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Found 19 results

  1. Instead of forgetting,leaving there in the locker or saying " i dont use that weapon because i have a better option", if you have an idea to tweak/fix or buff an unpopular weapon that few people use, to make it competitive, feel free to write them here.
  2. This is just a simple suggestion for a new weapon. I'm not the biggest fan of how all the ATACs currently look. Most notably the vertical fore grip that most of the ATACs have. The only ATAC currently that doesn't have the fore grip is the Watchman, and to be honest the Watchman isn't as good as the others. Since the ATACs are based on the M16, why not have the standard M16 as a variant and properly titled, ATAC 424 "Classic"
  3. You people didn’t take me serious but whatever im glad the same people who disagreed with me are now unhappy. I told all of you so and this topic is about why a lot of people are complaining about the new patch
  4. Let's discuss the weapons. In a good way. This isn't a post to ask for nerfs and buffs. Just to say which weapon is your favourite and why. My favourites. Obeya CR762 and SLR762 and VBR Huntress Well, I like to use Semi Autos for any combat situation in APB. Back in 2013 when I started to play the game Obeya CR762 was my main weapon of choice. I still using it tho. But it's the Re-Skin SLR762. (I bought all 3) :v I bought it all because it's based on FN FAL (British L1A1 to be more specific). A weapon that I still want to own IRL.
  5. Hello guys! Just bought the Shredder Eb Pr3 from armas and i found it very good against silvers however i found it almost useless against golds. Maybe im not good enough for facing golds with it or the weapon is bad and i got lucky with it? What do you guys think about the weapon? Is it good with the preset mods or not, if its not then what do you suggest for mods?
  6. HELLO, EVERYONE! AT FIRST, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Well, I'm here because I tried the support and it's been 10 days and nobody answered me, and maybe here, I can have a greater visibility of them. So, I'm an immigrant from HOPLON the Brazilian server. After the immigration, I received all my items right in the email. However, after a few updates, my oca nano "Connoisseur" disappeared and I realized that it is bugged. At the time of the Brazilian server, I had bought her for the account. So I realized that when I create a new character, it comes in the email with all the items for account, but when I get it, it doesn't appear in my inventory. I hope you can help me, thank you. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, I'M NOT FLUENT. As you can see in the pictures below: https://imgur.com/a/HoJrlXr
  7. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the weapons thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread.(Alternate thread) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (Scavenger) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (SteamAnimator - Broken Images) Basically, we'll try to suggest/brainstorm new things for future reference/request so the devs can get an idea of what the community wants. For the new stuff that gets added, I'll try to keep the OP regularly updated. Vehicle Suggestions: Cont'd Weapon Suggstions: Cont'd Mod Suggestions: Cont'd
  8. I liked that mechanic, you had a choice to play with all kinds of guns from different players around the game. The system in short: basicly every time you die or kill an enemy, yours or his primary weapon and you would be able to pick it up but wouldn't be able to resupply it, so when you run out of ammo thats it.
  9. Back before the separate threads for the game and forum suggestions, I posted an idea for another ATAC variant I called the ATAC 424 "Classic". The original thread got a little carried away with what the gun was based on. I thought the ATACs looked like M16s but was informed that they are actually based on HK416s which I still don't see. The ATACs, at least the base gun and the Watchman, look like M16s. Anyway, the ATAC 424 "Classic" is basically the standard ATAC with the watchman barrel guard and without the fore-grip. This is what it would look like if added to the game. An alternate version of the Classic but with the CR-5's iron sights
  10. Hey guys! I main Alig + Kevlar 3, I really love slow firerate LMGs in every shooter, and I was thinking of getting the SWARM 'Killer Bee, wich seems to be an hybrid between the N-SSW 74 Dvah and the Alig. Do you have any thoughs about that? Should I get it? Please elaborate your answer, Thanks! Have a nice day!
  11. LO, can you please remove the Weapon Drop only for the Legendary JMB weapons?! I and i think other players worked hard to get some Legendarys over the time and some spend much money on JMB's to get theyr dream come true and grab a special Legendary of interest. I have no complain if the Legendarys dropping in RIOT, because there is a Legendary spawn and it is a BR like mode. But cmon, pls not in normal Districts.. What are you others think about the drop for legendarys outside RIOT? Please discuss... @MattScott
  12. After testing for a while, I noticed cooling jacket doesn't work in marksmanship mode for the N-Tec 7c 'New Glory'. It works fine when hipfired though. I see no reason for it to not work while in marksmanship mode, so I am assuming it is a bug. I also did a quick google and someone already did a video shooting the gun side-to-side with and without cooling jacket 3:
  13. Hey there, now that we have Little Orbit in head and they have a lot of plans for updates I think it would be a good idea to have visible mods in weapons. Just as having a scope in your weapon when you equip Hunting sigh, a bigger magazine with Extended Magazine, some barrels for the red mods, etc. What do you guys think about it? I'm kinda tired of my basic weapon.
  14. I'm thinking something like -200-245 health damage -automatic, but very slow -30-45m range -high hard damage-around same as hp damage -very small AOE -Mobility like coroner -low recoil, but high spread unless in ADS -8 (?) magazine size and 32 reserves -NOT a JMB weapon
  15. bambimble

