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  1. virginiavirgin

    So the ogre takes 4 shots to kill now?

    Im worried if they touch my ogre in a bad way i really enjoyed my ogre the way it was before you don’t think they are going to downgrade it right?
  2. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/09/mid-september-update.html?m=1 what do they mean by 4 shots from 7 meters?
  3. I always see you on every single one of my posts nobody is forcing you to comment or to read my posts please get off my d*ck and quit making your life any more difficult then what it has to be.
  4. Can you no scope with the sitting duck and reaper or are they both nerfed also?
  5. Don’t contradict yourself if you cared so little why even bother to post this bs.
  6. Why does this topic matter to you? And my so called ego that i do not even have doesn’t have anything to do with this i get double tripled team and i work very hard for my fcking kills and i have every single right to have a fair leaderboard why should my k/d be jeopardized because of some defective team mate?
  7. Im sick of getting team killed and going negative because of irresponsible team mates but it shouldint count as a death when it comes to the leader board that’s it why should team killing count as deaths?
  8. virginiavirgin

    How are the nfas during this patch

    Does it still kill in 3 shots
  9. Is the ogre any better or did they nerf it? And if so what changed serious replies only
  10. virginiavirgin

    Some of the districts are down

    Baylan and open conflict waterfront is not available
  11. virginiavirgin

    I was right all along

    That a lot of people now don’t like the improved rifling
  12. You people didn’t take me serious but whatever im glad the same people who disagreed with me are now unhappy. I told all of you so and this topic is about why a lot of people are complaining about the new patch
  13. I believed the shotguns were already perfect i had really nice results with them but honestly these weapon nerfs are too much.
  14. i thought the weapon balance like you said in the video was going to be very minor changes if anything now i feel like the best choice would be to stop the nerfs in general and to stop this new weapon balance because i feel like it will further make apb lose players everyone is so used to quick scoping or whatever you call it and many people out there cash out on a lot of money on the yukon because of the way it performs i know this game is very fast paced but that's what makes apb very nice and very different and diverse compared to other games a lot of games out there have very repetitive weapon balances but what i liked about apb the most is the weapons on here were very different from one another which makes it diverse i don't like the improved rifling nerf and i am sure a lot of people out there don't like it either also i can speak for the people who don't like the yukon nerf and the nhvr nerf im going to be very realistic about this if this weapon balance does come a lot of fast paced players like me will just leave apb i like the weapon system the way it is now if anything the registry system and the servers just need a fix since when did people become so bad that they want this game to be slow paced and the weapons to be nerfed if i wanted such a weak weapon balance i would just go back on gta v honestly and people most of the time just stick around here because of social district due to customization my last proposal is to keep the current weapons the same and bring out new weapons that you want to implement the nerfs on to because in all honesty i would not be surprised if i still see a majority of people using the old weapons compared to the new ones i just don't see why as individuals we can't learn to coexist and coplay with and against each other than that the reason im typing all of this is because im trying to save my ogre and i learned how to go up against quick switchers with snipers and yukons and i still won a lot of times why can't everyone do the same instead why not just buff other weapons that aren't mainly used as much instead of just adding downgrades to current weapons and mods that are being used and that are actually good. and just because this post get's a lot of dislikes doesn't mean that of all i just mentioned wont happen because it will probably happen not everyone gets on the forums and when they find out what happended to their beloved weapons it's just going to end up being a dispute these changes are too much if people whine so much about not getting access to a joker weapon or if they feel that it's so overpowering why can't you little orbit just take off the joker boxes concept and start selling those legendarys for double the profit which guarantees that you will get the weapon instead of just gambling for them which will give less excuses for people to whine about just think about it.