sight 3 to help prevent no scoping since that’s what everyone whined about but at least consider what i just mentioned about my ogre and everyone else's ogre. Also you were the same company at the start saying how you weren’t going to make major changes to these weapons and approach this issue in a sensitive manner and make small minor changes but apparently you people lied.
  6. I totally agree with you they should of just reverted the ogre to what it used to be before this new pellet system or whatever it is i thought it was already good to begin with also i find it super hypocritical that little orbit was all like “oh were just going to make minor tweaks” they are over doing things now in a bad way.
  7. You guys are atrocious adding another shot to kill for the ogre really? Why can’t this be reverted? to what the ogre used to be before you guys bought this company
  8. Can you guys make a wild west version of this game like re make it but during the late 1800s or early 1900s with cowboy themes like the old wild west almost and or can you make one set in the 1940s or 30s with the mafia and classic cars and flappers or whatever and with the chicago type writer also if you guys are having so much trouble with the game files and what not why not just restart all over keep the same concept but remake this game using current modern technology and programs instead of just working with old files that aren’t compatible with today’s technology.
  9. This section is for pc you people don’t have a marketplace section for xbox
  10. I have 8 million also i might be interested in the kommandant with the hearts tagger please reply only on the xbox console
  11. If Joan Rivers was alive still she would be a better Joan for this company!
  12. Is it any good? How many shots to kill and which weapon is it similar to? Please reply thank you a video would be nice too
  13. Some grenade launchers and rocket launchers need their blast radius improved
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