    N-Tec 7 'Ursus'

    I just got a N-Tec 7 'Ursus' out of the golden boxes which you get from buying items in the arma store. I trade trading this item with a friend but even though i refurbished it i still can't trade the item or put it on the marketplace. So my question is since i see everyone trading it and been asking around in social why i can't trade it. other people don't seem to know the answer either is the weapon i have bugged ?
  16. Hey guys, I noticed almost no one uses Extended Magazines mod on weapons. I feel like this mod is poorly rewarding seeing how big is the penalty for using it. Lets take EM3 for example, 30% extra magazine, wich it +3 bullets each 10 rounds your weapon has. Adding a 60% extra reload time. I think almost no one around uses this because it's not worth to be able to shoot 9 extra rounds and having to reload for 2-3 extra seconds. I'd suggest to: 1- Increase the given ammo to: EM1 = 20%, EM2 = 40%, EM3 = 60%, 2- Reduce the extra reload time to: EM1 = 10%, EM2 = 20%, EM3 = 30% The idea is to make mods more worth of using, since you have to sweat to get weapons with open slots and then you find that most of mods give you a big penalty to earn a small upgrade. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day
  17. RPF-9 "Talon" its Obsolette "old stadistics" "now stadistics in game" for: ARMAS Weapon Information RPF-9 [30 meters effective range] in game [40m effective range] (Whitout damange losing) RPF-9 (from contacts) info [30m] in game [40m] RPF-9 "Talon" ARMAS info [30m] in game [30m] RPF-9 "Fang" ARMAS info [37m] in game [47m] RPF-9 "Talon" need update 30m to 40m same than free RPF-9 -REBALANCE its necesary again- Please update...
  18. Hey guys, I just had this idea, what if you could have a "Backpack" that displays your primary weapon when you don't have it equipped? Perfect for Social district or when you running around with your secondary I'd love to see my LMG on my back. Merry Xmas!
  19. Idea is old and inactual as there been price readjustments and other changes which made it obsolete. ~ Mitne, 2020 Hey. Mitne with another "revolutionary" idea (as with my all ideas, probably second human already benefit from it). What if we add "weapon subscription" option to ARMAs? TL:DR at the bottom What is weapon subscription? - Weapon subscription is my name for option in which you subscribe for weapon for some time and at the moment of paying off price of gun with subscription you receive permanent version of it. What is purpose of it? - There several purposes of such feature: Players might consider getting subscription to try out weapon since it will be something like temporary 3-days or 30-days lease but you gain chance to get it permantely if you pay rest of price. It sure adds to attraciveness to current non-subscribing timed leases (my whole new suggestion is to replace 30 day leases with that option). What would it cover? - Can cover both character or account-wide options. My suggestion would be character-wide options as there is option to expand to account. Economically it sounds right for developer (additional pay along way). How would it work? - It's pretty simple. Let's take Joker CR-5 as example of how it would work. Current price of character-bound Joker CR-5 on ARMAs is 2,999 G1C (2399 G1C with premium) Depends on what type of time stretch you want to give it, usual options in my opinion would be 6 months, one year and two years. Fee would be monthly in my case. I think one year option is the most sound one so I will give example on it. For normal account without premium it would be 2,999 G1C / 12 ~ 250 G1C, for premium account it would be 2,399 G1C / 12 ~ 200 G1C. In both cases you might notice player would lose basically 1 G1C with that option, last subscription fee can be lowered by 1 G1C to correct that of course. Subscription can be cancelled or renewed at any time. Lease tied with subscription runs out the moment G1C balance on account is not meeting subscription monthly fee in moment of it running out. Subscription CAN be renewed either indefintely or with some sane time limit (1-2 months for example) after failing to pay monthly fee. In my opinion 30 days lease should be removed to make option for that as it would make subscription "better option". If you though decide to keep 30 day lease (I don't know why), I would decide to make price of it be the same with monthly fee or lesser. I discourage also against making subscription overall price bigger than character-bound weapon on it's own as people would either save up money or resign from trying. So what can I gain from it? - As customer - different option to pay for permanent weapons which bases on "leasing" type of loan. You own something as long as you pay your loan. As developer - possible bigger income from ARMAs TL:DR: Replace or add option similiar to timed leases (in that case monthly lease) which would at the time of paying up price of character-bound weapon give permanent version of that weapon. So... what are you opinions? Would you fix something or that? Would you approve or disapprove of it? Please, comment in the section.
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