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Found 3 results

  1. My suggestion is to make a mod for shotguns to benefit from and make Improved Rifling work only on rifles. Similar to the idea that was mentioned by others and LO about a mod for shotguns. It may need alternate effects for weapons like the Strife, nfas, or the shredder though for proper balance purposes. Shotgun Muzzle Break: Effecting JG, CSG T1 Reduces Spread Slightly (10%) Reduces Ray Pellet Scaling Damage slightly (20-30%) T2 Reduces Spread Moderately (15-20%) Reduces Ray Pellet Scaling Damage Moderately (40-60%) T3 Reduces Spread Substantially (20-30%) Reduces Ray Pellet Scaling Substantially(70-90%) These changes allow shotguns to be more deadly, however, it reduces the ray pellet forgiveness of the weapons drastically so that the guns rely more on actual hits, and partial hits become less forgiving. Most shotguns may gain a slight range advantage with this from their current states, however it may be counteracted by the reduction in the ray pellet scaling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Possible effect for shredder Shredder: Increases range -3m -5m -10m Reduces spread 5% 10% 15% Reduces Ray Pellet Scaling 35% 70% 100% This shotgun relies more on range and cover than cqc kills due to its high ttk. Allowing it to touch further I feel would be balanced, however spread would be slightly bettered so scaling would be removed entirely due to the accuracy. The shredder has very little spread to begin with, so the reduction in scaling would be necessary, and the spread would likely make it a "laser" moreso than now. This would hopefully be balanced out by the 0.84 TTK of the gun, however, if it is too strong as is then, the spread reduction can be removed along with pellet scaling to give it a psuedo "Improved rifling" effect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strife: Reduces spread -10% -15% -30% Reduces ray pellet scaling 15-20% 30-35% 45-65% The strife cannot gain any more damage or else it would be a 1 shot kill (aside from the current fragile kill), which would be bad. This suggestion allows it to be more accurate within its 15m range, but still reduces its pellet scaling. It still has a high ttk of 1.25 seconds, so the accuracy would be balanced out by the ttk. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Effecting NFAS Reduces spread -10% -15% -20% - Reduces scaling 15-20% 30-35% 45-65% --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shotgun changes: JG - None Mod would decrease spread to almost the current strife spread, which seems balanced on paper imo. Still more spread than the csg. CSG - Spread increased up to 80-90cm at 10m (currently 75cm) Slight spread increase to prevent too much gained accuracy at ranges -10-15m which would put it to 52.7cm at 30% and 60cm at 20% if at 75cm. If increased to 80cm it would be 64cm at 20% 56cm at 30%. ----Perhaps less spread decrease bonus from the mod-- Strife - no change NFAS - Currently I feel it is too strong, however i have no suggestions to fix it aside from perhaps less ray damage scaling so that 7 pellets is equal to 300 damage. The mod reduces ray scaling so it may not need changed after testing. The TTK and Pellet scaling currently has it extremely forgiving and easy to use. It wouldn't be much of a problem except that it can far too easily teamwipe in comparison to other cqc weapons with higher ttks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ray scaling decrease means that it is reduced by that much. A 100% reduction means 0% increased damage from ray scaling with 50% being half the damage from ray scaling is attained. The primary idea is to reduce the spread of the shotgun making it more accurate, but as such the ray pellet damage must be decreased as well. Edit: Removed damage increase
  2. Some grenade launchers and rocket launchers need their blast radius improved
  3. After testing for a while, I noticed cooling jacket doesn't work in marksmanship mode for the N-Tec 7c 'New Glory'. It works fine when hipfired though. I see no reason for it to not work while in marksmanship mode, so I am assuming it is a bug. I also did a quick google and someone already did a video shooting the gun side-to-side with and without cooling jacket 3:
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